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  1. New offer, his first: Josh Aune, 6'1", 195, 4.5, Virginia (Secondary), MN (3 Star - 247)
  2. New '19 offer: PF James Betz, 6'7", 210, Garner (Garner-Hayfield), IA This appears to be his first offer. He was 3rd team 2A All-State as a sophomore.
  3. I agree with you but understand that Walters specifically asked that he not be redshirted. When a player is a long ways from home, it is often better to grant his request rather than take the chance that the player leaves the program because he wasn't fully engaged. I do not know if the same situation may have applied to Brown. From a pure player development perspective, they both certainly should have redshirted to gain weight/strength, learn the system, etc.
  4. Tons of positive posts from a bunch of prospects who attended today's Jr. Day. Three known offers: LB Seth Benson, 6'1", 190, Sioux Falls (Washington), SD TE Cormack Sampson, 6'5", 225, Eau Claire (Memorial), WI WR Blake Veargis, 5'9", 145, Miami (Norland), FL. Has 15+ offers There will be a bunch of new prospects added to Wiki tomorrow.
  5. I agree - I am sure everything is under control to the degree that recruiting is not being negatively impacted.
  6. Has anyone heard any rumors about a signing tomorrow?
  7. Yep - that is your assignment! Get'er done!!
  8. It is great to see that Faith Dooley will join the women's BB team after the VB season. She will have two seasons of eligibility. I would think that she will be able to contribute! http://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/4246657-unds-dooley-plans-play-basketball-after-volleyball-career
  9. I agree - Memorial is a disaster. Our No.1 priority needs to be completing Phase II of the HPC. We have to get the locker room and coaches offices out of that dump. The players and coaches deserve better and it would certainly help with recruiting. The quickest way to address this is if Memorial would be condemned (a possibility in the next year or so)! That would force the issue.....
  10. I see that Ngor Barnaba is transferring out of Utah St. He is a 6'8" PF out of Rochester John Marshall. We offered him out of HS but he chose (maybe had to) to go the JC route. I wonder if we are talking to him. ******** Heck, Barnaba is a junior and would need to sit out a year. it wouldn't make sense to put him on scholarship and wait a year for him to have one year of eligibility!
  11. I would like to run an idea by former UND athletes (M or F). It pertains to a method of supporting UND athletics. Be assured - I am looking for your feedback, not your $. If interested, please PM me.
  12. You also asked about a list. UND won't publish a list so we will need to rely on SFI, Miller, etc. for info regarding who will attend.
  13. I am sure the % of invitees who attend varies each year. This is only a guess but I would 2/3 of them attend. Many who don't attend would like to but they have conflicts. This year it is on Good Friday - not sure if that is a good or bad thing. An offer or two might be made for a kid they absolutely know they want but most offers are made after the summer camps.
  14. I fell very badly for the impacted athletes but this was a good decision - one that had to be made!
  15. Good question but I don't think moving to the Summit early is an option.