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  1. I’m not arguing that. He was a great coach and did push people hard...but our offense and oline were average at that time...not great. That being said I think our new oline coach is also going to be very good.
  2. Yes...we were an unstoppable offense during that time period...scored at will...nope. I have nothing for or against either coach but let’s not make stuff up.
  3. I’ve heard this is the plan. He’ll need to get bigger but I like it. This spot has me most concerned for next year.
  4. Ok. Let’s get over the locker rooms. Isn’t ideal...but it is what it is. There are no excuses if we lose in the playoffs.
  5. siouxfb

    Playoff Time

    I think he burned his shirt yesterday.
  6. siouxfb


    I’ll assume all Vikings fans will be on here calling for Zimmer to get fired. As a Packers fan I agree he should be fired.
  7. siouxfb

    Weber St GDT

    Those timeouts would be nice.
  8. siouxfb

    Weber St GDT

    We are missing the simple and fast part with the offense. Looks like Rudy with the shifts.
  9. siouxfb

    Weber St GDT

    Burn 2 timeouts and no points. Not good.
  10. siouxfb

    Weber St GDT

    Looks like dbutts from back in the day helping the officials.
  11. siouxfb

    Weber St GDT

    All right. Let’s go defense!
  12. siouxfb

    Weber St GDT

    Yes we do. The effort by the D just isn’t there right now. Maybe a fumble or int can get them moving.
  13. siouxfb

    Weber St GDT

    We need to get #7 several touches this half. He is our back who can make plays.
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