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  1. I agree we need to be better with the noise...however it was a home game and between the band and the Alerus pumping music our offense had to deal with a lot of noise. No reason they should have to deal with either when playing at home. This needs to be fixed before the next game.
  2. Brent Quale from Williston played for the Huskers.
  3. I agree...I thought Pedigo looked good too. I was impressed with our young linebackers.
  4. I’ll go with others...dline size is a much bigger issue right now than LB size...that being said our run fits were very poor against ndsu and jmu. If you are in the right spot it is much easier to make a solid tackle than if you are diving at the rb as he runs through the hole. If we can get a little bigger at dline and have our LBs in the right spot we will be just fine.
  5. I agree with the information posted above. We are close! That being said...I’ll be curious how many seniors decide to come back next fall. It’ll be an interesting few weeks.
  6. I agree very enjoyable to watch and a ton of things to still improve on...I’m with you that I want to see more out of our WRs and the deeper passing game. We struggled with completions downfield. We need our WRs to win the 50/50 balls and we also need our qbs to throw the WR open. The push by both lines was the highlight of yesterday.
  7. We need some updates about Spring Ball. It’s been pretty quiet.
  8. I’m not arguing that. He was a great coach and did push people hard...but our offense and oline were average at that time...not great. That being said I think our new oline coach is also going to be very good.
  9. Yes...we were an unstoppable offense during that time period...scored at will...nope. I have nothing for or against either coach but let’s not make stuff up.
  10. I’ve heard this is the plan. He’ll need to get bigger but I like it. This spot has me most concerned for next year.
  11. Ok. Let’s get over the locker rooms. Isn’t ideal...but it is what it is. There are no excuses if we lose in the playoffs.
  12. I think he burned his shirt yesterday.
  13. siouxfb


    I’ll assume all Vikings fans will be on here calling for Zimmer to get fired. As a Packers fan I agree he should be fired.
  14. siouxfb

    Weber St GDT

    Those timeouts would be nice.
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