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  1. I just voted for Hobey and checked the standings: http://voteforhobey.com/vfh/standings_phase2.php Can anyone tell me why Spiewak has more first place votes than Parise? Talk about fans distributing the votes so no one from your team has a chance to win the fan balloting. I can see a UND fan voting for Bochenski over Parise with his stats etc. But to have Kevin Spiewak getting more first place votes than Parise is nuts. I like Spiewak as much as the next guy but Hobey Baker Spiewak?
  2. Gees it's only two games. We all hoped for at least a split be we also knew that we could get swept. So the worse thing that could happen to us did. Let's move on. I want this team to take second so we don't have to play Duluth in the playoffs. So what we need is a sweep of Tech, splits at Denver and Mankato, sweep of Duluth, and at least a split in Wisconsin. We do that and we take second. I've given up on First and will be rooting for CC to kick the Gophers this weekend so we have a better shot at second. PS. I thought our goaltenders played well this weekend. Neither of these game
  3. After voting for Hobey today I see where CC fans have voted Seyna first and Preissing second. I think us Sioux fans need to pick a guy and make sure we consistently vote for that player for first. Right now people have almost voted for Spiewak in first as many times as they have voted for Parise. I like Spiewak too but he's not going to win the Hobey Baker. I would recommend that us Sioux Fans pick Parise as our Number 1 guy. After that we can vote for Bochenski or Spiewak or anyone else you think deserves it. That way we aren't muddying the water with us all splitting votes amongst those 3
  4. After watching both of these games this weekend, I'd have to say that the Gophers are probably the most disappointing team so far this year. Not to say they can't turn it around but they haven't shown they can consistently beat the upper level teams. They have split with UND at home, taken 1 out of 4 points against CC at home, split with SCSU, etc. Unless the infusion of Potulny has a major effect on this team they are simply a dangerous team with a lot of talent that hasn't show they can consistently win against top competition. Based upon the season so far I'd have to say the Gophers are
  5. OK. I've been getting the Sioux games on Mid-Continent cable. I see in this thread that the games are on WDAZ. I need to know if the games are on Mid-continent or on WDAY or any other options rather than WDAZ. If they are only on WDAZ I'll be taking a trip to the Buxton bar since that's the closest place that handles WDAZ. So let me know about both games. Thanks.
  6. 1. Minnesota: I base this on my reaction when Minnesota plays Wisconsin. For some inexplicable reason I root for the Badgers or anyone else that plays the Gophers. 2. Wisconsin: I love their fans when I don't have to be in their arena. They are Stepford fans. They can be talking to you very nicely, the band strikes up, and they turn like zombies and begin chanting stuff. Scary. That's it. There are no other teams I would consider our rivals. Sure it's nice to beat St. Cloud, Mankato, CC etc. but they aren't really rivals. They are simply WCHA opponents. The non-confreence team I lo
  7. I put in what I thought were very conservative results for UND: 1. Getting swept at Minnesota 2. Sweeping AA 3. Getting Swept at CC 4. And then splitting all of the rest of their series. That put UND at 35 points and in third place. So if they are able to win a game in Minnesota and one in CC I think they finish at least second depending on how well CC finishes. I'm still opimistic but I'm leery about this weekend and the one at CC.
  8. Thanks Greyeagle. I'm just hoping that us lowly Sioux can make the two games close this weekend against the mighty Gophers.
  9. Greyeagle, I'm stuck in Bloomington that night probably at an Outback steakhouse. When you say over the air do you mean that a place like Outback probably gets it or is it the old (You need a UHF antenna to get it)? Thanks
  10. I'm going to be in the cities on Friday night but cannot make the game. I was hoping to watch the game in some local bar. I know that FSN is not broadcasting the Gopher game live but is doing it tape delayed at 3:00AM Saturday morning. Is there anyone broadcasting the game live and if so who? Any help would be appreciated.
  11. I'm still not sure if Ranfranz is one of "the men" but based upon what I've seen with Siembida this year and what I've read about Sedivie and Lamoureux they are not the answer. I'm fed up with the goalie situation. After tonight's game I heard people say " Pull Siembida's scholarship, tell Sedevie and Lamoureux No Thanks, and get a goalie from someplace". I'm sure that every team needs a goalie but how does a team like Maine get two like Howard and Doyle. We need a goalie like these guys. We either need a good goalie or we need a good goalie coach. Any suggestions?
  12. Forecheck, Thank you for the update. I keep missing the show what with commitments and forgetfullness. Of course you know that all us lazy a$$e$ are counting on you or someone to keep us up to speed. Once again thanks. Stack
  13. At the last Sioux booster lunch Hakstol was asked if they were bringing in a new goalie at the break. His response was a curt "Why?". He said they were happy with their goaltenders and they were coming along as planned. I think they realize that they made a mistake last year bringing in Siembida and losing a year of eligibility with him and don't want to make that mistake again.
  14. I agree with the majority of the thoughts on Fylling and Prpich. I think Prpich had a great weekend against Wisconsin. He checks well and plays his position well. He had a couple of breaks that showed he needs to work on his foot speed but overall he was a top contributor. I hadn't thought about trying to jump start another line with Fylling. I just hope that he continues to develop because I think he has great potential but needs to improve his strength.
  15. I was just talking on Saturday about how Leinweber has improved so much this year. He must have really worked on his strength this summer. In the past he was usually getting muscled off the puck. This year he can hold his own and has played enough where he hasn't made any really dumb plays. He's been a pleasant surprise. The guy that has seemed to fallen off the map is Fylling. He still looks like he has the speed but not the strength to go into the corners. I think he was on the 4th line on Saturday. From 1st to 4th is a major drop. I expect that he will improve and move up again. Do
  16. I've been looking at the returning players and new players a lot recently. Like everyone else I'm expecting great things from Parise. I'm also expecting Fournier to show this year why he led the uSHL in scoring two years ago. I'm also expecting to see a more mature Fylling come in and contribute big time. I think that McMahon will be an force on the ice this year both offensively and defensively. I've tried to guess the line combinations with some of these things in mind. I've also looked at the production of some of the players last year. I decided that this year it's time to break up Not
  17. Stack

    Title Game

    I was at the games this past weekend wearing Sioux stuff on both Thursday (A Sioux Jersey) and Saturday (A Sioux pullover). I had a number of Minnesota fans give me grief which I expected. Asking me questions like "What was I doing there? or Are the Sioux still playing?". The one that I was asked 3-4 times was "Are you cheering for the Gophers?" My response was "Did you cheer for us last year?" The look on the Gopher fans face was incredulous that I'd ask that and then it turned sheepish when they fully well knew they had not cheered for us. I then pointed out that it was tough to cheer fo
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