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  1. I can honestly say, how many 16-18 YO young men know that much about what they are eating tomorrow much less how they'll dig through the deep inner motivations and truthfulness of people they barely know when their future is in flux? This isn't an easy time. They along with their families have typically never been through this process--you wouldn't believe the emails, texts, IM's, hundreds of mailers, promises made, insinuations that get put out there if you are a recruit. Everyone has an opinion including these kids own coaches, families, friends, girlfriends and you throw in school and academics and proximity to home or not, $ and shake it all in a baggy with some hormones and you just never know what comes out the other side.
  2. What I will say having just gotten home after being up there all weekend starting Friday through today is every hotel was filled with hockey people, every restaurant, every conversation this weekend had hockey, every gas station attendant talked hockey and even the cute old guy sitting next to us at the Performance Center talked hockey which is totally cool. It is part of the town identity and one the school and town can build off of and if you are committed to the area and plan on going to the school it is a huge point of pride that brings a tremendous amount to the local economy and a big part of why the sports facilities are so amazing. LOVED the time up there and what a great town.
  3. so use the great minds already at the school and make it a marketing and sports marketing internship opp. Think outside the box.
  4. Momster

    Junior Day

    How many Juniors are they expecting this weekend?
  5. Point taken--but also if you look at the last several years--most would describe it as several years of so - so seasons--but on the upswing. Which is also why I was saying for some facing the choice--they might like being part of a program on the upswing and that might be more important to be a building block to that success vs being a part of a program who was there already. It is all about what appeals to the person and their motivations.
  6. I don't think I was intending to say anything touching on insecurity -- I was much more interested in the thought processes around if there was a student athlete who is looking at a college for football and how would they look at this? It is a real thing good or bad which is why I asked for the pros/cons. Say, a start athlete who plays football has a choice between a college that is known for hockey but has a football team with a so-so history and a college who is known for football but has other sports like hockey which aren't as celebrated or perhaps doesn't have the winning history. Which one would they choose and why? (and I realize lots of other factors are involved in this). I saw it as an awesome thing to be able to play football for a team on the upswing that already had existing successful programs vs already being there (IE: I have something to prove and am part of rebuilding) vs a school who already was there and had to defend the target. Just a thought process...nothing more.
  7. Funny enough, the crowd was chanting Fighting Sioux Forever and Let's go Sioux! I think that poor marketing team has a challenge on their hands ha-ha! I hope they all partied safe. I also think they need to hire Josh D (Fergie's actor husband) as a marketing spokes person guy. He seems to be a HUGE UND fan. The Vid almost makes me want to be 25 years younger and in college again (nope-not really).
  8. I think many of the kids who were at my house over the weekend have said they were on the fence about UND until the play offs started in Hockey and the new facilities investment that all of the kids have access to (and I am guessing came in part because of hockey notoriety). Momentum and marketing are a big deal--I hope the school is majorly capitalizing on it. The idea of playing football for a school on the upswing and having access to a town celebrating hockey and supporting the school in the off season was WAY appealing to many of the football players we know considering UND and hopefully being considered by UND. I think Bubba's interview was GREAT! Thanks for posting UND-FB-Fan. What an exciting thing to have happen for the community. I hope they go all out this weekend and celebrate for a long time.
  9. My son is super excited about Junior Day. Recently, he found out several of his friends have decided to go to school there (not participating in sports guys) in part because of just choosing the school for academics -- but one of the tipping points for his buddies is because of how well the hockey team does and the buzz and fun that comes with it. What is the atmosphere like this week in town? Several of his friends are going to some kind of orientation thing going on next weekend at the same time Junior Day for football so having some familiar faces on campus is really nice to think about. Hopefully the town is in full on celebrate mode on the hockey front and the Football Junior Day kids will see a community all in about one of their student athlete programs. So my question is more about pros-cons of being a traditional hockey school--does it help or hurt football recruiting? I know the facilities all of the kids have access to have to be better for having such a great hockey team traditionally from year to year....I would think that is an asset. One of his buds though who does play football was of the other view--why would anyone want to play football at a school known for hockey? What are the pros/cons of how hockey affects recruiting for other sports?
  10. Seriously happy for them. They would be the select few I referenced. Most consider the whole experience overwhelming. I just read retention rates for Freshman are less than 41 Percent and declining. They are dead last for the 50 largest public schools. I just truly think for quite a few MN families, UND offers what many kids are looking for and parents appreciate when kids have looked at the U and decided it wasn't for them.
  11. Add in expensive parking miles away, classes no where near each other, huge class size, hard to get into most classes, wild tuition hikes, campus crime rates, the recent AD drama and and and....it is a great school for certain students looking for certain things but it could be an incredibly difficult school to manage at 18 and very expensive way to finish the degree. They also put out attractive tuition rates to out of state students to the detriment of in state tuition which is just odd. Just my two cents.
  12. So kids look at what is close enough to family but far enough and ND, SD, IA, WI, NE all have very viable and enjoyable competitive options at schools who are smaller, in smaller towns with local support who are investing in their schools the right way. I think most people in MN look at ND and the general border areas as "home" still. The U of M just doesn't have the draw for MN families and students for many reasons.
  13. I told mine sign up, bring as many football players as you know with you road trip style and have the time of your life--but not too much lol.
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