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  1. Line combos: Defense: Lee and Jones Chorney and Finley Radke and Bina Genoway pushing everyone. Forwards: Toews centering Duncan and Porter Oshie centering Spirko and Kozek Checking line is Kaip centering Fabian and Zajac Watkins centering Vandevelde and Miller There are so many combos that we could do especially if Zajac scores like he did in the BCHL and Martens and Miller improve and if Watkins and Kozek increase their scoring. Porter could get pushed down to the checking line if that happens.
  2. Forwards: Seniors: Chris Porter 7 goals, 16 assists in 46 games Eric Fabian 6 goals, 11 assists in 37 games Juniors: Rylan Kaip 3 goals, 5 assists in 42 games Rastislav Spirko 11 goals, 20 assists in 39 games Sophomores: Ryan Duncan 16 goals, 20 assists in 46 games Andrew Kozek 7 goals, 6 assists in 46 games Ryan Martens 0 goals, 0 assists in 2 games Brad Miller 0 goals, 0 assists in 15 games TJ Oshie 24 goals, 21 assists in 44 games Jonathan Toews 22 goals, 17 assists in 42 games Matt Watkins 5 goals, 4 assists in 46 games Freshmen: Chris Vandevelde: He pl
  3. In a couple posts I'll throw my two cents in: My take on the players who will be contributing next year for the Sioux starting in goal and defence: I expect Stafford to sign with Buffalo. The only thing that may stand in the way is Buffalo is so cheap that they may try to get him after the Aug 15 deadline so they can sign him for a lower bonus and only for 2 years. At that point Stafford could elect to become a free agent and test the waters there. In either case I don
  4. My favorite quote from the article: "Look for Finley to remain at UND for a few seasons. "
  5. That looks like a Michigan jersey to me.
  6. My wife and I keep saying that what we wear has no bearing on the game. But then why the heck am I wearing the same clothes tonight that I wore last Friday when we beat Wisconsin? Everything has been cleaned of course.
  7. Even though I hate to hear Bison fans say "I told you so" I'm guessing that UND will be Division I in all sports in the next 3-4 years. So we will also be playing the Minnesotas in college football. Do you think UND fpootball will be more popular than UND hockey at that point? I'd have to say an emphatic NO! The reality is that NDSU is a football college and UND is a hockey college. As far as the state of North Dakota is concerned, who knows? I'd have to say that because UND hockey is being broadcast throughout the state now, that the fan base for hockey is much larger than for NDSU
  8. I'd rather have the momentum. But I also rather play Holy Cross than Michigan. Minnesota should roll over Holy Cross and the UND/Michigan game will be a battle. With East refs the game may come down to special teams play. But here's saying that with Parise playing well it comes down to goaltending and we pull out the Friday game. Saturday? Who knows? Minnesota has the best power play in the nation. If we can play five on five we win. If we're in the box a lot... All year Minnesota has been winning on offense. Their defensemen pinch more than anyone I've seen and it wins them most ga
  9. When I was looking at the possible brackets before last weekend's Final Five I predicted we would get either Michigan on Boston College for our first game. I really didn't want to play either of those teams because they have seemed to be our nemesis in the past. Now that we have Michigan all I can say is at least it's not at the Yost! I'm afraid of Michigan but still think we can beat them. Michigan is super young too and the difference for them is their goaltending has been suspect and their young defensemen have been inconsistent. If we play like we have the past few weekends and don't pu
  10. I'm on the other side or the blue line side. So my seats are just on the right edge of the bench as you look at it from behind. . That damn guy who dresses up like a bunny for dance fever is at the bottom of the section to my right but close to the bench too.
  11. Hey Sioux7 do you drive an SUV with a Sioux 7 license plate?
  12. I agree. Just buy your tickets at ticketmaster and take Friday off. You can always find a place to stay.
  13. Hey Tiny, If you're willing to play the ticketmaster fees just go there and buy tickets. I checked it out for the heck of it and you could get tickets in row 2 of section 207 for either semifinal games and the championship game. So get tickets now.
  14. I think I tried this last year but... We're in section 116 row 10. We are on the blue line side of the section though. Three couples wearing UND stuff for the 16th year in a row. Yeah I know we're old. Somtime this weekend stand up an yell at us. I'll look for you too. Go Dogs! Go Sioux!
  15. I always forget about the unbalanced schedule. Here's another one. No team should have the last weekend of the season off like UAA and Mankato did this year. There is too much riding on the playoffs and that extra week's rest could mean the difference in a playoff win or loss. You can't tell me the schedule makers can't figure out a way to have everyone play the last wekend and probably the last two weekends of the regular season. As a fan i want my team playing the last weekend of the regular season since there is usually a lot of excitement.
  16. I have regional tickets and cannot go on Saturday the 25th due to a 90th birthday party in the family. So I read the comments above and called the REA ticket office. Their response was "No we do not take tickets back, we cannot refund the money, and we cannot resell tickets". So if you can't use the tickets you'll need to do like me and look for another UND fan to buy them so you are assured a Gopher fan is not sitting in your seats.
  17. The hockey playoffs as is, are fine. Two out of three in the first round is great. The Final Five is fine too. The top three qualifiers deserve not to play that extra game that the 4th and 5th qaulifiers do. I've had tickets to the WCHA Final Five since it's beginning at the St Paul Civic Center. It is still the best tournament in the country. Four out of five years the Final Five is more exciting than the Frozen Four (I go to t he Frozen Four too) I like the Final Five in the cities even though I no longer live there and feel it would not be the same somewhere else. When it was at the Brad
  18. I agree. If UND and CC make the Final Five they will have played a much tougher first round opponent and then have to play each other while the other three teams rest. I think either of the teams in the play-in game would be excited to simply win their semifinal game against Minnesota in front of the normal pro-Gopher crowd. I think the team that is at risk is Wisconsin. They were badly outshot again this weekend by St. Cloud and were luckyto get two wins. If they end up playing Denver they could get beat very easily.
  19. So who do you think will take Fabian's place? Foyt, Martens, Miller, Marvin? I'm guessing it will be Foyt since he's had some experience in bigger games.
  20. Wisconsin as a number 1 seed being placed at REA if UND is a Number 4 seed cannot happen. If UND is a Number 4 seed we would get either Miami or BU as the PWR currently stands. you can't play a team from your conference in the first round of the NCAAs if the NCAA can move another team to that region, thus we can't play Wisconsin. Your predictions are actually pretty "predictable". You just pciked all of the top teams to win and the favored team wins every game in your scenario except when CC beats Denver for third and Wisconsin beats Minnestoa. I realize that it is more likely that the fav
  21. I'm going out on a limb here and making some predictions: March 3rd: Minnesota sweeps Duluth Denver and CC split Wisconsin and St. Cloud split We sweep Tech Final standings Minnesota Denver Wisconsin CC UND St. Cloud Mankato Tech Duluth UAA First round of playoffs Minnesota sweeps UAA Denver sweeps Duluth Wisconsin takes 3 games to beat Tech Mankato upsets CC We sweep St. Cloud Final Five: Play-in game we beat Mankato Friday Afternoon game: Denver beats Wisconsin Evening game: Briggs sucks and we beat Minnesota (oh and Smaby cleanly checks Irmen and he gets
  22. Yep I went through REA. I got mine in the mail today. 3/1/2006
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