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  1. I see the world you grew up in you would just tuck your tail to protect your nuts and slink away? Ah the sign of a real man.
  2. I am glad to see that you have no problem with someone attacking my father. So your mother should have swallowed.
  3. Sorry but I do not drink and never have. I wonder if they mental health industry can do anything for a bunch of grown males that act like middle school girls?
  4. OK here since no of you find attacking someone's late father as wrong here goes. All of your mothers made one big mistake in her life. She should have swallowed. See I find that as being wrong but the rest of you find it as being ok.
  5. And you would not respond to an attack on your father by someone that did not even know him? He died 10 years ago. So I am not suppose to get mad at him for attacking my late father?
  6. I can read the other posts that said he could not switch to a Big 10 school. LOL was for the numerous previous posts about how everybody wants to play for a Big 10 school. Hence, the sarcasm of my post.
  7. Never even saw it. I came glad none of you would have responded to an attack on your dad or your kid by someone that knows neither of them. So high roadish (verbalizing of America) of all of you. Now which one of you ever chastised him for his totally uncalled for attack? Oh wait that would have been none of you. So by remaining silent you all condoned it. Which makes you no better than him. Then they you can chastise me for responding? That is some really sick logic. I would have accepted an apology as I have apologized many times here when I was wrong. So now you question me on who
  8. Why would I think that when FSSD quotes me and then you quote him? And Siouxvolleys comments were so far off from the truth it is scary. And if Siouxvolley had said that to my face he would be in the ICU because I would have busted his skull with a baseball bat without thinking twice.
  9. Read the quote I was quoting and it should not be very hard to figure out. That is unless you have no reading comprehension. I will explain it really ssssllllloooowwwlllyyyyyy for you. Not giving enough money equals lack of donations such as not donating enough to FU. Many posters here and others who call themselves huge fans and wanted to keep the name never give any money either. Now was that easy enough for you to understand?
  10. I thought everybody wanted to play in the Big 10? LOL By the way does anyone know now that they have a league for hockey what will become of the Rodents and FSN? Big 10 network does not really cover hockey at all.
  11. Why not? As been mentioned before hockey is a different sport and would be great to have a hockey running it. We know he sure would not favor DU over anyone.
  12. Just like many of the posters here and the loudest defenders of the name, many of which never even attended UND.
  13. I had said it before though that he was a nice guy. I did not attack him when I posted a fact. There is a big difference so you can retract your middle school girl claws anytime.
  14. Difference is that what I posted was an observed fact. I saw him doing this numerous times and I did not say he was not a good guy. In fact I did say he was a nice guy.
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