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  1. A real easy one would be to have Bemidji State win the CHA tourney and automatically become a TUC. I sent an email to Jason Moy asking how that would change things as they stoood today and his response was that it jumped UND to 14th in the PWR. I think to really give us a chance we need to win one game in Denver, sweep Tech and then sweep the first round of the playoffs. If we do this I think we'll make the dance even if we lost the playin game at the WCHA final five. The reality though is we haven't beaten very many good teams this year: Minnesota 1-3 Wisconsin 0-2 St Cloud 1-3 C
  2. One of my favorites from my college days was: Face Off Face Off Rip His Face Off
  3. Stack


    What's scary about the rankings is that the Gophers have Johnson, Mueller, amd Oksobo coming in next year assuming none of them goes pro first. Dang!
  4. Usually what happens is the guys coming from the Juniors play pretty well the first weekend back. I'm not sure if they are still on adrenaline or what. But the following weekend they don't play that well. Here's hoping that is not the case because I'd hate to see us lay an egg in Minnesota.
  5. Watching this US Junior team reminded me a lot of the UND hockey team this year. Both teams seem to want to rely on their talent to win and have a tendency to go one-on-one rather than play as a team. Look at Canada; no superstars and they play as a team, play physical, play defense, and take advantage of mistakes. I had two concerns coming into this season for the Sioux: Playing all of those freshmen, and how to mold a bunch of players who are highly rated, drafted, and probably beleive their own hype. So far the Soiux play like the US Junior team with individual play, not physical, t
  6. Stack

    What a joke

    Holy Angels won 3-2. Their first line had all 3 goals with Minnesota Gopher bound Barribal getting 2. Still that's not too bad for Moorhead since they lost most of the team from last year.
  7. I will be there with my daughter. Section 21 row 21. Memories to share about the old Williams arena 1. 1979, Final weekend of the WCHA series the Sioux lead the league by 3 points: Gophers win on Friday night so the lead is down to 1 point. Saturday night the game goes back and forth. Sioux are up by one goal and the Gophers pull the goalie. Then freshman Dave Christian picks up a puck and comes in all alone. Instead of driving to the net to make sure of his shot he winds up and blasts a slap shot from the blue line into the net. We partied until dawn. 2. 1980: Sioux Gophers again.
  8. Guys that played this weekend Senior: Prpich Junior: Stafford, Parise, Smaby, Porter, Fabian Sophs: Zajac, Spirko, Kaip, Radke, Lamoureux Frosh: Chorney, Finley, Jones, Lee, Oshie, Toews, Kozek, Duncan, Watkins 6 upperclassmen. My evaluation is that Prpich played his game and played well. The 5 juniors did not play very well. Porter and Fabian didn't throw their weight around, Parise was not at his best, Stafford disappeared at times and Smaby did not stand out over the other frosh D. Let's be realistic here. We all knew that with this many freshmen playing we would struggle early
  9. After playing Denver last weekend I told my daughter that they were our Number 2 rivalry and not Wisconsin any more. But then she reminded me that I am usually very composed at games except when we play Minnesota and Wisconsin. She remembered me yelling Vanek sucks even the year after he went pro. Then out of the blue last year while playing Wisconsin seeing me stand up and yell Wisconsin sucks. Even though I now hate Denver I still can't stand those red bastidges. Just remember: Badgers? Badgers? We don't need no stinking Badgers! My 5'5" friend stood on a bar stool in Milwaukee
  10. Stack

    UND @ CC

    Gees I'm just trying to help out a little. I didn't see the old Broadmoor when we were there in 2004 but I thought it was because we didn't know where the hell we were going. Now I know I wasn't smoking something and it really wasn't there. Of course I didn't know about any new hotels since I HAVEN'T BEEN THERE SINCE 2004. I was just recapping our experience. No big deal I just thought I'd respond.
  11. Stack

    UND @ CC

    We went to the regional in 2004. Flew into the Denver airport and rented a car. It was a nice drive to Colorado Springs that took about an hour so don't be put off if you want to save some money and fly into Denver. Colorado Springs is a very narrow and long town and the World Arena is on the south end of town about 4-5 miles south of the downtown area. There are only two hotels near the arena but both are easy walking distance to the game. The closest is La Quinta Hotel where we stayed. It's a basic hotel but has no bar or restaurant. The second hotel is the Doubletree where the visting t
  12. The reality is with 12-14 freshmen coming in this year I'll be happy if we are able to win home ice advantage for the WCHA playoffs. Minnesota didn't lose much, CC didn't lose much, Denver lost some scoring but are saying this freshmen class is better than last, Wisconsin lost a goalie and that's about it. I'm keeping my expectaitons low for UND this year but hoping our freshman defensemen are able to step in right away like Minnesota's did last year. If they do we have a chance again. If not it could be a rough season. But hey that's college sports.
  13. If you look at the top forwards and defense of each class they compare about the same. Forwards: In 2001 big things were expected out of McMahon, Massen, Bochenski, and Fournier. Of course we saw what Bochenski could do and McMahon ended up a reliable 4 year player. Massen had a decent freshman year, a very good sophomore year and then pretty much disappeared the next two years. Fatty left. In 2005 big things are expected out of Toews, Kozek, Watkins, and Duncan and possibly Oshie. So maybe one more player with high expectations in 2005 but younger players also. We have no idea what
  14. Holy crap I must not have got enough sleep last night. I'd leave the first three lines alone and change the 4th line to be: Oshie, Fabian, ? There's been talk about Miller having a bum shoulder and I have no idea about Martens. It also wouldn't surprise me if Fabian moves up the charts. Once he got over his injuries last year he was a force and if he continues to improve he could easily be on the third line.
  15. Let's look at a possible scenario: Greene leaves. Bina can't play this year. Kaip can't play this year. Everyone else comes back including Zajak, Stafford, and Smaby. You could have forward lines of (of course I'm just guessing on line combos): Zajak, Stafford, Spirko Toews, Porter, Duncan Watkins, Kozek, Prpich Kozek, Fabian, Duncan With extra forwards being Oshie, Miller, and Martens Defense: Smaby, Jones Chorney, Lee Radke, Marvin Other defense Foyt and Alexander. I'm including Foyt here because they have no depth at D if Greene goes. If the freshmen for
  16. Just when you thought it was safe to go into the water this happens. Gees! Players can't sign with the NHL because of no collective bargaining agreement so you think we're safe until that happens. But NOOOOOO. Murray decides to go to Europe. How many stinking times is this going to happen. It's like last year with the late signing of Bochenski. Now Murray. Hey with our luck Greene and Smaby sign as son as the NHL gets their head out of their butt if they ever do. If no one else leaps we will have: 3 seniors (Greene, Prpich and Marvin) 7 juniors (Bina, Stafford, Porter, Smaby,
  17. After further review here's what is more likely to happen: Kuppchella continues to hear complaints. People get tired of profanity and standing. Final solution is to move all students out of the lower bowl and put them in the upper bowl in sections 306 and 306A. They then have an entire side of the arena in sections 306-310A Do I like this solution? NO. Because the students add fervor and noise and take away a lot of the corporate atmosphere that came when we moved into an arena that seats 11,500. Any other options?
  18. But what I was thinking is they move the people from 104 and 105 to 108 and 109. That still leaves a number of seats left in 108 and 109 since those sections are bigger than 104 and 105. The problem is 103 or 106 if they move the students down. Expecially 106 since there is handicapped seating there. I'm guessing adminsitration would be fine only giving the students 104 and 105 below and then sections 303, 306, and 306A in the upper bowl. Possibly even 302A. That probably reduces the overall total number of student seats buta it opens up the prime upper bowl sections on the sides of the a
  19. The proposal does not address the profanity etc. but it would address the standing issue that seems to bother so many people. From what I've seen the lower bowl student section is always full. The upper bowl sections are filled only at the Minnesota games. Most times there is an entire section that is empty. The talk has been about how these are prime seats. At most hockey arenas the prime seats are on the sides and up about 10-12 rows. You will probably get some of the season ticket holders mad because they like watching the game from the ends of the ice, but I think you could get the
  20. I watched the tape of the game last week again since I was actually at the game originally. As most of you state the non-goal just made me mad again. From the many views of that play I'd say about 3/4 of Mannino's glove was in the net at some point on Fabian's shot. Heck even knowing the call, I was sort of expecting Piotrowski to call it a goal on my tape replay. In my mind that was the turning point of the game. We go up 2-1 and play a more disciplined game. If we're leading 2-1 going into the third I believe we win. Still Cannady's stupid penalty that gave DU their first power play
  21. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vanek to be Defensive Specialist for Amerks AP Rochester, NY 4/1/05 Head Coach Randy Cunneyworth of the Rochester Americans stated that rookie Thomas Vanek will be designated their defensive specialist in the first round of the playoffs. Cunneyworth stated that even though Vanek is the second leading rookie goal scorer, " Where Thomas has really stuck out this year is in his physical and defensive presence. He has contantly been the main forward who is willing to get into the corners and dig the puck out f
  22. Have four tickets for sale. Will sell in groups of 2 if necessary. Would like to go to Sioux fans if at all possible. They are in section 321, Row M. Section 321 is on the side between the blue line and the face off spot. Just looking for face value ($288/pair). I'm in Fargo and will figure out a way to drop them off in Grand Forks if needed. Email me at stack58042@hotmail.com if you're interested.
  23. I think the 28 on the back of the helmet is fine as a tribute to Bina. If nothing else it is a reminder to every DU player when they put their helmet on to not be reckless. But I don't feel Paukovich has any right wearing the 28: Here's his quote: "You never want to hurt somebody when you're playing," Paukovich said. "(Bina) was going for the puck and I was just going on the forecheck and I hit him. I hope he's all right. I never mean to intentionally hurt anybody. "I didn't think it was a big deal until he was laying on the ice." This was said fully knowing that there was a del
  24. The last two years they have gone pretty much strictly by the PWR (if you don't include the switch of Denver and CC this year). So it worked last year where Number 1 North Dakota played in the same region as Number 8 Denver. Similarly Number 2 seed Duluth played in the same region as Number 7 Minnesota. The only team that had a chance in a different region was Wisconsin and they went into overtime if I remember right in their loss. So having three Number 1 seeds is really what made it happen this year and then of course having North Dakota smoke the Boston schools in Worcester made it w
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