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INCH picks UND #1 in WCHA


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A fair list, I have Minnesota as #1, but the picks are reasonable. Clearly since this list has UND as finishing first, it matters more than the others... ???


Interesting, but as we all know, it doesn't matter. Most will agree, INCH isn't the most reliable college hockey website out there.

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We won't hear one Sioux fan admit they were wrong about INCH and their bias against the Sioux even though this completely dispells that myth.

That's cause most Sioux fans don't care. There are a few fans who would whine if they jumped in a pool and got wet. They should be ignored as they were wrong. There is no conspiracy. But even if there was, who cares?

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Does anyone think that SCSU could sneak into the top 3 this year? They're returning about everyone aren't they?

They only return 1 player out of their top 5 scorers from last season.

They should still be a tough, hard-working team. I don't expect any team to take them lightly this year with how well they played at the end of last season.

But their success is very dependent on Goepfert. If he gets injured, they could go downhill fast, as their backup goalies are both freshmen.

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