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  1. UND (4-3) @ Creighton (5-2) 12/5 7PM

    I was thinking the same. If you you're not knowledgable enough about the program to have a basic handle on players names and postions, your are beyond casual, and aren't worth the time it takes to respond. Now, damn it, Jdub27, you spurred me to do it anyway. LOL!
  2. The Betty

    well, crap. You are the one UND was trying to please. Now what?
  3. 2018 UND Recruiting

  4. 2017-18 Season

    Would love for FD to be a tenacious rebounder inside and someone with the ability to alter shots and get easy finishes this season as she works herself back into a basketball mindset and works on her shot. This year could be fun, but losing only Franklin, next year, could be special, depending on how strong USD and SDSU are.
  5. UND (3-3) vs Presentation 11/28 7 PM

    Not sure. But The Betty acoustics make it barely audible and underwhelming. I think there are sirens that can be faintly heard at the beginning.
  6. UND Track and Field

    I see our teams are breaking "UND" or "personal" records left and right, based on the headlines on UNDsports.com. This is all fine and good, I guess, when you consider our caliber of athlete must be improving. But, when you consider that when one of ours breaks a "UND" record, they're still finishing in 7th or 8th place sometimes against the other Big Sky competition, it shows we have a ways to go. It will be nice when we start seeing some headlines about breaking conference records. Go UND!
  7. Drugs Are Bad Mmmkay

    Legalize it. It’s not harmless but when it come to freedoms, that shouldn’t be the litmus test. I like the old saying that is oft repeated when it comes to guns and the second amendment, and I paraphrase: “if you sacrifice your freedoms for security, you’ll have neither.” Not for total anarchy but c’mon....like with alcohol...prohibition of this drug is not worth the cost of the fight.
  8. UND (3-3) vs Presentation 11/28 7 PM

    Yeah, I agree. Although, I thought that was the players’ choice. Go figure.
  9. UND (3-3) vs Presentation 11/28 7 PM

    A pasty dude from Ellendale, N.D. LOL! The best player on the floor last night played for PC and was barely 6-0 wearing shoes. Reminded me of Aaron Anderson. They played engaged and tenacious on both ends of the court. Again, they played us like we play big P5 programs that swap 7-3 centers for 7-1 centers when they go to the bench. You know those away games where you hear the obligatory gracious sound byte from the color guy that goes something like this "This Fighting Hawks squad...they've got no quit. They didn't just come here to stand around and watch.... they're a good well-coached program." All the while, we're at home rolling our eyes upon hearing that. PC played us that way, with more grit and more pride. The phrase: "it was their Superbowl" comes to mind. UND has made plenty of P5 fan bases frustrated with their teams over the years, only to later watch their team go far in the Tourney... while we settle for .500 or slightly better and an away trip in the CIT. PC played the role of us last night. These are not excuses. I just don't know how much can be read into these games overall.
  10. UND (3-3) vs Presentation 11/28 7 PM

    There is certainly D 1 talent out there on the floor... they just were not on the same page last night, exhibited lots of selfish play (balling) and bad decision making ( i.e. opting for a contested three over passing inside to Avants for a higher percentage look.) That and the free throws still aren't dropping, though, PC was equally as brutal from the line. The score was not indicative of the disparity in the talent level on floor last night. UND looked disinterested for long stretches, while PC steadily kept pushing... similar to how UND plays against bigger programs. Jones also played a lot of newer faces a lot last night, so there wasn't a whole lot of continuity on the floor. Geno rested for long stretches and Tez sat the whole way after the 10 min. mark of the first half. The officials were brutal toward UND in the last 10 minutes and T'd up Coach Jones, which helped PC close the gap that much more. Jones was justified in his criticism of the official who seemed to take things way too personal, IMHO. UND was up by as many as 22 at one point and for the most part held a lead between 15-20 until the last 6 minutes. I wouldn't read too much into this game, but I am concerned, as always, with our continued struggles from the line.
  11. 2017 Season

    Pryor seems to be bringing an "act like you've been there before" mentality to this year's squad.. but that said, I agree with your overall point. Community engagement and letting the fans embrace the moment is important too.
  12. Official UND Football Regime Change Thread

    Excellent point.
  13. What do you think of the logo now??

    Well put. And furthermore, regardless of what apparel anyone chooses, as long as it represents UND in some way shape or form — I say it’s all good. I, like many others I know, own and wear all forms, FS, interlocking, Hawks, etc. For most of us, it’s about our favorite school at the end of the day— that and not being seen in anything p!$$ yellow or maroon and urine. LOL! Go UND!
  14. 2017-18 Season

    I thought McCauley played in the Hawaii tourney?
  15. 2017 Season

    You are correct, sir.
  16. 2017 Season

    Wondering about Amelia Johnson? Always love keeping track of the former ND H.S./ Miin. section 8 players. But I did not see her in Sacramento. Miss something??
  17. 2017 Season

    Here’s to SAC and PSU going 5 sets.
  18. 2018 UND Recruiting

    But that name. Would love to get him in green and white for that alone. LOL!
  19. 2018 UND Recruiting

    Have you seen this Killington dude’s Hudl? Plays strong safety now ... think they’ve got him pegged for Mike LB. Has competing offers from most of the service academies and a couple of non schollies.
  20. 2018 UND Recruiting

    F’n A, Cotton!
  21. 2018 UND Recruiting

    Buzz kill. Folks are more civil in here. LOL!

    Exactly. He and Schmidt get the pass because of their deep ties to the program and past D2 successes. Whereas Rudy is the interloper here and is easier to dismiss as an outsider and square peg in a round hole. I say everything needs to be reviewed but in the context that, excuses or not, injuries were ravenous toward this team this year .... and next year could see a marked improvement if even it’s just the injury situation that improves. Can’t throw the baby out with the bath water but definitely need to find a way to drain all the damn dirty water.

    I think you and some others may be failing to grasp what “they” are saying. Rudy = scapegoat. The problems of this team right now are mammoth and bigger than one guy. Rudy is part of a larger problem. You get rid of him and leave the other issues unmitigated, you’re going to get very little, if any, improvement. “They” are saying it’s more than one person, and fixating on only one part of the problem is no more helpful than whistling past the graveyard. How’s that for tough love? Sorry to highjack this thread. I know there’s a better place for this.

    I see what you did there.

    Haven't you heard, Homer?? It's cool to be a tough-love hard a$$ for your team instead of just a mere devoted fan -- even though both want the same thing for our team in the end. Just differ on how to express our frustrations publicly or even pseudo publicly.