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  1. I think you missed the point. I took it as ... even though this certain team was sniffing around, they'll never publicly admit it, or worse yet, they will outright deny it. It's a character thing.
  2. 2016 Season UNDfan2013 replied to shep's topic in Football Grady was stringing the coaches along and wouldn't make the commitment. Coaches gave him every opportunity and now it is time to move on. August 4, 2016 1,946 replies Based on the above, I see your opinion of Grady hasn't changed in 9 months. What do the other parents think?
  3. Wait, what????? Is this a joke? Holy cow!!!!
  4. · 2912 University (an old white two-story house formerly used for rental units primarily by students) · 314 Cambridge (formerly Conflict Resolution) · 317 Cambridge (formerly Center for Community Engagement) · Chandler Hall · Era Bell Thompson Center (house on University Avenue) · International Center (house on University Avenue) · Strinden Center (On University Avenue) · Women’s Center (house on Hamline Street)
  5. Nothing... the problem is the way you come off all condescending on folks who want to talk UND hoops, and then turn around and spew conjecture that has little to no basis in reality -- and then have the gall to perform Olympic-level mental gymnastics in an attempt to defend your BS. I used to think you were just being contrarian to certain folks just to get a rise out of them and the board in general (AKA trolling). Now I think it's pretty well settled you're merely grasping at straws and actually believe the stuff you spew. Kabish? Or is it Capiche? Now can we get back to hoops topics?
  6. A new kind of SJW fighting against something that originally came about because of SJWs.... and round and round we go.
  7. But what's the definition of "is"? That is the question......
  8. You still here?
  9. True, but identity of the poster who tried to save you from making a bigger fool of yourself than you did is widely known on here. I will leave it at that, and let your attempt to save face speak for itself. About Walter, I have a sense from talking to folks close to the program that he will take a major step up this year and be a nice contributor off the bench to start the year. About Brown, I saw flashes of signs of things to come last year and things that could easily be tweaked from him by working with coaches. I like his upside as the game continues to slow down for him and he speeds up his quickness on offense and defense I cannot verify for certain, but was told that Stewart's game was a lot like Geno's in the paint. He likes to slash through the lane. Not sure what he brings to the table from the perimeter. Should be a fun and interesting final Big Sky Conference campaign for the Hawks!
  10. You also claimed Shanks' alleged Mormonism was a contributing factor in him returning to Utah, despite a blood-relative cautioning you to shut your pie hole because you don't know what you're talking about. So, take it easy on those who take your knowledge with a block of salt.
  11. Very cool!
  12. How many teams make the BSC tourney?
  13. The bleachers are on that side. The other side is SRO right now.
  14. More people streaming in!