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  1. He was probably watching the brawl in the stands.
  2. Bring your bullet proof vest.
  3. When do the broadcasts usually start? I just ordered the Sports Pack on DirecTV today and I am hoping the game is on.
  4. If a guy was hoping to watch the game tonight on DirecTV, what channel would said game be on....Specifically?
  5. Whats the current score and how much time is left?
  6. I just saw former fighting sioux great Ryan Manke at the DU vs Miami game. Everytime they show the fourth Miami goal in slow motionfrom ice level, he is sitting there with a girl in a yellow sweatshirt. DVR is interesting.
  7. Hey guys what radio station in gf carries the game tonight?
  8. Thank you. Now I won't have to fight anybody.
  9. Any chance we can get video on youtube of the scrum after the period ended?
  10. Thank you sir. That sounds a lot better.
  11. Is anybody having trouble with the audio internet feed tonight?
  12. sucka

    Phase 1

    I heard from a pretty reliable source that Phase 1 has begun. The new indoor practice facility will be built in the next year and a half. I am hearing that this thing will be state of the art. Somewhere around 20 million.
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