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  1. I have attended a D I-AA football game. It was NDSU vs. SDSU. I did not think that the gap between either of those teams and upper level DII teams was "wide". I am not denying that there is a gap. I think anyone who says otherwise is foolish (as posted a number of times). But its not this crater that you make it out to be. I know you didn't get a chance to witness the DII playoffs first hand the last few years you guys were around, but there are some pretty good teams in there that could play D 1-AA football.
  2. homer


    You maybe have heard more about this than I have. I am just looking at it from the $$$ side of it and your post didn't make sense. Just maybe posting a little bit of my frustrations.
  3. homer


    I'm just curious as to what your recruiting area is since you seem to know so much about talent. Spending scholorships on all of these "other guys" as you call them just so they can sit on the sidelines is something that no coach would do. I am frustrated as well but let's have some form of common sense in our posts.
  4. homer

    Adam Stratton

    I think he's getting into bodybuilding. thats what I heard.
  5. homer

    Adam Stratton

    I heard that the small bones in his feet could not take the abuse from his massive body frame running at the speeds that it did. They finally just gave in and a few of them broke.
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