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  1. You can still love something and state uncomfortable facts.
  2. How about start by just being a UND fan and not differentiate between programs.
  3. As long as the royalties come back to UND— then WGAF?
  4. This silo approach to funding athletics you speak of is a weird way to run a ship. I think the disconnect is that most of us on here see the Athletic Department as a single entity made up of individual programs -- some big and some small -- very few lucrative and most hemorrhaging cash. What many of us don't see and what we don't believe in is an everyone-for-themselves approach. That kind of mindset may be awesome for the lucrative program(s) but does nothing to move the needle forward for the Athletic Department as a whole, and by extension, the University. This is especially true when your power program is a niche program followed mostly by a vast minority of folks in nine or 10 states on the U.S. northern tier. It's like Johns Hopkins lacrosse rolling off umpteen national championships in a row -- if a tree falls in the forest and no one's there to .... Oh hell, you get the point. EDIT: My point is that many of us who tend to argue your points aren't satisfied with JUST the hockey team doing well. We want the hockey team and as many other programs as possible to do well, especially in sports that will garner more press nationally, such as football and basketball. Look at how Loyola Chicago blew up in this year's Big Dance.
  5. What do you think of the logo now??

    Wow. You're so tough.
  6. A job any one of us would have taken a look at had we had the fortune of being recruited for it.
  7. Sadly, that goes for both sides of our unfortunate divide.
  8. But these are the athletes we love and cheer for, right? Our UND athletes. You do support them, though, don't you? If not, might as well be an NDSU fan or a Jackrabbits guy or God forbid a Goopher lover! Yikes!!
  9. Bingo. In the Army, we used to say "One team, One fight." The Bozos down south got it down pat.
  10. President Kennedy Candidate for UCF President's Job

    I hear you. Perception is reality -- unfortunately for MRK, in this case. His heart is in the right place when it comes to fighting for UND. And yes, his passion and sense of humor can come across as arrogant to some, especially to those looking for reasons to be skeptical. The Irishman in him doesn't help either. I should know, having descended from the land of Erin myself.
  11. President Kennedy Candidate for UCF President's Job

    Ahem, yes... I was walking a fine line with board rules. I'll defer to a mod.
  12. President Kennedy Candidate for UCF President's Job

    One also needs to understand the context that MJ has never thought highly of folks of MRK's ideological background. I'll leave it that.
  13. Don't quote me, and I could be wrong, but I always got the impression that "off the record" they considered it a bit of an albatross in the way of the main focus.
  14. It was reported in the paper that he would do that. He did not come to the GFH with that info. In fact, he did not respond to requests for information from the GFH when we sought it much less talk to the GFH at all at that time. The GFH was tipped off to the "Dear Chuck" letter by another source. Ralph's tactics were completely different than his daughter's. Not saying she's wrong; she can do what she wants...just saying it's different. People can assign their own opinions to what they think of the tactics.