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  1. Honest question.... do you think Trump knows what was done that day?
  2. So have you started prescribing insulin for your non-diabetic patients yet? I mean Trump is thinking about doing it so it must be OK, right?
  3. It's clinically proven to actually increase the chances of death. One would think that would be enough for people, especially someone who claims to be a doctor, but since Trump says it's good that's better than all of the clinical data proving otherwise.
  4. I think it's important that we call out who's responsible for this mess and not just complain about it. Trump and his movement's legacy (whether he wins or loses in November) will be a few hundred thousand dead Americans and a destroyed economy because he couldn't be bothered to do his job. He and his supporters have weakened this country immeasurably and I'm not sorry that pointing it out hurts your feelings.
  5. $500 billion of potential wages, unemployment benefits and other aid sitting on the sidelines with Mnuchin until Trump can fire all of the people charged with overseeing how it's spent and funnel it into Trump org. Nothing to see here.
  6. Why should we trust the Freedom Foundation's analysis more than non-biased state coroners and Departments of Health? As has been stated repeatedly on this website, the counting of Covid deaths is consistent with the counting of deaths from every other infectious disease. There is no conspiracy here.
  7. My original comment was aimed at the fact that ND has benefitted substantially from an excess of federal aid received over and above the contributions of it's citizens. It's arguable that both Grand Forks and Fargo would not exist in their current form without substantial federal disaster aid to recover from/ mitigate substantial damage from Red River flooding. Both of those bills were footed by taxpayers in New York and California and other states so I don't see why North Dakotans should be opposed to extending the same aid to other states when they need it (i.e. disaster recovery for NY for the impact of the coronavirus). Any opposition reeks of hypocrisy.
  8. That's what I've seen with most businesses. If your business was struggling before Covid19 then this likely pushed you over the edge. If you were fine before, then you've likely been able to adapt and recover by now. It's really not all that different than the 70, 80, and 90 year old Covid patients whose lives this board views as expendable except that there is no coming back from death while business owners are still alive to pursue other ventures going forward.
  9. Perhaps Trump and Mnuchin could do something about this with the $500 billion slush fund that they've sat on for 7 weeks.
  10. This should work out great when mixed with the Adderall and Big Mac's.
  11. Let's be honest.... states like California, New York, Minnesota, Illinois pay taxes that are used to fix every problem in red states because their irresponsible and are incapable of appropriately funding their own governments. ND is a prime example, who do you think funded the welfare checks that ND farmers have been cashing the last two years? How would ND's finances look if not for those payments?
  12. Are you opposed to any state receiving more federal dollars back than they contribute? Same difference as a bailout right?
  13. Be honest now, how much Lysol did you drink because he told you to?
  14. Probably because a vaccine is at least a year or two from being available. That being said, even if a vaccine were developed tomorrow, what makes you think this administration could quickly get it distributed nationwide? They still haven't figured out how to distribute tests or PPE so what makes you think distribution of vaccine wouldn't be an unmitigated boondoggle with the presidents unqualified and corrupt son in law in charge of distribution?
  15. Do you have substantive response to his post or is it just defensive !@#$-posting all the time with you? Remember a month ago when you said the virus had peaked and we'd be well under 60K deaths? It looks like your as garbage at modeling this as you are at practicing medicine.
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