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  1. You can still love something and state uncomfortable facts.
  2. How about start by just being a UND fan and not differentiate between programs.
  3. As long as the royalties come back to UND— then WGAF?
  4. This silo approach to funding athletics you speak of is a weird way to run a ship. I think the disconnect is that most of us on here see the Athletic Department as a single entity made up of individual programs -- some big and some small -- very few lucrative and most hemorrhaging cash. What many of us don't see and what we don't believe in is an everyone-for-themselves approach. That kind of mindset may be awesome for the lucrative program(s) but does nothing to move the needle forward for the Athletic Department as a whole, and by extension, the University. This is especially true when your power program is a niche program followed mostly by a vast minority of folks in nine or 10 states on the U.S. northern tier. It's like Johns Hopkins lacrosse rolling off umpteen national championships in a row -- if a tree falls in the forest and no one's there to .... Oh hell, you get the point. EDIT: My point is that many of us who tend to argue your points aren't satisfied with JUST the hockey team doing well. We want the hockey team and as many other programs as possible to do well, especially in sports that will garner more press nationally, such as football and basketball. Look at how Loyola Chicago blew up in this year's Big Dance.
  5. What do you think of the logo now??

    Wow. You're so tough.
  6. A job any one of us would have taken a look at had we had the fortune of being recruited for it.
  7. Sadly, that goes for both sides of our unfortunate divide.
  8. But these are the athletes we love and cheer for, right? Our UND athletes. You do support them, though, don't you? If not, might as well be an NDSU fan or a Jackrabbits guy or God forbid a Goopher lover! Yikes!!
  9. Bingo. In the Army, we used to say "One team, One fight." The Bozos down south got it down pat.
  10. President Kennedy Candidate for UCF President's Job

    I hear you. Perception is reality -- unfortunately for MRK, in this case. His heart is in the right place when it comes to fighting for UND. And yes, his passion and sense of humor can come across as arrogant to some, especially to those looking for reasons to be skeptical. The Irishman in him doesn't help either. I should know, having descended from the land of Erin myself.
  11. President Kennedy Candidate for UCF President's Job

    Ahem, yes... I was walking a fine line with board rules. I'll defer to a mod.
  12. President Kennedy Candidate for UCF President's Job

    One also needs to understand the context that MJ has never thought highly of folks of MRK's ideological background. I'll leave it that.
  13. Don't quote me, and I could be wrong, but I always got the impression that "off the record" they considered it a bit of an albatross in the way of the main focus.
  14. It was reported in the paper that he would do that. He did not come to the GFH with that info. In fact, he did not respond to requests for information from the GFH when we sought it much less talk to the GFH at all at that time. The GFH was tipped off to the "Dear Chuck" letter by another source. Ralph's tactics were completely different than his daughter's. Not saying she's wrong; she can do what she wants...just saying it's different. People can assign their own opinions to what they think of the tactics.
  15. This arguably was Bill Chaves' first big act as AD. MRK signed off on it, meaning he approved the raise that was given. Much is being made of Bubs' quote in the news release, as there is no additional context or clues in the rest of the release to why the Engelstad reference was included. The media did not key on this, either, at the follow up press availability with Chaves and Bubs. Thus, it's still a bit of a mystery with lots of room for conjecture. FWIW, this was MRK's quote in the same release: “Coach Berry is the kind of quality individual that any university or organization would want associated with its name,” said Kennedy. “He personifies what it means to be a true leader in action through discipline, hard work and professionalism. He instills those same characteristics in the student-athletes whose conduct in competition, the classroom and the community are a tremendous point of pride for UND and the state of North Dakota. “For those reasons, I am thrilled that Coach Berry has agreed to remain the head hockey coach of our Fighting Hawks.” I think MRK was good with it.
  16. I see my friend, UNDBIZ, dredged up my earlier clarification. I'll leave it at that. Although, I would love to know what source gave you the impression MRK called for the dog-and-pony show? If you want, you can IM me, too. Just curious. Secondly, I knew Tom Clifford personally in his latter years as president and through his retirement years in Grand Forks. I wrote the story about him receiving his Roughrider Award and just missed out on writing his obit, and rightly so, as it was veteran and much-better writer Chuck Haga who got that sad honor. Tom was a great guy and was loyal to his roots no question. But his legend has become almost Reaganesque. Tom had his difficult challenges, bitter rivals and outright enemies, too. One of the more trying times was his fight to turn UND Med School into a four-year institution instead of sending our med students out of state for the their final two years. Those were hard, nasty fights in the Legislature. Tom also had the benefit leading during a time when there was no social media --so quick to assassinate characters and cast aspersions based on speculation, no such thing as e-mail, and at a time when the media wouldn't have known an open-records request if it smacked them in the face. No question, Tom was great and a good fit for the University IN HIS TIME ...but his great legend has super-sized to tall-tale status in recent years. Thirdly, MRK may not have deep N.D. roots but he is not without state ties. His father worked at banks in Golva and Hunter, North Dakota, his great-uncle taught school in Bottineau and his sister was born in Fargo. His wife, Debbie, was raised 30 miles east of Fargo in Hawley, Minn., and received her undergraduate degree from North Dakota State University, according to an Associated Press report from 2016.
  17. Thanks! Appreciate the accuracy.
  18. This was a faculty-led IAC production, not the president. Before this, Kennedy did ask the IAC to thoroughly "examine" UND's athletics' offerings (see below) but not the manner in which it should be done. He did, however, attend the meeting that you reference, as he should have, as a very interested party in the decision making process. The IAC gave him a front and center seat for the presentations. That image was on the front page of the Herald the next day. This and the reporting may have cemented the perception that it was Kennedy that demanded the presentations. EDIT: Oops forgot to include the excerpt from the campus message from Aug. 16, 2016...here it is: I am asking a subgroup of the elected Intercollegiate Athletics Committee (IAC) to examine UND Athletics to make sure we have an athletics program that best fits the University of North Dakota in terms of a number of factors, including the sports we participate in, conference participation, the number of athletes that we serve, and the cost of the programs. The IAC serves as an advisory committee to University Senate and my office, making recommendations on matters pertaining to institutional control of the athletics program; the academic and financial integrity of intercollegiate athletics; the academic and personal well-being of student-athletes; gender equity; non-discrimination and diversity; and the accountability of the athletics program to the values and mission of the University. This action is a continuation of a conversation started by Interim President Ed Schafer, who suggested that the University take a hard look at our athletics program with an eye to ensuring we have the right number and mix of Division I athletic programs. I want to conclude that process by the end of the calendar year. I want to be clear: I am pro-Athletics. I am proud of our student-athletes, who are successful as athletes and who perform well in the classroom. They are also engaged in the community, contributing more than 9,500 hours of service in FY16. But I also want to be clear that we need to make sure we have Athletics program that is the right fit for the University. I appreciate the committee helping us with this important task.
  19. This is another glaring example of how the way the Herald frames a narrative is what sticks. Having worked at the Herald and alongside these outstanding reporters, who are in the trenches everyday, I am mildy disappointed in two things: (1) UND's insistence to go passive on these things and just let the narrative hang out there and fester instead of challenging the assertions and correcting the record, and (2) the failure of the reporting staff to give the full picture of what actually is the case instead of leading with and only with the slice of the job that would garner the most outrage. The "bartender/party planner (for president's wife =this element is the most fake newsiest of the whole thing) is a very small slice of the actual administrative assistant position at issue, probably 5 percent of this person's job, if that. This person's duties impacts the entire University in many ways when it comes to ceremonies, events and routine high-touch visits to campus. That said... when this person is performing these duties, mostly at The Ralph, it is to help cater to dignitaries (donors, political leaders, famous visitors, etc.) for the sole purpose of placing the best possible professional light on UND. Sure, these folks can get their own drinks and shrimpkabobs but why not extend a little class once in a while and do whatever possible to give the appearance of a first-class operation -- again when it's only less than 5 percent of a person's duties. Oh, and BTW, it wasn't a new position, as has been asserted by many, rather it was a replacement hire after the previous person in this role retired after years of doing the exact same duties, in good times and bad, with no hint of concern by anyone.
  20. A very good friend of mine to this day. Truer words ... He took his cajones south to cow town and is further honing his craft there.
  21. These were not mandatory at all. That may be a misconception that's out there, as well.
  22. Of course you didn't... you've only heard the manufactured narrative that makes for good outrage.