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  1. KEH


    Not trying look ahead or anything but UND vs NDSU in Frisco
  2. KEH

    Radio at the Ralph

    96.5 FM is the in-arena feed and there is no delay as it re-transmits 96.1 FM simultaneously
  3. Coach Chuck Priore Ed Harris Jake Carlock Fabio
  4. KEH

    Grand Forks Economy

    I see, I thought the FAA had issues with the birds from the landfill and the ponds. my mistake
  5. KEH

    Grand Forks Economy

    I am thinking this had something to do with it, FedEx started using A300's and with shipping demand going up they probably wanted to fly in bigger planes but unfortunately GFK can't handle them. And the geniuses that decided to wedge an airport between sewage ponds and Highway 2 60 years ago made it so they couldn't extend the runway. FAR Runway 18/36 Dimensions: 9001 x 150 ft. / 2744 x 46 m GFK Runway 17R/35L Dimensions: 7351 x 150 ft. / 2241 x 46
  6. MICH: 29 (National) UW: 41 (National) MIN: 69 (National) DU: 86 (National) CC: 25 (National Liberal Arts Colleges) MSU: 75 (National) MU: 82 (National) UND: 180 (National)
  7. So you saying that AZ should have kept Scott for a weekend of publicity instead of acquiring players that can help them make a playoff push? From a business standpoint I'll take the free publicity and ticket revenue in the spring over this weekend. John Scott isn't going to sell tickets in Phoenix but a winning team will. Just for your knowledge the sports report down here goes as follows 1. Cardinals 2. ASU football/basketball 3. Suns 4. DBacks 5. GCU basketball 6. Glendale Arena Drama 7. Spring Training 8. (If they have time) Coyotes I am for Scott and it is a cool story but I don't think fans would have flocked to the box office to see John Scott sit in the press box at Gila River Arena after the all- star break
  8. not exactly, the city not once but twice stabbed the Coyotes in the back by backing out of the Arena deal. A contract was signed by both parties and then when the city realized they signed a deal they couldn't afford they backed out. Now, they are cancelling the Arena management deal. Ownership has tried numerous times to negotiate in good faith with city but in the end their hands are tied. To quote ownership, "we want to stay but how long can you keep talking to a wall?"
  9. I agree too much black, I understand going for the school colors though. Maybe the feathers around the neck could throw back to the old logo?
  10. "Greenland is covered in ice and Iceland is very nice"
  11. 50.1 to 49.9 with another run-off vote coming
  12. It's an advertisement for the new UND Podcast titled "Sit Down & Cheer"
  13. KEH

    ISU Game Day Thread

    mine too I am sitting with 5:00 left in the third, I know its not the internet speed as I am on campus using their fiber
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