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  1. I just got tickets through duluth this am
  2. Got one - thanks everyone! Go Sioux!
  3. Need a single ticket for tonight’s game- REA won’t let me buy an odd number so I can join my family. Thanks
  4. Two day package - March 20&21 Club level, center ice, front row section C06, row 1, seats 3,4 $145/seat PM if interested
  5. Looking for 2 lower bowl tickets for Saturday 2/15. PM if you have any! thanks!
  6. We decided to hook up home of economy radio network to the Bluetooth radio- hopefully there won’t be too much lag
  7. Why don’t they just have some employee go put it on Facebook live with their phone?
  8. I thought this game was on midco....is it not?
  9. Just bought some earlier tonight- thanks!
  10. Looking for 3-4 lower bowl tickets for jan 3 or 4. PM or text with location and asking $. Thanks and Go Sioux! amber 5073171251
  11. If anyone needs a hotel room, I have an extra one reserved at the Hilton by the rink. It’s a king room for Friday and Saturday night. Total was $340 I think. Going to cancel today in no one needs it. Go Sioux!
  12. Found tickets. Thanks again Siouxfan83!
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