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  1. UND Alumni Association web page has their two charters staying at Holiday Inn-West and the Crown Plaza -Downtown. According to the site the Crowne Plaza is the official Fighting Sioux Hockey Team Hotel. The Crowne Plaza is right across the street from the Hyatt Regency. One thing nice about the Crowne Plaza too is they have a Thrifty Rental Car right in the hotel. If you need to rent a car their number is 614-237-5800. Mid-size cars go for $19.99 a day. Besides hotels the places I see to gather downtown look like: The Frog, Bear, and Wild Boar Bar? (I just like the name) O'Shaugnessey'
  2. We're staying downtownn at the Hyatt Regency. They have a shuttle to and from the arena on game days. Starts Thursday at 10:30AM and goes until midnight and then Starts on Saturday at 4:30 PM and goes until midnight. If you decide to try the Hyatt check online first. We got a big discount by booking online and prepaying. If you end up downtown, check with your hotel about shuttles to the Schottenstein since I heard other downtown hotels are also running shuttles. I've also heard that you can take the Airport shuttle (Arts) to just about anyplace for around $15. The only "tourist" pl
  3. Siouxbear, If you're staying downtown you're not that close to the arena. The games are on the Ohio State campus at the Schottenstein arena. I'm guessing you were like me and thought the games were at the Nationwide Arena.
  4. The critics were saying it was over in February. I believe my post was: Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? At that point Federov went HUH? All us old folks had a laugh at the lack of knowledge of that classic movie Animal House but it was true then and its true now. I think this team goes as far as the upperclassmen are willing to take it. I think we'll beat the Badgers on Thursday and then give Denver all it can handle. If Parise is still in a zone we could steal that Friday afternoon game even though we're exhausted. Then after CC beats Minnesota on Friday ni
  5. Sioux are in the NCAAs and can possibly knock the Badgers out by beating them on Thursday if things don't fall Wisconsin's way int he other league playoffs. They would not have Wisconsin play Denver in a first round matchup even if Wisconsin made it today. The only issue I have with the PWR right now is having 4 ECACHL teams in the tourney. Colgate and Dartmouth are on the bubble and if things don't go their way they could easily be out. If Ohio State wins the CCHA playoffs one of these ECAC teams stays home.
  6. This was a quote from this article on USCHO http://www.uscho.com/news/uwire.php/men/VMLQ022520058673740 "That's a rowdy environment up there in Grand Forks," Burish said. "Their fans are there at 6 o'clock. They're there for warm-ups, throwing pennies on the ice trying to make you fall. It's just a different environment, it's something that guys aren't used to playing in and some of our young guys won't be used to be playing in." Personnally I've never heard of anyone throwing pennies on the ice. Heck it would endanger our players as much as their's. Anyone?
  7. I agree to some extent on your post. But the only one of the 5 items you mentioned that mattered to me was we were playing the Stinking Badgers. The thing that bothered me most about the attendance was how empty the student sections were. I'm guessing there were about 800-1000 empty seats in the student sections. I mean come on. By 3:30 in the afternoon the hangover should be pretty much taken care of. Come to the game!
  8. So you think it's Over? Over? Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? The way this season has gone so far I would expect that we get swept by Wisconsin and then are lucky to win a game in St. Cloud. But I keep coming back to those CC and Denver games when without the posts we probably win at least 3 of those games. So for now I'm optimistic. I'm going with a sweep of Wisconsin at home to throw the polls into disarray and then probably back to earth with a split in St. Cloud. Hey it could happen. Then we beat Duluth in the playoffs and I get to watch us beat Minnesota at the Fin
  9. With 4 games left to go in the regular season the Sioux are now 15th in the Pairwise Rankings. We are 3 games over .500 for the year and 1 game under .500 in the WCHA. We have the worst record of anyone that right now has a chance to make the NCAAs. What this tracks down to is this: We need to make the WCHA Final Five if we want to be in the NCAA playoffs. Heck we probably need to win at least one game there to make the NCAAs. No excuses anymore. IMHO we need to win 3 of the next 4 games, beat Duluth in the first round of the playoffs and then beat Minnesota in the playin game at the WC
  10. Just saw this on USCHO: http://www.uscho.com/m/ch/?data=preview He picks Bemidji to win 5-2 and 4-3. I guess he thinks UND is not very good. I also think it's time for this team to step up and it begins with a sweep of Bemidji State this weekend.
  11. I've got us splitting every series the rest of the way: CC 44 UMN 40 UW 38 Denver 37 UND 29 UMD 26 AA 21 SCSU 20 Mankato 19 MTech 6 If this is what happens we would still get home ice for the playoffs but would play a dangerous Duluth team.
  12. I edited my first post and changed Miller and took out Oshie and Vandevelde.
  13. One thing I've noticed is that we have sort of turned into Minnesota of the Doug Woog years. We have begun to recruit a lot of kids right out of high school and they are coming in at 17-18 year olds. For example: Minnesota's freshmen next year: 9 coming in. 2 born in 1984, 4 born in 1985, 2 born in 1986, 1 in 1987. So they will have 6 kids that are 20 or older coming in. Our class next year: 10 coming in. 1 born in 1985, 4 born in 1986, 4 born in 1987, and 1 born in 1988. We'll have one guy 20 or older. In the Woog years he recruited right out of high school while we recruited from
  14. Just for my own perspective I put the list together of the players leaving, those coming back, and the new ones coming. This assumes that the NHL is in the same boat and Greene does not go pro and that all underclassmen on the roster also come back. Leaving Matt Jones D Andy Schneider D Nick Fuher D Quinn Fylling F Colby Genoway F Rory McMahon F Brian Cannady F James Massen F Jake Brandt G Coming Zach Jones D Taylor Chorney D Brian Lee D
  15. I have a friend that lives in Buffalo NY that used to attend UND. He told me that he occasionally will get WCHA games in Buffalo and has seen UND about 3 times on TV. I asked him for his view of the team. Here is his comment: "I can't say I am optimistic. Actually they play like the USA Jr. team. Weak defensively, a bit slower than other teams and can't finish at the other end. I do like Stafford and the goaltending." When I read this it sort of hit me that yeah he's right. UND seems to have the talent but do not play as a team and defensively look terrible at times. They don't se
  16. Hey last year at the Regionals at Colorado College they had NCAA 3rd place banners in the rafters. I thought that was strange.
  17. Here's mine. I thought I was very realistic but if we can pull off a couple of sweeps like with Denver and Wisconsin at home we could finish as high as third. UMN 28 42 CC 28 38 UW 28 36 Denver 28 36 UND 28 35 UMD 28 32 SCSU 28 22 Mankato 28 19 AA 28 16 MTech 28 4 All I know is this unbalanced schedule sucks. Look at the bottom 4 teams according to me. Minnesota plays 2 series with all 4 teams. They play one series with Denver, Colorado College, North Dakota, and Duluth. I can only hope playing the lower tiered teams hurt them in PWR but probably not that much b
  18. I, like PCM. have seen little or no change in this team since early season. They continue to make defensive lapses. The one that is most disturbing is when Jones and Greene (our two best defensemen?) continue to hurt the team with undisciplined play. The undressing of Bina was another example of how this team does not play the basics. What's even worse is that I just did the WCHA What If calculator and I have us finishing 6th. The way this team has played so far I have them getting swept at CC. The rest of the games I have them splitting. To truly be a force this team would need to do the
  19. This was just one of many breaks that went Pitt's way instead of ours. I have always thought that the calls usually favor the home team and once again I was proven correct. Now after listening to the Pitt State coach Broyles talk about " No matter how good their defense is we will eventually wear them down , score and win" I will be a Valdosta fan on Saturday. Coach Broyle's gave little or no recognition to the Sioux defense. The reality folks is that when you play at home, don't turn the ball over, and get a few calls you win. Pitt got every break they could during that game and until the
  20. I'd actually prefer that he sits until after Christmas. We should be able to beat UAA at home without him and hopefully win one in Duluith. Then we sweep Canisius and play the US Jr. team. I'd say if there is any questions sit him and let him heal until after the break.
  21. And just think. The Sioux have 5 losses this year. One to #1 Minnesota, one to #2 CC, two to #4 Wisconsin, and one to #6 BC. Off all these games the only game they truly sucked was the 6-0 loss to Minnesota.
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