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  1. From FightingSioux.com: The coordinates are: KU Band, SBS6, Transponder 5.
  2. 40 shots against a guy with Dubielewicz's save percentage is still only 2 goals. Ouch. (Wade Dubielewicz has a 0.949 save percentage in the WCHA.)
  3. Well if we're going to tally the NHL stuff .... Ed has a Calder and a couple of Vezina Trophies.
  4. Jim: If the US would have won, Drury (Hobey 1998) would have matched Broten. And wouldn't Ed get any credit for losing the Hobey to a teammate? (Hrkac 1987)
  5. Anyone else heard of the Winona State .... Warriors? That's a MnSCU school. But they're OK, because their warrior logo is of a "Spartan"-looking fellow. You see, white guys can be mascots because they obviously aren't worthy the same protections under the veil of "human rights" as other minorities. The Greek-American minority should be equally protected and should be outraged over this travesty.
  6. Congratulations to Ed Belfour! He has become just the second man ever to complete the hockey Trifecta! What is that? An NCAA title, a Stanley Cup, an Olympic gold medal. Ed Belfour: 2002 Olympic gold medal (Canada) 1999 Stanley Cup (Dallas) 1987 NCAA D-I Championship (U of North Dakota) The only other to do this? Neil Broten 1995 Stanley Cup (New Jersey) 1980 Olympic gold medal (USA) 1979 NCAA D-I Championship (U of Minnesota) On a side note, if Team USA had won Chris Drury (1995 at Boston U, Colorado Stanley Cup) would have the Trifecta. But alas, silver for Drury, Trifecta for Eddie!
  7. There was a yutz on In-Forum spewing sewage. The Forum couldn't manage their own house. It's called a 'moderator'. Geez. Prune the dead wood or cut down the whole tree? As for 'GG', he just couldn't handle questions asked on the simplest of levels. And it's really hard when someone (like me) takes your (GG's) best argument and asks why it only applies to a select few and not to all. The Sicatoka in a thong? Stephen King couldn't come up with anything that scary. The second link was UND's release stating that Parise had signed a letter of intent.
  8. The Sicatoka


    Sports Illustrated Old Spice Athlete of the Month: Zach Parise. And more importantly: http://www.fightingsioux.com/sports...?RELEASE_ID=835
  9. The Sicatoka


    I believe the "last weekend" 'forecheck' was mentioning was the Saturday game versus Minnesota, not the Tech games. And yes, in that game, Faul was causing much misery for Gophers along the boards and at the faceoff dots.
  10. "Stick Down, Head Up!" Rest in peace, Nancy Berggraf.
  11. The Hurled has reported that LA Kings coach Andy Murray's son has verballed to UND. He'll be there in 2003. Knowing this I vote for "Zach Attack" because I think it'll catch on and if it doesn't I fear they'll be called "The Brady Bunch" (for Brady Murray). (Ba-dump-bump .... ting)
  12. Jeff McLean did what Quinn Fylling is doing now. He played 1987-88 at UND, went back to Canada for 1988-89, and then did three more years at UND from 1989-1992. He came back after a year in Canada for the better. I'm hoping Quinn Fylling follows suit. Layne Sedevie is finally healthy. I wish he'd have seen more pucks this year but you can't have it all. Next fall should provide some strong competition for goaltending time. Earlier this year UND had a forward at the point on the second powerplay unit: Chris Fournier. The problem is that Chris hasn't been right physically from day one except for maybe one weekend. I like him up there because he's patient, has good vision, and makes good passes.
  13. The Gophs in 2002: 0-3-1 on Friday 0-4-1 in WCHA weekend series game ones The Gophs are walking around with the "Friday night" (I like to think of it was "first game of the weekend") jinx on their minds. Nothing would make me happier than to see the Sioux come out and bang in a couple early and get them thinking about it even more.
  14. Remember, the line in Vegas is set not by what the odds-makers think reality is, but by what the odds have to be to cause the books to be 'balanced' no matter who wins. To understand better, look at Nebraska football. Everybody in that state (and the nation) likes to put money on Big Red. What Vegas does is offer points so people take the other side so that no matter who wins the game the Vegas payout is equal and they don't have to cover payouts with house money. Same thing in hockey. Offering weak odds for Minnesota will cause some fans to shy away from placing a bet because it won't be worth it. Also those shy odds are based on the number of people looking to put money on UMn versus anyone/everyone else. Looking at the numbers: UA-Fairbanks and UND should both be "Field". Minnesota, SCSU, and DU appear to have either hit a swoon or peaked early. I wouldn't be surprised if only one WCHA team makes it to St. Paul. If CC maintains its pace it could easily be them. Don't forget that Ron Mason is retiring from MSU and they play on a lot of 200x85 ice (like the XCel) in the CCHA. But my gut says one of the eastern teams that's been consistent all year (UNH or BU) might be the one to pick.
  15. No, no one has come out and said, "It's all the ice's fault!" but statements about how the ice doesn't favor the game they want to play, especially by Coach Blais, say a lot. UND's record on road NHL-sized rinks (assumably with good ice) is 4-0. (The GLI and at MTU.) Believe it or not, arena ice is more art than science. Figure all of the numbers and models you want, but it's not right until you adjust it to in-place physical reality. If Denny couldn't get that ice right, there was something wrong. Well, it sounds like they've got a good lead on the problem. Now just let the unsung member of that team, Denny G., work his magic. Just a random opinion: We know that young teams take their lumps. We see that teams with new ice (UMn, UW, DU) take lumps the first year. Personally, I'd rather take all of the lumps at once, and then return them all at once.
  16. In the past (before going to Minnesota) Blais had commented on how well the team had practiced on the side (Olympic) rink. Apparently the ice in there is firm. Also this morning Coach Blais had made the point that their game is dependent on the ability to be quick, make sharp moves, and capitalize on the other guy's mistakes. (Soft ice doesn't support that.) The main rink had better be right soon. Mr. E spent some serious money for ice, not slush. Also with six of the next eight games at home and the other two at (190 x 85) The DECC in Duluth the main rink is rink to practice on. Mr. Hennessy (ya gotta love Tim) commented on how he "doesn't like those guys" (meaning Minnesota). His belief is that they tend to hit after the whistle and seem to like to put gloves up into faces. He also put forth his thoughts that this is a result of a number of them coming straight from HS and never having had the tar beat out of them for doing such things.
  17. I knew there was a reason why I listen to AM radio. KKXL this morning (02/04/02) Coach Blais, in conversation with Tim Hennessy and Scott Swygman reported that (my comments in italics): Ryan Connelly will skate in practice this week (shoulder is better). Josh Siembida's ankle is fine and he will skate in practice this week. Chris Fournier will probably not be ready this weekend (concussion, elbow to head at MTU). Andy Kollar has looked better in practice. The phrase "old self" was used by Coach Blais. (Remember, Tyler Palmiscno was well enough (back) to replace Fournier Saturday at MTU. No mention of James Massen. Some have reported a shoulder problem.) Denny "I wanna drive the Zamboni" Gunderson has scraped down the main arena ice, repainted and rebuilt it. There was a problem. Under the concrete in the main rink it was supposed to be 40 degrees. It was 52 degrees. That is believed to be why the ice was soft, wet, and slow.
  18. jk: OK, I gotta ask. Why "Krissy"? There's a scene in "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" that would be really, really good to run up on the Dak boards. If you've seen it, you'll figure it out.
  19. I read somewhere that the suite floor level in the REA was an oversight. At the X in St. Paul the floor in the suites is a couple of feet higher relative to the last row of seats in the lower bowl than it is in REA. That's why standing students are a problem. Remember, students need to be next to the penalty box so next year they can toss Jeff "locked in a crapper in the Minneapolis airport" Finger of SCSU a roll of "White Cloud."
  20. Someone say they didn't have S-SM's roster or stats? http://www.s-sm.org/hockey/prepstat.html No charge.
  21. Wouldn't it be fun if opposing fans would have to say this as a plea for mercy: Less Fylling! As a Sioux fan, that would "Taste Great!"
  22. I'm still in awe over this quote from the Saturday GF Herald: "Jon Casey was probably our last goalie that knew the game as well as Jake does." -- Dean Blais The 'Jake' is Jake Brandt. Since Casey (who I do think was the best of them at knowing and anticipating play) I come up with Brower (rest in peace, Scotty), Belfour, Schweitzer, and Goehring as netminders that seemed to know what was going to happen next and just got there first. That is very big pat on the back to Jake. Goon: Just call him Coach Gwoz.
  23. The next time Finger is 'locked' in the penalty box someone should toss him a roll of Charmin, .... or should that be .... White Cloud?
  24. Big strong tough guy for SCSU locked in a bathroom. http://miva.sctimes.com/miva....37+5+11 You think Bochenski has taken a razzing this year? You ain't seen nothin' yet.
  25. With 10 games left this team could go 2-8 just as easily as 8-2. I normally can figure out a Sioux team by now. Not this one. They seem to run hot and cold. I guess it is the freshman factor (inconsistency). However, I know that most of them haven't played on a team with a losing record for a long, long time. I'm hoping that they play the rest of their season for pride (meaning to finish over 0.500). If they do that, other things will take care of themselves.
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