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  1. There wouldn't be a school in either state that would be in favor of this.
  2. Agree with the first part....the moving between divisions is unnecessary.
  3. Makes plenty of sense right now. 19 teams.....AA Would be the 5 Fargo teams, 2 Grand Forks teams, 2 from Bismarck and Minot. A....would have 9 to start with. I think more would want in after the two class system was established.
  4. The NDHSAA needs to get serious about a two class system for hockey.
  5. Hoff was on the PP last night. Will be either Yon or Johnson... my guess is Yon will be scratched.
  7. I agree.....BUT.....the league had a chance to clean up the officials mess. Instead they reviewed the knee on knee hit and came up with.... " clear thigh on thigh hit."
  8. Until the first three and out.
  9. As Oly always says..."splitting is for losers, sweeping is for winners".
  10. I would wear a goofers jersey daily and spell M-I-n-n-e-s-o-t-a hourly, till March 24th, if that's what it would take to get the boys into the tourney. #teamfirstmentality
  11. When/if this happens,I was more confident of it happening a couple of years ago, schools won't have teams in both divisions.
  12. iluvdebbies


  13. CHN has a predictor. I just ran if UND wins 7of8 against CC and UNO(had the loss at CC) and splits with umD-SCSU-DU-WMU. They would end up 12th in the pairwise. **NO OTHER RESULTS FACTORED IN**
  14. What a game by Stick. He bailed their defense out today.
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