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  1. You are correct. Magnuson was a winger. Not sure why I thought he played defense. Fester played defense, but only about 3/4 of the games that season. Who am I forgetting?
  2. It would have been even more amazing. The '82 team would have had the following blueliners: Craig Ludwig (played over 1250 NHL games) James Patrick (played over 1250 NHL games) Rick Zombo (played over 650 NHL games) Chris Chelios (played over 1650 NHL games) Mike Stone Bill Whitsitt Troy Magnuson. That's nearly 5000 NHL games...just from the blue line. Would have been extremely impressive. The bigger impact likely would have been on the 1982-1983 team. They almost certainly would have made the NCAA Tournament that year, and likely would have cha
  3. Cheerios. Not sure if related to the cereal company. : - p
  4. What's crazy is there was only a single Senior in that entire lineup (Prpich). Imagine that group the following year with the addition of Chay Genoway and Chris VandeVelde.
  5. Pretty sure SCSU has their own banner making equipment in house.
  6. Just found this interesting... In their program's history, Minnesota Duluth has had only 10 Hobey Baker Finalists (read: Top 10 Finalist, not Hobey Hat Trick). 60% of their finalists have won the award. Of the programs with at least 1 Hobey Baker Award winner, this is by far the highest percentage (next best: Massachusetts (33%, 1/3); Harvard (27%, 4/15); Minnesota (25%, 4/20); Bowling Green (25%), 2/8). North Dakota has had 25 Hobey Baker Finalists. 8% of their finalists have won the award. Of the programs with at least 1 Hobey Baker Award winner, this is the sec
  7. Agreed. I agree with the idea mentioned earlier that take a wall and honor the team that way. I'd also be open to other/additional ways to honor the team as well, but banners at the Ralph are meant for very specific, and very special, accomplishments. Not for what could have been.
  8. Duncan was the last to do so. Marty Sertich, Ryan Miller, Paul Kariya (well...half a season), and Robb Stauber also came back after winning the Hobey Baker. Of course, many Hobey Baker winners are Seniors, so they don't really get that chance. Hopefully we can add Kawaguchi to this list.
  9. They lost two games. They deserved to be a #1 seed. Also, nobody is claiming they would lay waste to the NCAA field; however they would be the favorite over a team that was not as good as a mediocre Ohio State team.
  10. Correct. I would just point out that Cornell crushed Ohio State. Cornell was up 4-0 midway through the third...despite Ohio State being the beneficiary of a 5-minute major. Based on your take, I am assuming you did not catch that game.
  11. We can agree to disagree. Cornell was a very good team, and would have been capable of winning it all. Cornell destroyed Ohio State (at a neutral venue). Was that one of the Cornell games you watched this season? Nobody cares about the USCHO Poll. They are a #1 seed because they lost 2 games all season. They weren't the #1 overall seed because they played a middle-of-the-road schedule.
  12. We'll have to agree to disagree. Cornell only played 3 games against NCAA Tournament teams (at least according to my simulation), but went 3-0 against them, outscoring them 14-5. As you noted, Michigan played 12, and went 4-6-2. Michigan was also 7-1-2 in their last 10...but against Michigan State (x4), Minnesota (x2), Notre Dame (x2), and Wisconsin (x2). Not really a murderer's row. Cornell went 9-0-0 in their last 9, outscoring their opponents 40-12. Cornell this year reminded me of Harvard from 2016-2017. A very strong ECAC team capable of winning it all.
  13. I think you are both discounting Cornell too much. They are ranked #3 overall in KRACH (Michigan is ranked 12th). They curb-stomped Ohio State (which is ranked higher than Michigan and beat Michigan 3 out of 4 times this season), Michigan State (who Michigan lost to twice this season), and Clarkson (who Michigan lost and tied to), and made it through nearly 30 games with only 2 losses. Michigan lost 14 games...and were barely above .500 in the Big Ten. Unless of course you think the Big Ten is a true monster of a conference...I just don't see Cornell being overrated, and certainly would be
  14. I think Bemidji would have a good chance to get by Boston College. They play a somewhat similar style to Maine, who had very good results against BC this year. Of course, if they matched up against Cornell in the Regional Final, the game might start an infinite loop where the puck never leaves the neutral zone.
  15. I really like this idea. Putting up a banner and treating it anything like a national title is something that Minnesota would do (and does...see their 1940 "National Champions" banner). This team deserves to be permanently recognized, but not with a national championship banner. We're better than that. I feel terribly for the kids on this year's squad that they weren't given the chance to hang a green banner. But give them a permanent display to acknowledge what they did was special.
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