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    Alright, the radio feed is back on. Lets go D.
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    Please keep the posts coming guys. The radios down and i'm listening at work.
  3. Glad I could help. I never said you had to agree with me, I'm just stating what I think after seeing all three of NDSU's games this year and watching them very objectively. Actually cheering for you bison. If that makes me a homer than so be it. But either way glad I could make your day and I'll be in the dome Oct. 6th. Maybe you could come up and join me this weekend at the Alerus for our homecoming and than give me your opinion after only seeing one game.
  4. I saw that game and last time I checked UND has better receivers, offensive line and running back. And after seeing CMU against the bison on the internet gamecast, theres no way they were a better team than Sam Houston St. I can't sit here tell you that UND would beat NDSU, but I'm not going to say they wouldn't either. I honestly think UND would be the best team NDSU has played to date.
  5. Oh burn! Thats a good one. Your momma!!! I've seen both teams play this year (UND-twice, NDSU-twice), I think the score of the game would be in the fourties or higher because neither defense would stop the other offense. Thats an honest opinion from someone who has seen them both more that once, hell I saw them both on the same day. Was in Grand Forks for Central Washington and than drove to Fargo for Sam Houston State. Both teams obviously have their strenghts and weaknesses and it would be a good game. I don't know which team I would pick. Maybe whoever had the ball last. Out of the two defenses, NDSU has a few more talented players but plays with no discipline and UND would definately throw it around on them. Chappell would also be the best running back they saw this year so far and UND's o-line is very talented. NDSU well I think their offense would score a lot of points as well but they would see the most disciplened defense they've faced all year but it would definately not be the most talented they've faced. It would be good.
  6. Just like Northern Iowa was clearly better than UND last year. And SUU was at a different level this year. I've seen both schools play already this year, I didn't see anything that made them clearly better. Maybe this week they will prove something different but right now you sound like the fu%$n monkey doing the talking.
  7. I figured it couldn't. Do these places leave thier turf down all season long because the Alerus doesn't. That's why I asked the question. Someone compared it to "The Bowl" in Bismarck and I know its been an improvement but they don't have to roll it up for anything. Same as the field in Augustana. I think that could be a drawback to putting it in a domed stadium that usually only has the turf down Friday through Saturday maybe Thursday some weeks
  8. Can field turf be rolled up and put away like the turf is now. Don't they have rubber pieces under the field turf for some padding? I would love to see it but these could be concerns. Anyone know the answers to this.
  9. That one should do it. We had our chances. The guys got off to a rough start and never gave up. Great season.
  10. If there was a time for a huge play and drive, this is it.
  11. Get a stop and get another TD and its a game again. Keep plugging away.
  12. We need points. Get a TD, regroup, and keep playing hard. Let's see what happens. Keep the faith.
  13. Holy Crap. Its about time we stopped them. We need some points immediately.
  14. This is getting ugly pretty fast. We need something to stop the bleeding and even then I don't think it will be enough.
  15. The flags are flying today. Holy smokes
  16. Yes, thank you. Just curious. Now let's go "D". Lets get a stop.
  17. For those watching on TV, what's the weather like today. Sorry I was late to my radio.
  18. Huge third down early in the game
  19. Offense needs a long drive to allow defense to make adjustments and square things away. The boys will be alright.
  20. It might upset Florida St. but I really don't think the NCAA wants to challenge us to begin with, if we change our name to Seminoles they would have to battle FSU and I think thats definately something they don't want any part of, they already proved that. It's a far fetched idea I know but I wonder what they would do.
  21. What if we changed our name to "Seminoles" I mean they already approved it and we could keep our logo. How can they force us to change the name Seminoles and let Florida St. use it.
  22. I think you need to check you #'s. Dickinson Trinity's enrollment is only about 170 I believe and New Englands in around 70. That is a far cry from 400. Also, Dickinson Trinity doesn't play Belfield and Killdeer in football and does not co-op with New England in any other sports. New England contacted them because if they didn't co-op they wouldn't have had enough kids out to run a program and would have had to drop it. You might want to check stuff like this out before you make a comment that really makes you look arrogant and foolish.
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