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  1. siouxfb

    Spring Ball

    The lack of updates on spring ball is killing me...where is UND? Tom Miller? UNDFootball360? We need some info!
  2. We will miss you at the games...hopefully you still watch the games so we can hear all of your negative comments.
  3. Agree 100%. We will need to play very well to win out. It’ll be interesting to see what EWU does without their qb down the stretch.
  4. ISU will need to beat Weber to finish 8-3. Could happen but unlikely.
  5. Team loss. We got beat in scheme and effort today. Weren’t really great any where. Craig said it on the pregame show it would come down to 3rd downs. They won 3rd down consistently on both sides of the ball. Extremely disappointed in how we continued to give up 3rd and 8+. Weber beat us today but isn’t head and shoulders above us. We didn’t lose to a bad team today. They are a top 10 team. Need to be better next week. Go Hawks!
  6. A huge shift the last few weeks in the offense has been the WRs catching the balls they should. Early in the year we had numerous drops a game that killed drives. If we catch the ball well on Saturday we will be able to move the ball ane score enough points to win the game.
  7. Agree 100%. Nice to see the guys overcome what has caused us to fall apart in the past.
  8. With Jon dinged I would like to see him back on offense. He looks like an offensive player playing defense.
  9. Did you see Kett sprint down the field in the last play? Looking for a block at the end of the play.
  10. #44 has been a stud today. Great effort.
  11. Yes. So if you don’t think he’ll make it run a play with the offense.
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