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  1. He would make a great head coach but I wonder if he wants to change positions again. In the last four years he has coached at CC, UNO, USHL, and now the Gophers again. And I think the Gopher job is his when Lucia leaves. I just don't see him leaving the U again be we'll see.
  2. Fixed your post. You keep implying those two schools actually had a choice which is just baffling to me.
  3. UND and Denver made a choice, they decided to form a new league and leave the WCHA. You can not deny that as it is fact. Look in the mirror when you talk about the current state of the WCHA.
  4. Fine if you want to convince yourself that Minnesota actually had a choice to spurn the Big Ten and stay in the WCHA go ahead. It's an illogical opinion based on the facts but you're entitled to it.
  5. Again, Minnesota literally had no choice once the Big Ten made THEIR decision to start a hockey conference. None. As far as the game goes, if the Gophers play well, the way they played in the regional then they have a great chance of beating BC. It certainly wouldn't be as big an upset as Michigan over the Sioux last year or MSU over BC a few years ago.
  6. The Twin Cities is one of the few hockey hotbeds in the country. It makes sense that there will be regionals and an occasional Frozen Four there.
  7. Yeah we really wasted some nice opportunities the last few years thats for sure.
  8. Wrong. They bid for regionals so often, they are not given to Minnesota.
  9. And that would have been fine with me because it would not have been played in BC's home arena.
  10. I understand it is not a factor in determining seeds. Im just saying there would have been something seriously wrong with the Gophers playing a road game against a team they dominated during the season and finished a mile adhead in the standings. Its a moot point anyway because the NCAA will not go back to on campus sites.
  11. There's no way you can have a rule that allows some teams to play on their home ice but forces other teams to play somewhere else. It will never happen nor should it. Attendence isn't the best at these regionals but I will trade that any day for neutral sites(non-home arenas). Also with the on campus scenario you guys are proposing, this year Minnesota would have had to play UND at the Ralph. I understand UND was the #1 seed but you can't tell me with a straight face that the wire to wire Macnaughton cup champs should have had to play AT the 4th place team who the Gophers beat 3 out of 5
  12. I think that's correct as well. But I only like stats that make my team look good.
  13. There IS an advantage for the Gophers playing before a pro Gopher crowd at the X. I won't deny that and never have. But its not nearly the advantage they would have of playing at Mariucci. Thats the difference between home ice advantage and home crowd advantage. To me they are very different.
  14. Actually, you're the one not understanding. You apparently dont understand the difference between home ice advantage and home crowd advantage. I was arguing that the Gophers playing at the X isn't as big of an advantge as Sioux fans think it is because its not our home rink. Then you reply by saying, how would Gopher fans react if we had to play at the Ralph? Again Goon, you did not play at Mariucci this past weekend so asking how Gopher fans would feel if we had to play in your home arena makes zero sense.
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