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  1. Leif Bungum? Jack Pifer? Anyone have news on them?
  2. Your troll game is weak today, Simple.
  3. Didn't know that Marler was headed back to Minot but back on June 8, noticed he was no longer on the roster. Teeder11 Members 3,415 posts Posted June 8 It was mentioned in another thread (2-deep defensive starters) that Flowers was no longer listed on the roster. FWIW, he is listed on what seems to be an updated 2017 roster. The same roster omits Poole, Tim Ryan (who we already knew bolted), WR Carter Blackwell, and walk ons: OL Devan Hunt, LB Matt Marler and Punter Jacob Meeks. It also doesn't include Walk-on Grafton product Zak Hernandez at WR. It should be noted that there are usually add ons at the start of fall camp and more add ons once school starts again. 3
  4. That's ok... I don't think 12 listeners will affect the vote... plus Packer Lady and Farmer Ray aren't eligible to vote in GF anyway.
  5. We can't get out of our own way.
  6. You mean like this recent assessment: http://www.startribune.com/fargo-beyond-the-ya-you-betcha/425794763/
  7. Totally agree on the business friendly front of things.
  8. Yeah, sitting on the intersection of two major Interstate systems and railway hubs to and from the Twin Cities and Chicago, hasn't hurt Fargo one bit. Good on them. I will take Grand Forks, though, any day and twice on Sunday.
  9. And as they change their business model from a natural foods supermarket to a proposed eatery (presumably downtown)... these extra bodies within walking distance could help in the future.
  10. And threaten the delicate snowflakes that can't hack it, I guess.
  11. First team All American next year, I'm betting!
  12. We have our own Central Park with the Greenway, and it's only a couple blocks away. The loss of this pocket park known as "Arbor Park," which was always intended to be developed once the an offer came along, will not mean the demise of recreational green space in the city. I wish Grand Forks would quit getting in the way of businesses who want to do business in our fare city. Dakota Commercial took advantage of a state Ren Zone incentive for tax credits that was open to anyone who had the vision and resources to develop something. They will use that incentive and pass along those savings to the future homebuyers of the condos. There's no taxpayer risk here.The developer absorbs the risk and an existing state tax incentive program, that is there anyways, gets utilized.
  13. 8 questions for the UND Defense in 2017: 1. Will the depth and talent on the DL take the pressure off our relatively inexperienced LB corps? 2. About those LBs -- whose going to step up and take the reigns in this group? Lots of opportunities to be had. Gotta want it. Gotta seize it. 3. Will we ever get to see Dijon on the field? He has the build; his JUCO HUDL tape indicates he has the quicks. But still lots of uncertainties there. 4. Can Disterhaupt and Rogers be difference makers in the middle and who reads the opposing offenses and gets alignments set? 5. Who starts opposite Reyes at safety? 6. Who are the likely candidates, if any, to have RS pulled? (Zeke, Larson, Blubaugh, etc.) 7. Will D. Harris take the next step in his progression toward playing on Sundays? 8. What will the hopeful return of Tyus Carter mean for the UND secondary, which clearly made significant improvements in 2016?
  14. Experience aside, our defense is as athletic and talented as I've ever seen in the DI era. Now we need to see that translate to results on the field, especially in the middle from NT back to safety. As I drive through campus, it always warms my heart to see Disterhaupt and Nevermann walking and hanging out with one former #51 and to be reminded how good of friends they are. Some of his knowledge has got to be rubbing off on those two new ILBs as they prep for this season.
  15. I hope you're right.... that would be awesome for our fullback to be that productive!