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  1. homer

    2009 Roster

    Is anyone else excited about how young our defense is? I knew they where young but there is going to be a lot of sophmores and Rfr. getting some good minutes this season. That gets me excited about the future. I'd rather take a few lumps with sophs and freshman than with seniors. I just have to tip my hat to the coaches again for a great last few seasons of recruiting. Keep them coming!!
  2. Offense is going to be an unknown. A lot of first time starters. Defense is going to be pretty solid. I am really excited about the Sioux Defense. They are young and they are talented. I was impressed with the 2-3 deep in some postions at the spring game. The defensive line is starting to gain back a lot of depth, the linebackers are athletic, and I can't say enough about the secondary. This could be like some years past where the defense can carry the offense. And the best part is the defense is young. 7-8 wins is very doable for this young team.
  3. homer

    2009 Season

    Thats good footage. Two things stood out. First was how well Jarrel stands in and blocks. That was impressive. Second was how aggressive he was in getting up field. Didn't waste time doing a lot of dancing. Combine Jarrel with the rest of our recruiting class coming in and I am very happy in the direction of the program. There is a lot of potential there. Thats all you can ask for and hope that a majority of the players reach that potential and stay healthy.
  4. homer

    2009 Season

    Thats good news. Its a possible replacement but gives us a lot of depth. Also sounds like a kid that we could possibly spread out and he can catch the ball. To bad about Murray though.
  5. I don't see why you think Jamestown and Dickinson probably don't belong. If all these schools can get into the NSIC, and it maybe would, the travel costs would really not change for these schools. Both schools have solid athletic programs. Dickinson has a lot of support from the community and is remodeling its stadium. Thier stadium will be very nice when completed and will rival "the Bowl" in Bismarck. With what DII looks like today I think both schools would fit in nice. A lot of these schools where competing against eachother in NAIA 10-15 years ago.
  6. I actually agree with Dan on this one(holy !@#$ mark that down). I don't think there is anything wrong with being confident in the team you cheer for. I always think the Sioux have a chance, sometimes more than others, but I never write them off. Its an old saying but thats why they play the games.
  7. I could honestly give a !@#$ less about the gophers playing ndsu. They beat a team that was 1-10 and had a new coaching staff and was trying to use existing players to fit a new system. They lost to Bowling Green and Florida Atlantic while taking Miami of Ohio into 3 OT's. Not exactly D-1 football powers. I would also expect a solid DI-AA program to beat Florida Atlantic. Is it a huge deal to me? No only cause I don't care about either school, is it a big deal to ndsu, ofcourse, but they have a board for thier fans to discuss it.
  8. I didn't see it. Kind of hard though when I don't live in Grand Forks and don't get the Herald. You must have got the Herald that day though and remember where the article was at cause you seem pretty sure about this. Where did they have it buried?
  9. A simple google search would have showed you Danno that they did have an article about him pleading not guilty. I do not know when the next trial date was set up for and I'm not paying to find out. There may not have been anything else to report as of now of now so that may be why they haven't reported anything but I am not sure. Maybe you should check that out before you go putting the Herald in its place though Dan. You really told them.
  10. I'm not to sure. I think there was a trial date set for last month maybe but not to sure what happened with it. I'm sure you could search it to find out if you wanted or someone else may know.
  11. How far back you want to go Danno? Bobby Stroup's day in court has come and gone. He has been off the team for a year. He wasn't practicing with the team a month ago.
  12. Princeton has more DI football national championships than Michigan, USC, Oklahoma, Florida, LSU, Alabama, well everyone. Problem is if no one can remember them what good are they. They are sure fun to talk about I guess. The graduating high school seniors this year from Fargo haven't even got to see a home playoff game. I'm sure their parents tell good stories about them though. I guess according to your logic Princeton has been the most dominate DI football program ever. News to me.
  13. Don't forget gas was was around $1.00 a gallon.
  14. My buddy's grandpa used to tell my buddy's and I how they had to walk up hill both ways in 8 feet of snow to the last home playoff game they had in the Fargodome, oh wait I mean at Dacotah Field. I forgot the only playoff games the Fargodome has seen has been of the high school variety. Those are fun to I guess.
  15. But Madison blows Minneapolis out of the water as far as a true college sports experience. Fans would still travel well there. It would just be a harder ticket to get than playing the gophers.
  16. You just get the feeling reading that article that something more happened at than meeting than the SBoHE has let out. He talks as if the Summit league is a sure thing. Douple must have communicated that to him but according to a few bison fans hopefully he doesn't change his mind after reading this board. Sorry, I couldn't resist.
  17. Hey Mr. Douple, I just want to say hi and I hope you have a good weekend. Since you care so much about what some fans say on a message board maybe this will make you feel better. I wonder if he has siouxsports set as a favorite on his computer. Do you honestly think that Douple will look at all the information given to him but than say well you'd be in if it wasn't for those guys on siouxsports.com? They posted some really mean things about me so I am sorry, your out.
  18. Congrats to them. They are probably more talented than a lot of DII schools out there. They have a good program. That will be a nice rivalry with them and Augy especially if they get into the NSIC.
  19. How many starters do you guys return on your defense? Who is looking to be the replacement qb for Harrel? Any chance that guy could sit out that weekend?
  20. I was going to type the same type of thing. I was thinking depends how many extra votes they have to stuff into the ballot box.
  21. homer

    2009 Flood

    Sorry to hear about that. I hope you are able to find something else quickly.
  22. Oops thats what I meant. Now that the schedule is done I was confusing myself. I was thinking the next year of our schedule we're working on but didn't type that way. Anyways yeah, you get what I half assed said.
  23. Thats kind of what I was thinking. Maybe we could get them to travel next year. Only problem is with all of the FCS schools down south and out east they could travel a lot shorter distance for a game. Maybe they would be willing to help out a school in transition though since they are going through it as well. Either way I like to hear about scheduling earlier than the spring before the season starts.
  24. homer

    2009 Flood

    Agreed, there is a lot of snow around and water standing but trying to predict 2 weeks out is tough. They could be wrong on either side. If you can't get it right in 48 hrs how accurate can you be in 2 weeks? I just hope they are wrong and the weather continues to cooperate with a slow snow melt.
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