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  1. I don't understand the bashing of VandeVelde. I was at both games, and in my opinion he was one of the best forwards for the Sioux on both nights. He really raised his game and tried to set the tone. Sure, he took that checking from behind penalty. But don't you think there was a reason he was still in the lineup on saturday? He played very well IMO. He deserves to be in the lineup because of that play. He looked much faster and confident this past weekend. As for Martens dressing, he really hasn't shown a whole lot during games to show he should get to dress. He scored once, but thats about all he did. You all have to remember too that a lot of who dresses depends on the practices that none of us see. It's not just games.
  2. How do you know for sure that none of them are on 3rd line? I'm guessing we see Genoway play 3rd line and an all freshman 4th line..thats the way it sounded when Hakstol was on his radio show anyways.
  3. It was Brad Malone. I actually talked to him for a bit. I posted this in another thread but apparently not everyone saw it. He said its definetely down to us and Wisconsin and he will make his choice in the near future as he already visited Wisconsin. He was very impressed by the arena and I let him know that the crowd at the game was nothing compared to what he would see during the regular season. He laughed and said I can't imagine. He seemed to be having a good time too.
  4. Injury update: Forney injured his shoulder last week the day his article was written. It is only minor and he will suit up this weekend I think. And I believe Zach Jones did something with his groin, and Matt Watkins I'm not sure, but he did get hit into the boards from behind pretty hard yesterday and got up slow.
  5. Just FYI, Brad Malone was at the Sioux game last night. I talked to him for a bit, he seemed to like it. He said he was here this whole weekend. He said its definetely down to us and wisconsin. Didn't really hint at what he was going to do though.
  6. Let me start off just by saying I really don't care about the recruiting rankings. #6 is pretty dang good in the country. I honestly think thats about where we should be. I am actually embarassed that any Sioux fan would argue that our class is better then the Gophers. They have a phenomenal class this year. It's kind of ridiculous to think that ours could match theirs talent wise. I'm a very very loyal and die hard sioux fan, but come on guys, don't try to argue when your point is so wrong.
  7. crosby_87

    Joe Finley

    Actually, at the end of last year, I thought he improved tremendously. He looked very sound positionally at the end of last year. I expect him to have a huge year this year, not "fight for a spot". And sorry that he wasn't good enough to be invited to the USA hockey tryout camp. Not every good defenseman in the country was invited. There are only so many sports.
  8. crosby_87


    Nice newspaper article about Anthony Grieco in the Brampton Guardian this morning.
  9. Sorry I just thought you meant FSN. My bad. 39 is the channel that all the home games are on in Bismarck.
  10. Yes, it is. Channel 33 in Bismarck.
  11. Toews. Duncan Forney Radke-assists(comparing him to a forward is weird) Porter-he is ready to break out Miller-should play enough to put up some points
  12. crosby_87

    Phil Kessel

    Is he going to call a press conference to let the public know what he is going to do?? (Sorry TheTriouxper...I said it first)
  13. He may have meant Rick. Just a guess.
  14. I'm sure all of them were wearing their own teams' breezers. You need breezers that are broken in and comfortable. They all probably had those USA hockey breezer covers on their regular breezers.
  15. Oh yep you're right. My bad.
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