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  1. Not interested in a regional being played on an Olympic sized ice surface.
  2. Definitely the bitching about a hashtag.
  3. Just saw on Twitter that the NCAA is moving the Frozen Four to Providence. #attendancepurposes
  4. Not sure how a Big Ten hockey team spending more money is "encouraging" for college hockey.
  5. Hey, could you two just pass each other a note in study hall. @SiouxVolley @Goon
  6. Teams I'm rooting for: 1. Bowling Green 2. American International 3. Ohio State 4. Clarkson 5. Arizona St. 6. Mankato
  7. After watching the latest through these doors....it sure sounds like he's staying.
  8. I wish there were some fans we could part ways with.
  9. Heard at the truck stop this morning that Hak is heading to Oxford.
  10. Three things to understand about a move to a two class system, for hockey, in North Dakota. 1. Zero Junior Gold teams need to move up to high school hockey to get this started. 2. Enrollment should not be a major factor in placement of teams. 3. The NDHSAA doesn't care about hockey enough, to put the work into getting a two class system done.
  11. I hope Thome doesn't transfer....I want them to push each other.
  12. Thome had been practicing the week Scheel got hurt.
  13. Wasn't comparing the two....
  14. If we play Denver....they most likely will be lower than fourth in the pwr.
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