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  1. Teeder11

    2018 Season

    Gawd, I hate u with your new newfangled facts and all. Pitchfork nation needs a goat to scape. What the hell else are fanboy boards for anyways?
  2. Teeder11

    President Kennedy Candidate for UCF President's Job

    UND Today is a cool publication to subscribe too. Yes, it's a PR publication that is mostly positive about what is going on at UND. But all that said, the information is true and accurate -- and it usually has stuff before it hits the Herald. In fact, many of the more positive Herald articles about UND originated in UND Today. http://blogs.und.edu/und-today/ Subscribe page: http://blogs.und.edu/und-today/subscribe/
  3. Teeder11

    President Kennedy Candidate for UCF President's Job

    I sense Gjovig's fingerprints all over this one. He's grinding a lot of axes behind the scenes, I'm hearing.
  4. Teeder11

    2018 Season

    I think you're on to something -- or on something.... as the Common Man might say.
  5. Teeder11

    2018 Season

    Ha ha! Yes, if it were totally up to me, I wouldn't be going south that time of year. Wife taught summer school until the end of June and kids are tied up with swimming lessons, camps and Summer Performing Arts until mid July... so August it is, I guess. We are doing St. Louis, Atlanta, Orlando, Daytona Beach, Nashville, Chicago and home again. Been saving up for over a year. #Roadtripfromhell. LOL!
  6. Teeder11

    2018 Season

    Sorry guys. I will be road tripping to Orlando and back, July 27-Aug. 10. At least no one will blame my reports on being oppo research for other teams, like last year. I think other FCS programs have better things to worry about than injury reports from some armchair blogger in Grand Forks. All that said, maybe I will try to catch some late camp sessions. Hoping there isn't a full contingent of stationary bikers on the sidelines by then.
  7. Teeder11

    Top 5 Incoming Fr

    My picks were meant to be strictly the new incoming frosh. I would have had a slightly different outlook had I included the transfers.
  8. Teeder11

    Top 5 Incoming Fr

    You bet! I put them in my TOP 5 only for immediate impact purposes, with the departure of Taubs and Holmen. What do you know about specialists, anyway?? ( ;
  9. Teeder11

    Top 5 Incoming Fr

    1. Bruner 2. Maag 3. Siegel 4. P/K Peterson 5. L/S Hinders
  10. Teeder11

    What do you think of the logo now??

    That’ll show ‘em! “Cold dead hands,” and “Get off my lawn” and all that other stuff, right? Grrrrrr. Now you got me all mad, too!
  11. Teeder11

    UND to cut women's hockey

    I'm actually not critical of the women's game in that way. I certainly don't have the exact same expectations for style of play when I go to MBB compared to WBB. They are equally pleasing to me in their own ways, especially if UND is winning. Where I depart from WIH is when I see the sense of entitlement that seems to exude people associated with the former UND program that it was somehow different and that it should have been handled differently than other cut programs: wrestling, baseball, M&W S&D, and the privatizing of MG (to include the recent broaching of a possible endowment plan). Their (many WIH supporters) vitriol is nauseating even for someone like me who attended almost all of their homes games and cheered them on win or lose. "hell hath no fury ..."
  12. Teeder11

    2018-19 Season

    Someone other than me said it best.... it feels so good to be recruited. Some just need to revive that feeling again.
  13. Teeder11

    2018-19 Season

  14. Teeder11

    2018-19 Season