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  1. Its can't be for next years schedule it's for the following years. As far as where we would play them who knows. Maybe a home and home could be worked out. I like that they are getting on these things early as the closer you get to seasons starting the harder it is to find teams with open dates. The sooner something gets worked out the better for both schools. It will be one less game to schedule although with all the schools on the east coast its a little easier for North Alabama to find teams than it is for us.
  2. homer

    Spring Practice

    Who knows but I would think if he was coming back it would be good for him to participate in spring drills. Kid couldn't make the grades and maybe couldn't get them back up. I hope I'm wrong, I wish I'm wrong but I have a feeling I'm not.
  3. Not sure about the home and home but it would be great if it was. Put that on the 1010-11 schedule along with possibly a FBS road game and we would be sitting at 10 games with 5 road and 5 home. We would only need to find one more. I'm just happy that we can start discussing scheduling for two seasons from now in this forum and we got a home game above a DII.
  4. I'm happy to hear this as well. Scheduling is proving to be very tough for a lot of teams right now and getting a FCS team to come to the Alerus is a good deal. Nice work to those in charge of scheduling. Another year of scheduling during this tough probationary period is done. Hopefully it gets a little easier from here on out. Good work Fighting Sioux.
  5. Agree 100%. In situations like this the appropriate agencies seem to be reactive instead of proactive. Its not a huge suprise that Fargo is fighting this again, maybe a little sooner than most thought but not a suprise knowing the river. This thought that some people have that Grand Forks didn't try in 1997 is rediculous though. If the crest here in Fargo was 4 ft. higher than predicted we would be in the same boat, Mayor Walaker has even said so. Maybe Dan should check this out before making stupid comments like he did.
  6. Well Dan, I live in Fargo and I did my fair share of sandbagging and truck driving last week. I'm not real sure on how everything works but when the weather service predicted the river to crest at 42 possibly 43, if it would have crested 4 feet higher like it did in Grand Forks in '97 not even Mike Ditka could've saved it. I don't think it was the mayor of Grand Forks' fault that the river crested higher than the prediction. It involves a lot of hard work, preperation, and a little luck as well. Such as not even hitting 41' this year. I'm counting my blessings this year but beings I lived in Grand Forks in '97 and lost everything, sometimes its not in our control. I hope our Fargo mayor can get this flood plan figured out to build some dikes so I don't have to go through that again.
  7. It doesn't suprise me. After I went to check that out I saw another forum started to make fun of an article in the Tribune about Coach Jones saying he would like for the UND basketball team to be able to do what ndsu's team did this year. I don't think its a bad thing to try and share similarities with a small school that made the tournament with a very good team. Kind of a compliment to them but do you think bison fans saw it that way? I Could really care less what they think but love the fact that they have to start threads to try and beat down our programs to make themselves feel better about theirs. How many threads do you see on here tearing apart ndsu, go to bisonville and count the threads started in the last week about UND. I don't know why but they just can't let us go and I love it.
  8. How about the colors are they at least good enough for you? Everyone is entitled to thier own opinion and I respect those. Its funny but I thought the exact opposite. I'm glad they got rid of the colors similar to the hockey uniforms. It just didn't fit in my opinion. It didn't necessarily look bad but I don't think it looked good either. I like the new ones, wish their would have been pictures of black ones on their too.
  9. I would just like to say hi to the commisioner of the Summit league since he obviously reads Siouxsports.com and is using it to make up his mind on letting us into the conference or not. Also, hello to the SEC and Big 12 commissioner. I have a crisp $1 in my wallet if you ever want to talk expansion. There I think I made the summit league feel better. Also, covered us for bigger conferences. Thanks for the funniest post I've read in a while.
  10. As much as it pains me to say I think the bison beating the gophers in football is a bigger story. I don't think participating in a tournament is as big as beating a big 10 team in football. I also think that beings this is the first time its a big deal but as the bison continue to be very competitive in the summit and hopefully the Sioux as well this won't be as big of a deal and hopefully become expected. Its like Sioux hockey now. I'm sure when we won our first league title and qualified for our first national tournament it was a big deal. But now we expect it and I'm no longer happy with participating in the tournament but want to win it.
  11. I'm pretty sure both UND and NDSU have offered Hansted from Dickinson. He just went for 42 in the 3rd and 4th place game at the state tournament. Tournament record for a game is 47. The kid is a real talent and didn't force to get his 42. He plays in the system and works as hard on defense as he does on offense. It will be interesting to see what happens with him as he is only a sophmore.
  12. Agreed, with the conference the way it is and Saul's ablility to recruit I think that the bison will compete for this yearly. But every year they qualify are bison fans going to be coming over to a Sioux board and tell us we have to cheer for their team or write on the bison board that we are just jealous if we don't. Last time I checked there is not 100% support for the Sioux hockey team or the Sioux football team when we where making the playoffs every year before the transition, why all of a sudden must their be 100% support for the bison basketball team. Coming over here and calling fans names that have decided not to cheer for them next weekend is silly and sounds really desperate. There are a few bison fans that post here I have a lot of respect (hammer, wyobisonman) and they don't expect every Sioux fan to drop whats going on to cheer for you. However, the few that come on this board to try and throw it in Sioux fans faces are not going to change anything and actually look really desperate for attention. I know what would happen if a Sioux fan did that on a bison board. They'd get chewed apart and rightfully so.
  13. I don't think anyone is arguing its a cool thing Matt. What is stirring the pot is bison fans coming on here begging for UND fans to cheer for them. I think they have the support of some but not all and some are coming off looking very arrogant trying to justify how big of a deal it is. Bottom line is some people just don't care. I would love for the Sioux to be in this spot someday. I think getting into the league is obviously the first step. I see the bison competing for this trip year in and year out and hopefully UND can continue building their program and position themselves to be in the same spot.
  14. You where excited about the game on espn2, the Sioux hockey team has actually played a few games on ESPN and ESPN2 in the same weekend. It happens when you make it to the frozen four. You had a article on ESPN.com, Sioux hockey has had that to. Coverage in some national papers, been there, done that. Yes this last week ndsu mens basketball has gotten a lot of coverage and next week there will be more as well but don't say they will never get the publicity. They have already had the exposure your getting now, more than once actually. You guys hopefully win that game next Thursday or Friday and the exposure will be huge, I definately won't argue with you there. If not though, CBS is going to be showing only scores of the game as they switch to another game thats on, except locally of course. Its neat and exciting and something I think the bison could do fairly regularely with the coach they have in the conference they are in. 3-4 quality players will give you a chance in that conference and if you have a quality big man look out. I have already stated that I am happy for the ndsu basketball team. You posted earlier how you don't understand how other people can't be happy and cheer for them. Well, stupid posts like this are the reason. You come on another schools message board and start calling names because other fans of other teams aren't cheering for your school. You sound like the idiot. I'd like to see what you and your boys on bisonville would do if someone came on there and started saying how you should cheer for the Sioux hockey team because it represents the state. That would go over real well I'm sure. It has nothing to do with being jealous, some people actually just don't give a sh*t. Deal with it. Good luck in the tournament though. Some people will be cheering for your team.
  15. Agree about the choice of words. I don't think thats what he meant but it didn't come out sounding the best. I also don't think Hammer was far off in what he said and don't think star was trying to show him up.
  16. homer

    Congrats NDSU

    I'll tell you whats pathetic, you trying to tell people what teams they must cheer for because of geography. Give it up please. And this is coming from a UND fan who will be cheering for ndsu next weekend.
  17. I'm beginning to wonder about the elected officials in Fargo. (I do live in Fargo by the way.) I can't believe that the state representative didn't get absolutely butchered for publically stating after he signed the bill supporting the UND-ndsu game to be resumed, we all know that stupid bill that everyone thought was a waste. Anyways, I don't know his exact lingo but he says he didn't read what he was sponsoring before he signed it. What the fu**? How can an elected official making decisions for the state get away with this? And about this matter I am really disappointed in our mayor. I don't care what you think you cannot say someone failed after going through that natural disaster. Thats like saying Northwood failed this summer.
  18. homer

    Congrats NDSU

    Is there a book somewhere where you get your information about the rules on in state rivalries and the rules that apply?
  19. I agree with the above two posts. No way this will happen.
  20. homer

    Congrats NDSU

    Good lord hammer five or six years. This has to be another form of pressure by the NCAA to drop the Fighting Sioux name and logo. It might be working on me. I'm about ready to crack. Maybe SDSU wants him.
  21. homer

    Congrats NDSU

    Good for you. You are the superfan of North Dakota. I'm sure there are a lot of bison fans who won't be cheering for them so go share your infinate wisdom about state support with them. Please, hurry. Don't respond just go. They could really use this same lecture. Think about how strong the state will be when you bring everyone together. Another question, if you don't support North Dakota does that mean you don't support the USA? I mean how can you not support a team in the country that you live.
  22. I like Williston on the boys side and Mandan on the girls.
  23. Agreed, no. And why would they want to. They are already in a great conference that leaves less non-conference games to schedule.
  24. homer

    Congrats NDSU

    Come on man don't come on a Sioux board and act shocked to see this. You guys had to know that not all Sioux fans where going to be supportive of your win. It does go both ways. Even though you support Sioux hockey suprisingly enough there are bison fans who really take pleasure in it losing and are constantly putting down hockey every chance they get. I don't think calling Sioux fans jokers is a great way to make your point either. What do you want people to do write a check to Teammakers to show how happy they are for you? I personally am excited to watch the bison in the dance and think that your program is full of class from the coaches all the way down the line to the water boy but it is not required for everyone in North Dakota to feel that way. I think all your players have handled themselves very well in interviews after the game and throughout the day today and that besides winning is also something to be very proud of. I just don't think you expecting everyone from everywhere to be overcome with joy that the bison made the dance is realistic. Last time I checked all of bisonville wasn't excited when UND has success in something. A majority though usually are but everyone is entitled to their opinion. I'll say it again, good luck to the bison in the tournament. Like an majority of the "jokers" on this site, I will be watching and rooting for the bison but apparently that is not good enough for you.
  25. Congrats to the Bison. That was a great game. That would be fun if both schools where in Minneapolis next weekend. I haven't been to the NCAA tournament but would definately check it out if the Bison where in Minneapolis. Best of luck to a classy group of guys.
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