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  1. Best of luck to the Bison tonight. It really would be neat to see them in the Big Dance.
  2. You guys still can't get over our recruiting class yet huh? I don't know of the UND staff over extending themselves recruiting. I do know they have a couple scholorships left. We had a good class overall that we are happy with. We did have an unfortunate instance with the recruit from Wisconsin but I know I only heard one side of the story, same as you. You spin it however you want but from what we know, it wasn't exactly handled correctly and mistakes where made. I'm not going to let it ruin what was a great recruting class that fills a lot of holes we had and added great depth. And no, I don't know about Hawaii. What do you know? I haven't seen a signed contract but its not my job to make the UND schedule either. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that the coaches know more about the game than you and I or anyone else on this board. Since the game isn't going to be scheduled for next year anyways, I'm not concerned. Thanks for your concern though. Must be nice to come over here from your perfect program and throw stones. Wait, I forgot about that drug arrest last week. Sh*t unfortunately happens man. You learn from it, put it behind you and move on. I'm sure the UND coaches will learn from this.
  3. Huge accomplishment no matter the seed. Good luck in the summit tourney this week. That will be fun for the bison and fans.
  4. Thanks bin. Sorry for contributing to getting this thread side tracked. I'll try to not let it happen again.
  5. Wishful thinking about what? I never said you guys didn't have a good class. I was responding to the fact that you said we went head to head on a few recruits and of course you guys got them all. I was saying was making a joke about this being how it always works according to Bison fans. We hear the same stuff every year. I could give a sh*t less about your coaching staff, but I'm sure during recruiting losing three coaches no matter where they go isn't ideal. Coach Bohl did a good job with this. And I have heard that Nystrom was told to leave, he was Pearle's boy and when Pearles left on bad terms with Bohl, he was gone. This is just what I heard from someone that I would call in the know but it could be wrong. I'm sure you know more than I do and I'm not gonna change your mind so I am not going to argue that with you. Also, the players loved Nystrom. He was definately a players coach but you guys did a great job filling the DC with the hiring of Mike Breske. I have known him for a long time and he is a great guy and will be a solid coach. Now, lets get back to scheduling.
  6. Agreed, I think it would be neat to have something to change it up every once in a while. I like the all white on the road, just gives another combonation and something different. Jerseys aren't a high priority on my list. Agree with Sioux27, as long as we win, it doesn't matter to me.
  7. Of course is was only a couple of recruits and of course they all signed with NDSU. Thats the way it always works and has for years. We all know how it works in your minds. I think when you have a offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator leave and your head coach tells your linebackers coach that he no longer has a job, your coaching staff isn't exactly what one would call ideal is it?
  8. Oh great MplsBison, no matter how many years UND gets they will never have as great of recruiting classes as the Bison. They will never catch them in anything. Is that better? Is that what you want to hear? I think the only statement being made was depth will be a concern right away. No one is using it as an excuse and I hope the game is played this year, even though it won't be. Any person with any sort of common sense can tell you that if you are given 63 scholorships to spread out over five years thats 12.6 per year compared to 7.2 per year with the 36 of the DII days. Thats a lot of extra depth with those 5 scholorships per year once a school gets a chance to get those spread out throughout the program. Thats all anyone was pointing out. I can't believe you can't realize this. No wonder they don't let you post on bisonville.
  9. homer


    Yeah they would be all over it tearing it apart but the bottom line is the player made a mistake and will have to suffer the consequences. This stuff happens unfortunately and coach bohl can decide how he would like to handle it.
  10. Agreed. I would have no problem only having four home games this year if it makes for a few more down the road as we get closer to the end of this 5 years. Also, as the team reloads with recruits having more home games to take in as these young players mature would be a real treat for fans. Ideally not another NAIA or DII school.
  11. I have nothing on either. I was wondering the same thing.
  12. Yeah since the bison fans don't want the game tickets should be easy to come by for this one in the dome. It was probably harder to get a ticket for Central Conneticut.
  13. homer

    Brad Kelley

    I see your point but I believe that the penalties and game suspensions are the consequences they and their team suffer. Its the punishment they recieve. Baseball is similar when a batter charges the mound, fight happens, players get kicked out and suspended but the law doesn't step in. Is that acceptable in your mind because thats part of that sport. If a player on your team gets beaned, retaliation is expected. Like I said, it was around long before I was. I could try and change it for you if you'd like but don't think I'd get to far. Don't really know what you are looking for here. Can we get this thread back on track or let it die. The incident involving Kelley concerning the UND football team is taken care of.
  14. homer

    Brad Kelley

    How come you can box in a ring and not on the street? How come football players can run over a qb from the blindside but can't wipe out a guy walking acroos the street? Its part of the game. You know its part of the sport you are competing in. Thats why some people play these sports, because things are allowed that you can't do on the street or you will get arrested and punished. Pretty obvious answer. Its justifiable cause its in the rules. We didn't write them so go ask the guy who did for your justifiable answer.
  15. homer

    Brad Kelley

    He made a plea agreement to get the charges dropped but that is besides the point. This is two offseasons in a row where it has been in the papers and on the news about a UND football player involved in a physical dispute. I know it happens but the players have to hold themselves to a higher standard and understand that they themselves are not bigger than the program.
  16. homer

    Brad Kelley

    Doesn't matter how bad he beat them up, bottom line is he struck a UND employee. I don't know the story but last time I checked RA's just don't hold someone down for no reason. Maybe someone was provoking him, maybe they weren't, I don't know. I'm sure it would have gotten sorted out when the campus police arrived. He made a poor choice striking the RA's before they got there and thats the unfortunate part. I feel bad for him but when something like that happens you really leave the administration no choice but to dismiss you. I'm glad the coaches did this and pretty soon the players need to understand that they can't do this sh*t. This is two huge blackeyes in two years for the program and these guys need to go to make a point that this stuff isn't going to be tolerated.
  17. No offense Bob but although games against those two schools would be fun I would rather play the Bison. Playing in those games was great. I've spoken to Bison players who play'd the same time I did and they agree and would like to see it continue. A lot of people that speak to me about not wanting to play it are people that never played it. Although some who played it say it doesn't matter either so it goes both ways. This is just my opinion.
  18. This is good news in my mind. The sooner the date is set, the sooner we can get passed all of the complaining and celebrating that will go on and than focus on the game itself. Also getting the other sports on board will be a great thing for both schools in my mind. For UND, playing NDSU or vice versa will be far better than playing Mayville St., Jamestown, etc. That is something I don't think anyone can argue.
  19. I personally agree with everything in you post except the last part. I personally think that once everything finally gets sorted out and feelings from both sides are done being hurt the game will be an every year deal. It will be to big not to be. This is just my opinion and I am sure someone will jump all over me but when the day comes that UND has NDSU and Minnesota (for example) on their schedule, if I had to pick tickets for one it would be the NDSU game. Just my two cents. Lots to get figured out before that day though.
  20. UND fan here but Hansel that was a pretty funny.
  21. Hey darell, wave your magic wand and make it happen than. I would like to see some one else as much as you but maybe Sioux Falls asked for a game in 2011 in order to play this year. We needed a game this year so we agreed. I'm hoping we buy out of it and fill it with someone else when the time comes but next year is the priority, not 2011. If filling next years schedule was easy it would be done already. They can't help schools backing out and schools dropping programs. And even though it was a few years ago beating Northern Iowa at their place doesn't help with scheduling. This is just a thought but I probably know as much about scheduling as you do, so I don't know much.
  22. homer


    But your not. HaHa!!! Do they teach you things like that at school there? To bad everyteam has to field those two positions. That has to be one of the funniest statements I have read. With better play out of two positions, thats funny. Gotta play with the guys that are out there Dano!!
  23. homer

    Two Week Layoff

    I agree. Although we have had some good talent in the past few recruiting classes UND has had very good luck in the past with Jucos. I for one have no problem with bringing in Jucos to patch a few holes as I also agree that competing next year will be very important in our development as a program through this transition.
  24. Yet you still check in here and give us your input and think we give a $hi+. Its funny because your team has basically been a non factor since you made the playoffs since when 2000 yet you still do a lot of talking. Oh wait you guys do have 7 nat'l championships even though you have to be half way to retirement to remember the last one. My grandpa does tell me good stories about those days though.
  25. Dan, I think the game was definately a tale of two halves. I think the big difference with penalties was that SIU's really affected field position starting with the one that gave the Bison 15 yards on the opening kick in the 2nd half giving them the ball at about the 43. Than they got either a clipping or holding on the next kick return and it really pinned them back. I think this really affected their play calling as they couldn't drop back and pass with the pressure the Bison where able to apply. Either way, I will congratulate the Bison on continuing to play hard throughout the game. I was just responding to the fact that he said the Bison could have won by 17-24. That is stupid because I think that anyone could go back and look at any game and say we could have done this or that. I thought it was a very unknowledgable comment by someone who really lacks knowledge about the happenings of a game. If a team doesn't capitalize during the game a fan sounds like an idiot when they say if this would have happened......This happens all the time though with all fans of all teams but whatever, I know its happened on this board. Anyways, congrats again and good luck the rest of the year. Yes, I did just say that.
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