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  1. NE 1.UND vs 16 AIC 8. Mass vs 9. Clarkson W 2. Mankato vs 15. Maine 6. DU vs 12. ASU E 3. Cornell vs 13. UML 5 Duluth vs 11. OSU MW 4. BC vs 14. QU 7. PSU vs 10. Bemidji
  2. That goal is on Pinto....real lazy defensive effort.
  3. Scheel gets the start Smith in Johnson extra skater Keane is out
  4. I don't think they put UND in the Midwest if they are #1 overall. NE----UND W------Purple Cows E------Cornell MW-----BC
  5. Shoot Pass Kick some ass @Boy Named Sioux
  6. ...and if someone disagrees with that I wouldn't tell them they are wrong. Calling that a major, after review, is way worse than not calling anything at all.
  7. He could have sold it better. Throwing his gloves and stick maybe gets a game misconduct with the 5.
  8. SiouxVolley's predictions.
  9. The fire the coach crowd is always right.
  10. Call me old fashioned.....but I like my satire, Olive Garden based.
  11. I agree....Duluth would go to Loveland.
  12. ....and now has a bad shoulder.
  13. I haven't even noticed the horn. But then again I'm on my phone alot bitching about $6 hotdogs.
  14. No....a little better than that. More like 4-2-2
  15. Yep....hoping we clinch the cup at home.....but I think it happens at UNO.
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