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  2. MafiaMan

    The Herald

    I know, right? I had the Warriors in 5!
  3. SiouxFan100

    The Herald

    Always somebody happy and somebody sad
  4. JohnboyND7

    The Herald

    Toronto is going nuts for the Raptors because they are generally not very good. That city hasn't won much in my lifetime. If you asked the average Toronto sports fan which team they want to win, I would think the Leafs would be the runaway winner. As for all the talk about newspapers, all you need to know is the New York Times bought the Boston Globe for 1.1 billion in 1993 and sold the Globe for $70 million in 2013. Think about that for a bit.
  5. I think I recognize that 17 year old kid sitting right behind the bench celebrating!! Definitely one of my favorite moments as a UND fan!
  6. MafiaMan

    The Herald

    I'm gonna go out on a limb here and suggest that today's Grand Forks Herald was printed before the completion of yesterday's game. Call it a hunch...
  7. Thanks for the info - I was wondering if he might have been related to John.
  8. I was wondering if that was Stoney Burckhard's. Grandson. That is cool. Stoney played with Phil Jackson.
  9. Coach Sather and Reece's dad, Kevin, would have been teammates at Northern St. Also Reece's grandpa, John Burckhard, played BB for UND in the 60's.
  10. I was at that game. That Hyslop was rockin!!
  11. Thanks for posting this, as I never got to see them play. Very fun to watch.
  12. Here's the 1996-1997 Championship game for the Fighting Sioux. Go Sioux!
  13. Unfortunately, Anderson will play for the Bison.
  14. I wonder how much Roncali pulls away from Central in regards to basketball talent (they are usually pretty good team in Class B and in the NEC). From what I have read they should be two of the better players in the EDC this year. I think the issues last year was they were very inexperienced and in that conference, that is a recipe for a long season. It is interesting that he is already hitting SD hard, which I don't remember the last offer UND has made to a SoDak kid before Sather came aboard.
  15. https://www.twincities.com/2019/06/15/charley-walters-low-key-rocco-baldelli-has-just-the-right-touch-for-twins/ Blurb about St Thomas will approach the NCAA to skip DII and move right on to DI. They want to be like Creighton, Marquette, Xavier, etc, Don’t think the NCAA will approve that, but could be wrong. If Augustana gets invited to the Summit, the Northern Sun will need someone to stay at an even #.
  16. Earlier, had said the drop dead date was the end of this June. But any mass movement before next May would be acceptable, but planning a new football schedule and referees would be a problem. Think they don’t want to announce too early as the G5 could take action at their next NCAA meetings this summer to prevent more FBS moveups. While hate to admit it, NDSU probably has the biggest football cachet among any sub AAC or sub MWC school. Getting a Denver Metro and Salt Lake Metro team would also be important, and those would be available. Great Northern (old RR that frontiered the states) or American Outback conference or Northern Lights conference (maybe the Aurora Borealis Conference instead as its starts with ‘A’)
  17. The best solution is a summit big sky venture. unfortunately egos get in the way, some think they are too good to be traveling to the Dakotas. what name could we put on the conference to make it look appealing?
  18. Mankato has an endowment of under $60 mill, while Morningside has one just above $30 mill. Not nearly enough. St Thomas, over $400 million, has one that could elevate it to DI eventually. Augustana needs a sugar daddy or a big gift to finance that DI endeavor, as it has a larger endowment than Mankato but still under $70 million.
  19. Yesterday
  20. Get Cole Bergan to transfer from N Colorado too, so he can play with his brother Andrew. Cole was only a freshman.
  21. We have offered Reese Burkhard, another Aberdeen Central player. He is a 6'8", 200 center who will be a junior next year. I am a big believer that Sather will do a great job for us so this is just an observation, not a criticism - we have now offered two Central players. Central won a total of 4 games last year. Obviously, Sather would be very familiar with these kids plus they were at our camp this week. I am comfortable that both deserved their offers.
  22. drop wiu and add mankato and then expand with augie.....then get morningside on the phone
  23. SlowHand

    2019 Season

    Lets bet. Loser logs out for a year.
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