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  1. Saturday's game is also on WDAY channel 6
  2. I just spoke to the programming director at WDAY TV in Fargo and she said that they will be broadcasting the game also. So anyone from the Fargo area does not need to go to Grand Forks or at least to Buxton to watch Saturday's game on TV.
  3. Stack

    Fun With Numbers

    To top it off last week all of a sudden I see McMahon on a line centered by Lundbohm. Hey I know that McMahon needs to be on the ice but as a wing? Here are the lines I'd like to see us put on the ice this weekend and if they perform decently stick with them for the rest of the year: First line: Bochenski - Parise- Murray Second Line: Stafford - Genoway - Porter Third Line: Fylling - Lundbohm - PrPich Fourth Line: Hale - McMahon- Massen (then move guys around based upon how they are playing. So if Massen isn't skating use Fabian, or if you want some more speed on the second line you
  4. Stack

    Fun With Numbers

    He really started rolling 3 lines on Friday night against CC. He did this because the first time he stuck ou the 4th line CC scored. Palmiscino and Cannady didn't see the ice until the last 2 minutes of the game. He also set Smaby down after a couple of misplays and played Marvin as a defenseman instead about half way through the first period. So what happens Saturday? He puts the fourth line out and one their second shift CC scores again. So he has very valid reasons to only roll 3 lines. If these guys can't be an asset they're not going to play. We just need those 4th line guys to pl
  5. When I was in Florence this year the number one obstacle I as a UND fan had to overcome was the issues that our fans had harrassed their fans in a vulgar and racist manner two weeks prior. We can all sit here and say "Yeah but that wasn't me, it was just some drunks". The reality is that school administration as well as the NCAA administration views this as being a student problem and they will correct it. I believe the choice is simple: either we clean it up or they will do it for us. Things that have been done at other schools to force this cleanup: 1. Giving breathalyzers at the
  6. I posted this on USCHO and thought it belonged here too: I like most Sioux fans were dismayed and sort of if disbelief that we were swept by Wisconsin. If you're like me you're hoping this isn't a repeat of last year and you're also hoping that it's a kick in the butt for this team. Most of the year they have been able to show up and beat just about everybody without a huge effort. Now I hope they realize that every team from now on will come as hard as they possible can and they need to step it up. I'm not worried about the goaltending and I'm not worried about this team. I don't think
  7. Stack


    When I sent my email to all of the WCHA Adminstrators my focus was on the safety of the players and in particular the marquee players of the WCHA. My take was that the WCHA officials have theorized that the best players should be able to "skate through the holding , slashing, hooking, etc. if they were so damn good". What has happened is that the best players in this league have almost been nullified and even injured because of the lack of correct officiating. Hey if I can pummel a player like Peter Seyna and "hold" him to a point in the game without getting called for a penalty, I've give
  8. Stack


    If anyone would like to complain about the officiating and in particular how the refs let the opposing teams maul Parise until he's bleeding and they still don't call a penalty here are the WCHA officials and their email addresses. If you'r going to complain though don't swear and don't be a jerk. If they are like me they will only consider civil responses. Bruce M. McLeod Commissioner bmcleod@du.edu Carol LaBelle Assistant Commissioner of Operations clabelle@du.edu Sara R. Martin Associate Commissioner sara@srmproperties.com Greg Shepherd Supervisor of Officials gshephe
  9. I like you Greyeagle am sad for the Potulny brothers. Gees one of the main reasons Ryan went to Minnesota is to play with his brother. They get to play about 6-8 games together and he's out for the year. I hope he takes the medical hardship. That way if he improves to the point that the pros want him he can take off. If not he still gets 4 good years as a hockey player. I feel bad for the Potulny family.
  10. Stack

    My Great Weekend

    Some comments on this weekend: 1. Brandt played well Friday. Jordan was shaky at times Saturday but was ok. 2. Marvin or Bina on defense on a regualr basis scares me. Too many give aways when someone put on pressure. 3. Greene has not truly made a mistake on the ice yet this year. He takes the body, clears the puck, and does exactly what we had hoped someone that was drafted this high would do. The only close mistake he may have made was the cross checking on Saturday and even that looked like he didn't have his hands clasped on the stick. 4. I expected great things from Parise/B
  11. My understanding is Massen was a healthy scratch this weekend. Massen can score goals but he only knows how to skate downhill. He can't skate backwards, doesn't forecheck well, and at times reminds me of Vanek floating around the rink. I've seen Massen play hard and to his potential probably twice in the last two years. I was hoping he had worked on his skating, his conditioning and intensity but if the coaches aren't playing him obviously not. My guess is that James Massen will be given his chances in practice and may replace a Cannady or someone who is hurt this year but in gener
  12. I happened to be browsing the Providence Bruins Web Site and in the meet the players section: http://www.providencebruins.com/meet.htm I thought it was pretty funny that Lee Goren's picture is in the upper left-hand corner since he now is with the Florida Panthers organization. At least that sure looks like him. Isn't it?
  13. http://www.theahl.com/AHLNews0310/20a.html
  14. I had seen a prediction on USCHO this summer that the Gophers would be the first undefeated team since Cornell in 1970 on their way to their third national championship in a row. I think it's hilarious that they then go out and lose the first game of the season. Yeah I know it's October and it only matters that you're playing well at the end of the season just like the Gophers have the last two years but it has to be a big disappointment to come out an lay such a big egg on the opener. Oh well. I'm sure they will be playing much better on Nov. 7-8 when they play the Sioux.
  15. I sit on one end of the ice and have had to avoid 5-6 pucks every season and have stupidly reached up and tried to catch a puck every now and then in a reaction type mode. I do not have any problem with them putting up nets on the ends. Before attending the Frozen Four in Buffalo I was dead set against the nets on the ends thinking it would be like watching a baseball game from behind the net. It's not the same. I had no problem following the puck in Buffalo and to be honest after the first period of the first game never really noticed the netting. So my vote is put it up, protect the
  16. My favorite Farce story is when a number of the Farce decided to go to Duluth one weekend for a hockey series. On Saturday afternoon they had been to a number of bars and were heading to a different one downtown. Like usual most of them were wearing their yellow hard hats with the light and siren. As they were walking down the street they saw a large crowd gathered in front of a building across the street. They stopped to chant "We've got spirit yes we do, we've got spirit how bout you?' at the crowd. Almost immediately they were surrounded by a number of men in suits who proceeded to esco
  17. Here are some stats for this past season for the freshman coming in: Forwards: Brady Murray 5'11" 172 59 games 42 - 59 - 101 Drew Stafford 6'2" 200 45 games 35 - 53 - 88 Eric Fabian 6'2" 195 54 games 19 - 18- 37 Chris Porter 6' 1" 210 59 games 13 - 22 - 35 D: Smaby 6'4" 205 46 games 3 - 19 - 22 83PIM Goal: Sedevie: 5'9" 173 35 games 2.62 GAA .896 Save % Ziegelmann 5'9" 180 28 games 2.58 GAA .908 save % Where is La
  18. Top ten finalist: Sure! He not only can score but he's probably the best defensive forward on the team. There are a lot of guys that deserve to be finalists like Joseph, Stevenson, Clarke, and even Vanek. Parise deserves to be a top 10 finalists. As I mentionedi in a USCO thread I think people should be questioning whether players like Higgins, Umberger, and Tallari should be finalist before they do Parise. Parise deserves to be there but is not the best player in college right now. That's Sejna. Ps. The talk about a freshman doesn't deserve to win it is crap. If a freshman is t
  19. The Star Tribune today says Fox Sports Net is joining the game in progress at 5:00PM http://www.startribune.com/stories/512/3784727.html At the same time the Fighting Sioux Club says it's not being broadcast: http://www.undalumni.org/view.htm Oh who to believe?
  20. Everyone knows that Seyna will win this award but that shouldn't stop you for showing your support for UND hockey by voting for Parise in the fan balloting. You only get to vote once anyway so it's tough to stuff the ballot. But go and vote for Parise.
  21. I called Midco just to check for sure at 1:00PM Wednesday afternoon. I spoke to Ann the operator who satted that they will not be braodcasting the game. Fox Sports Net will be doing the Minnesota game Friday night but is not doing the Friday afternoon game. She stated that she had a memo given to them last night stating they wouldn't broadcast the game. So it looks like we have different answers from Midco about the game being broadcast. Does anyone know?
  22. As bad as the 8, 9, and 10 place teams have played I just don't see any upsets against CC, Minnesota or Mankato. I don't have a clue who will win with SCSU and Duluth. Heck SCSU looks good one night (last Saturday's game against Minnesota) and gets beat and tied against Wisconsin the week before. Duluth looks good against the Sioux and then lose to Tech at home. Who the heck knows here. The Sioux Denver series should be a great series. I think people forget that Denver was picked to win the league this year and still have two of the top goalies in the league. Here's hoping the Sioux ha
  23. Beersong, Did you ever feel threatened at our arena because you were yelling for your team? I know I was one of those UND fans that was hoping you guys would shut up but hey you can yell all you want for your team. The reason that I'm asking is that I've been to a number of arenas cheering for the Sioux. I've had some people from various towns tell me to shut up even an old lady in Duluth but I want to make sure that you did not feel like someone was going to kick your butt just because you were yelling for your team. I guess I'd like to hear more on your thoughts on the arena real
  24. We need a sweep this weekend against Duluth. If we sweep, Mankato and CC splits, and Denver splits with Minnesota we have a 3 point lead on Denver and 4 on St. Cloud. That may guarantee us home ice for the playoffs. Then the best case scenario after that would be for us to sweep Wisconsin and Minnesota and St. Cloud split. Hey we're in 3rd place. Right now though I just want a win this Saturday afternoon. We need this team to get off the shnide. They need a win over a good Duluth team to remind them what they can do. We all knew that this stretch of the season was thr toughest and we knew
  25. Since the first of the year we played CC four times, Minnesota twice, Alaska twice and Tech twice. So we finally played the top other two teams in the league and also got to play two of the lowest teams in the league. During that stretch we are 4-4-2. We all knew things were going to get tougher with the majority of the games on the road in the second half. To tell you the truth I'd be very happy if we were still .500 after the next two weekends at Denver and Mankato. If we are then I think we've shown we deserve to be at the top of this league and are not only a contender but have a sho
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