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  1. Attacked? This goes on around here all the time. #hesinthepubliceye
  2. I think when he says Midwest he means East.
  3. With the off week next week.....and Denver the following week.....Scheel needs to start one game this weekend.
  4. The biggest strength of the Dawgs is their ability to overcome life/career threatening injuries in time to be out for their next shift.
  5. Give 18 some credit on that UMD goal. Terrible turnover at center ice.
  6. I'm not sure it's between 15 & 17....right now I think the sixth spot is between 2 & 17
  7. Frisch played on the left side last Friday too....
  8. I do know this.....NCAA Tournament games are must win.
  9. Expect the lineup to look like this 16-18-29 11-14-8 10-19-26 5-9-21 3-24 2-15 17-4 28- extra skater
  10. We already have it..... that's why he's coming here.
  11. Second game misconduct of the season ....not DQ.
  12. True.....buy they still have the MM trophy#skol
  13. Omaha must not have "wanted it more last night."
  14. But Brad predicted a split, so the weekend is ruined.
  15. ...and if he had been running a 4-3 since 1989....you would be screaming for a 3-4.
  16. What was his number? My guess is you're talking about Scott Bokal.
  17. With $12.5 tickets....people should be able to drive to the games this weekend, with the heat on, in their cars.
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