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  2. I believe it is a shortened form of "Marlboroughs," which was the name of an earlier junior team in Toronto. Although, what that is, I have no idea.
  3. The one I remember is '98-'99... big senior class, along with several notable juniors. (Trying to go off of memery, so apologies if i missed any or got years wrong): Seniors: Blake Panzer Hoogsteen Ulmer Bull Calder Williamson Philion (although not an every game guy) Juniors: Goren Ulmer Defauw Armbrust O'connell
  4. Nice to see all the folks from the beautiful Bottineau area! Willow City? How about a suburb of that: Omemee. So small, it doesn't even exist anymore! I went to school in Bottineau, though. Spent a major portion of my youth in the good old Lumberdome. 97 Graduate of UND, now in Fargo...
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