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  1. He could have sold it better. Throwing his gloves and stick maybe gets a game misconduct with the 5.
  2. SiouxVolley's predictions.
  3. The fire the coach crowd is always right.
  4. Call me old fashioned.....but I like my satire, Olive Garden based.
  5. I agree....Duluth would go to Loveland.
  6. ....and now has a bad shoulder.
  7. I haven't even noticed the horn. But then again I'm on my phone alot bitching about $6 hotdogs.
  8. No....a little better than that. More like 4-2-2
  9. Yep....hoping we clinch the cup at home.....but I think it happens at UNO.
  10. Final NCHC Standings Team GP Pts UND 24 54 UMD 24 50 Denver 24 43 Western Michigan 24 39 SCSU 24 32 Nebraska-Omaha 24 32 Miami 24 20 CC 24 18
  11. Hopefully they put Frisch in Kierstad's spot with Bast....and leave JT and Peski together.
  12. Playoff hockey is just a bit different. Put a regional in the Ralph.....and then compare the two.
  13. Will campus police be holding a press conference to provide updates?
  14. We can only hope it's a hockey player involved#fingerscrossed
  15. Attacked? This goes on around here all the time. #hesinthepubliceye
  16. I think when he says Midwest he means East.
  17. With the off week next week.....and Denver the following week.....Scheel needs to start one game this weekend.
  18. The biggest strength of the Dawgs is their ability to overcome life/career threatening injuries in time to be out for their next shift.
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