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  1. Not quite sure UND football was ever fully funding anything. Including itself.
  2. Watched him wrestle tonight. Our heavyweight is 255 ranked #2 in AAA and he not only handled our guy fairly easily he made him look small.
  3. Maybe I got some bunk info, but what I’ve read was that Emmert made 4 mil in 2018 and 11 executives made in the upper 6 to low 7 figures. What I was referring to was membership fees. Again, I know I shouldn’t believe everything I read on the internet but read an article a while back about some ridiculous fee hikes. You sound like you might have better info than what I’ve read.
  4. Any regulatory organization can be restrictive to the point that it feels like stealing. In this case I believe the are too restrictive and they over charge. They’ve got a lot of highly paid people not doing a lot.
  5. This isn’t an ideal situation with two true freshmen and one red shirt freshmen as our choices. Boltman will see time in wildcat and I’m guessing Shuster will win out. I really liked his high school film and wasn’t upset with his time last year. I hope we can run the ball or else it might be a long year.
  6. I hope not. If so a real good plan better be in store.
  7. Who cares. The only number that matters come the end of the year is who’s first. “If you ain’t first you’re last”
  8. To me the difference is personnel. No offense is fooled by Jaxson Turner being up on the line with his hand in the dirt. They will however take notice if there’s two legitimate interior defensive linemen and a Mason Bennett on each end of the line. To me there is a big difference between the two defenses. Which leads to personnel. We need a good NG to make the 3-4 work.
  9. Conspiracy theory: Don’t take me to serious, this is just a theory. Do you think part of Schmidt leaving had to do with him wanting to switch Defenses? Hiring Holinka was his willingness to believe in the 3-4 and allow Bubba to start calling games?
  10. I understand people not being excited about this hire. Who were they going to get that was better? What slam dunk candidate was going to come in and run Bubba’s system? Bubba wasn’t letting go of the reins. Wouldn’t surprise me to find out that Bubba is going to start calling the defense during games. Which may not be a bad thing. I might be way off but to me this might open a door to finding a really good position coach/recruiter. Could be a good thing. I’m staying positive. Like everyone or close to everyone else not super excited but positive.
  11. Terrible, he couldn’t have been very old. Just tragic.
  12. I suppose that’s a fair response. I’ve read enough tall tales of FBS talk to fill my lifetime quota of crappy posts. I guess I don’t read his posts often enough to consider it trolling. To me it’s a guy with an opinion. I don’t bother reading his stuff I’m not buying it. The only way he can be a successful troll is by people biting on his line.
  13. Haha. Pretty good post, except...... He’s a Sioux fan this is a Sioux (hawks for you sensitive folks) board. It’s funny for a Sioux fan to troll bison fans on a Sioux board. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy most of you guys, but look at the irony of your post. It’s funny to me.
  14. Ya, I know. I’d like to see a number one named going into the summer. Maybe he could establish the leadership role going into camp. Just what I’d like to see.
  15. I would love to see a starting QB named out of spring camp or at least going into two a days in August.
  16. Lost a QB last year late to FBS and got one this year late from a FBS school. A lot of what happens with college recruiting is luck. Some bad, some good. Eventually you always end up on both sides of the luck. Take advantage of the good luck. Do a good job of evaluating talent so when the bad bug gets it won’t bury you. I think this staff has done a good enough job thus far not to bury them. Muss era obviously not so much. Hopefully we can talk in four years about the luck Bubba took advantage of in this class.
  17. He blew out his knee (maybe you knew that) but from what I’ve heard he wants to play college ball. He is a two time state champion wrestler, unfortunately he won’t get to defend his title. Hopefully we get to see him on a college football field.
  18. Ya, he got bumped up to varsity last year.
  19. He mentioned him with the Dline.
  20. Connor Heyward Michigan State. Son of Ironhead Heyward. Would love to see a Ironhead at the Al.
  21. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.texasfootball.com/amp/article/2019/12/01/report-texas-state-plans-offensive-staff-shakeup%3fref=article_preview_title
  22. Let’s try a pass over the middle to Cloyd
  23. I can see a come back. I can see an unlikely hero.
  24. bang


    UNC getting to the red zone to begin with is a problem.
  25. bang


    Not a good game. Although I doubt we can get a win in the playoffs I’d still like to see them make the playoffs. Not sure if we have a performance like this next week that we get in.
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