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  1. Not sure on this, but McFeely must get paid by the click. He certainly can't believe half the the stuff he throws out there.
  2. Little off topic here, but will the pregame diversity, sorry if that term offends anyone, video be made available on this site?
  3. if true, that agent should be fired. you don't do that to anyone, man or woman, no matter what their skin color.
  4. LH Golfer

    The Herald

    Maybe the employees didn't want to take on the responsibility.
  5. So, when does a FCS or a FBS school looking for a HC come knocking on Tyler Roehl's door?
  6. Didn't do my due diligence. Coach Hoffner was the OC at South Dakota.
  7. Todd Hofner, associate HC and Defensive coordinator?
  8. Wasn't it Gene Taylor that turned around the SU football program?
  9. Does their field have turf or natural grass? Does that even make a difference?
  10. Glad to see the band mic'd up today. I think it helped with the atmosphere.
  11. LH Golfer


    So much for a statement game
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