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  1. how'd you slip that f-bomb by? Mods must be sleeping!!!!
  2. Good points and thanks for the response! I just try to express my opinion and sometimes razz a few who are easily aroused. I think your assessment is the way things are and will be playing out over time.
  3. No one here is anti hockey. We just love ALL Fighting Hawks sports. Not just one.
  4. Very nice indeed! Love that stroll back down memory lane!
  5. Very nice!
  6. That's right!
  7. Pretty damn special year ..... https://www.midcosn.com/videos/?v=kq1pIj_VbCA
  8. I think that makes sense. Really lends itself to the historical aspect of it all, too. So, we would have 5 with the old Blackhawk logo, 2 with the geometric logo and 1 with just North Dakota, so far, and when the Fighting Hawks sweater is developed we could go with that some day. I like the historical vibe it conveys.
  9. It's one yuuge advantage that our regional rivals and peers have over us: No fractured fan bases, No substantial divisiveness and very little in-fighting beyond disagreements about on-the-field strategies or coaching moves/decisions. There's plenty of blame to go around dating back a long ways. Unfortunately, we have become far too comfortable in recent years in hating ourselves (nickname debacle, AD decisions, UND Presidential actions, campus politics, hockey vs. everyone else). We're just now getting used to the feeling of what it feels like to be good again. I'm not saying anyone needs to change their opinions on anything --God, knows I've made my piece with my opinions on this subject ---but the longer we persist as a disjointed fan base, the slower it will be before we can all truly feel good about "us" again. We have seen the enemy and it is us. It's up to us to decide how long it will take to make peace with ourselves. Only then will we really get moving forward again.
  10. Got it ...thanks!
  11. Who took SRT's money or was he a walk-on and that's why it was made it easier to leave the program?
  12. Do we still have an open scholly to give after the mid-year departure of Rolls-Tyson? Would be nice to pull a Jim Hayford move and find a JUCO or grad transfer big who can shoot and defend to fill that spot for next year. (IF IT'S AVAILABLE) Our resume as an NCAA tourney team might help entice someone like that.
  13. It's such a fragile psychological part of the game. Guys that shoot 42% plus from 3-pt range ... can't buy a basket at the line.
  14. I think Bob would know I'm there to watch basketball first and foremost.
  15. What's the difference?? You watching a concert tonight or hoops?