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  1. Hey, stop on over and say “hi” to sprig when you get the chance.  We miss you too, TRIOUXPER.

  2. And no one thinks like you. Your whole "I'm right and have the right to defend all of the stupid crap I say," is getting very old. At the same time when people point out inconsistencies in your ramblings you take the victim role. Every time I read one of your posts I say "why can't this guy just shut his mouth!" You may be right, not everyone thinks as I do, but if you were to take a pole there are a hell of alot more people around here that would agree with me than would with you. I would guarantee that. Just curious dave, as far as your revenge goes. How far would you go if someone were to strike you? Simply just punch them back? Give them the beatdown you describe? Possibly, would you go so far as to mame, or otherwise permanatly injury them? How about it dave, would you be driven by rage to go completely off the deep and and kill to extract your revenge? Justifiably of course, at least in your mind. Please tell me dave I just have to know.
  3. I find it funny that you don't condone the act of striking another human being, yet revenge for said act is perfectly ok with you. Do you even think before you start typing? I'm so tired of reading davek's spewing's.
  4. I really have to wonder how long the powers that be are going to let davey boy keep stirring the old pot around here. Just a thought.
  5. Yeah, and Jack MF Johnson took exception to that hit and went after Osh. He also collided with Greene and got the best of him too. Classic TJ for sure.
  6. Yes but according dave, murders with knives don't count because you have to be close to kill someone.
  7. Legal gun owners have no problem with gun laws. Legal gun owners are not the ones committing violent crimes with guns. All of the laws in the world will not stop those who illegally obtain a gun for the purpose of committing a crime. And, I hope for the last time, it is in no way, shape or form the guns fault for the crime being committed, please understand this dave, it is the people who perpetrate the violence that need to be dealt with.
  8. The problem we are having here is that you (dave) are talking about criminals who illegally obtain and use firearms for criminal intent. The rest of us are talking about people who legally and responsibly own guns. To use your own analogy, you can't punish people who don't use drugs just because there are some dummies that do illegally use them. The same goes for firearms, why punish those who use them responsibly for hunting, recreation, and competition. You have given me no reason why guns should be taken out of the hands of law abiding citizens.
  9. No, that's not it dave. There are plenty of resources a person can find to learn about the danger of drug abuse. The same goes for guns. I'm simply saying before you condemn all firearms, please educate yourself. Finding info about firearms has nothing to do with owning, or shooting them. If you look, I'm sure you could find more credible info on firearms than what a comedian satarizes in his act. I was merely suggesting hunter's safety, or a local gun range as a source for info, or local law enforcement. I was not suggesting that you take a hands on course, but merely looking for a more informed opinion before you come on here and make yourself look stupid, again.
  10. You have made it plain as the nose on your face that you have and never will own, handle or otherwise have anything to do with a firearm. That includes hunting, recreation, or self defense. Therefore, your over the top view on the subject means absolutely nothing. Your disdain for guns is clear, however, the discussion here was about who owns a gun, not about the evils of firearms according to dave. So, once again, unless you are going to educate yourself on the subject please stick to something you know well, like youth hockey.
  11. Well then stay out of the discussion if you are not even willing to educate yourself on the matter, cause you really have no clue what you are talking about.
  12. Education on guns is another way of improving responsible gun ownership. The only problem is this only works for those who follow the laws. I suggest dave before you spew all of your anti gun rhetoric you get yourself educated. That way you at least have some credibility. Take a hunters safety class, or check out a gun safety class at the local range. If you really want to make a difference go to the source and find the information, then once you are properly informed about the subject people may be more receptive to your opinions. If not then stay out of a discussion that you have zero experience in.
  13. If you follow what's going on in GF you would know that someone has been lighting fires in the downtown neighboorhoods. It hit home with me this weekend as a friend of mine who lives three blocks away lived in an apartment building where these idiots try to start a fire. Thank goodness it was out out before any severe damage was done or anyone was killed or badly hurt. This violent act had nothing to do with guns but was potentially just as dangerous. So I ask you dave, should we ban all matches, cigarette lighters and anything that is flamable? How about cutting off people's hands and feet so they cannot beat someone to death, as was the case outside the Broken Drum last fall. You just don't get it dave, it is THE PERSON, not the object. Taking guns away only makes people find different ways. It comes down to THE PERSON committing the crime plain and simple.
  14. It really doesn't matter dave, you're trying to split hairs. The bottom line is murder is murder, be it with a gun, knife, bare hands, whatever. It is THE PERSON committing the act, not the instrument used to commit said act. It doesn't matter if you are in a car, or on foot, or at what distance the crime is committed at, the bottom line is that A PERSON makes a conscious decision to end another's life. That's where the problem lies.
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