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  1. 2017-18 Season

    That wouldn't be a surprise - she was very close to going to MSU out of high school.
  2. University of North Dakota 2018-19 Season

    Looks like 4 players got charged with minors.
  3. President Kennedy Candidate for UCF President's Job

    Kennedy is not going to make $1.3 million at UCF. Hitt's $1.3 million salary in 2016-17 included a one time retention bonus of $491K, something the incoming president is not going to get.
  4. 2017-18 Season

    Sac St is horrible. They lead UND by 10 after 3.
  5. UND to cut women's hockey

    Canada didn't score more than 5 goals in a game in 2014 either. The US did, twice.
  6. UND to cut women's hockey

    The 2010 Olympic tournament was horrible (heading into the gold medal match, Canada had outscored its 4 opponents, 46-2; the USA outscoring their 4 opponents, 40-2) and as a result, they changed how the round robin was done. Since 2010 the 4 highest ranked teams in the world go in Group A, the next 4 in Group B. All 4 Group A teams make medal round, with top two (presumably Canada and US) getting byes. Only the top 2 in Group B make medal round, playing quarterfinal games against teams 3 & 4 from Group A. So the last two Olympics, US and Canada have played 90/100% of their games against teams ranked in the top 4 in the world. It limits the number of bad blowouts. They use the same system for the World Championships.
  7. President Kennedy Candidate for UCF President's Job

    Garimella, Kennedy, Whittaker and Wilson are the finalists.
  8. Volleyball Recruiting

    She hits at the same % as Merseli, .168. It does seem odd but on the other hand, I could see someone in her situation looking at UND as a place to go. With the exception of Wichita St, UND right now is a program on par with all the schools in the American. So you move to a program that: a) has similar, if not better, talent; b) schedules aggressively; c) has a strong chance to win its league; and d) plays before 4X the crowd that you do now.
  9. President Kennedy Comments on HPC Phase II

    @iramurphy I didn't think about the state funds aspect of the master plan. You are undoubtedly correct that Phase II is not shown because it will be funded privately. Still odd not to have it in there though. I see the conversion of Hyslop to academics and the first thing I think is "where are you going to put athletics?"
  10. President Kennedy Comments on HPC Phase II

    There does not appear to be a HPC Phase II in the 30 year plan. Oops.
  11. What's Needed At The Alerus?

    I looked this up for the sales tax vote thread. The Alerus bonds are scheduled to be paid off in 2029 but the sales tax that funds the payments does not automatically sunset.
  12. Minnesota Vikings 2017 2018

    A bit off topic, but a nice story. A Vikings' fan on Reddit, appreciating the guts of Saints' punter Thomas Morstead on continuing on after injuring his ribs in the 1st quarter, encouraged others to support Morstead's Foundation - What You Give Will Grow. It went viral and donations are now over $170K; Morstead has stated the Child Life program at Children's Minnesota will be the beneficiary. Vikings Give to the Who Dat Nation
  13. 2017-18 Season

    After Klabo and Freije, this team has no forwards/centers, at least none that Brewster trusts. Fleecs and Moton were getting minutes early on but are averaging only 4 the past 3 games. 2 years ago you had Loyd, Roscoe, Smith, Freije and Klabo all getting 15+ minutes; last year down to Roscoe, Freije and Klabo; now just the two. That is on Brewster.
  14. 2017-18 Season

    Freije, Klabo and Strand all played pretty much the entire game. Klabo missed her last 5 shots (she hadn't missed before that) and Freije had 6 turnovers in the 4th quarter. Fatigue?