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  1. While the academic quality of UND is relevant to a recruiting discussion, the pissing match with NDSU fans is derailing the topic. Please keep it about recruiting, thanks!
  2. Leaderboard is up: http://siouxsports.com/hockey/bracketleaders.php And the overall picks: http://siouxsports.com/hockey/bracketpicks.php
  3. I'm really sorry about that, I've never heard of anyone having that much trouble. We get a lot of successful registrations every week, so I generally assume things are going well. He can just drop me an email (from the email he was trying to register) to let me know he's having troubles and I'll manually approve the account. There's a forum feedback link that most people use, but he can also just send it to admin08@siouxsports.com .
  4. Ok, I think I now have a successful upgrade in place. Let me know of any remaining problems.
  5. As others have noted, this post could have done without the crossed out parts and still made the same point of disagreeing with what the other person said. The attack was uncalled for, but hijacking the disaster that's the topic of this thread to wish it upon someone with whom you disagreed on a sports message board is way over the top.
  6. Agreed -- mocking a person's name for being of a different ethnic heritage is not only pretty rude and undermining to one's own arguments, it's pushing the boundaries of the forum rules. Everyone should acquaint themselves with the Forum Terms and Rules and remember that while all viewpoints are welcome in this discussion, slurs and racism are not.
  7. Please debate the opinions of the post without attacking the poster. Thanks.
  8. Please don't make this a Republicans vs. Democrats issue. This is yet another economic topic that can be discussed without partisanship, but until we decide to change the rule barring politics, I'll continue to enforce it. Thanks for your help.
  9. No politics, please. Frequent readers already see then tensions of known differing political persuasions leak into other discussions between frequent posters. It seems like a bad idea to amplify that by encouraging people to discuss issues sure to create divides and bad feelings. Other off-topic discussions don't harm the board's primary mission as a place people interested the Sioux can comfortably converse and can help increase the sense of community and familiarity between members. We've always thought political discussions could make people less comfortable or friendly with others in the community, thus harming its primary mission as place to have friendly discussions about the Sioux. The Community forum notes "no politics please" in its description and "no politics and religion" is posted near the top of the Forum Terms and Rules.
  10. Please avoid attacking each other. Disagreeing with Dave, or anyone, on the topic (i.e. gun ownership) is great; letting that disagreement turn into personal attacks or badgering makes the board much less inviting for everyone.
  11. As Triouxp intimated, please keep the debate on the topic instead of attacking each other. If you think a post is out of bounds, report but otherwise ignore it; attacking back usually just makes things worse. Pretty soon, the thread becomes about the posters instead of the subject (as evidenced by a lot of the last two pages of this thread). Thanks to everyone for continuing to help keep this a place where people can engage in a debate and disagree without being personally attacked.
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