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  1. I've no doubt. It makes sense that they practice it since it could end up being a real in-game situation X times per year. But the NCAA had no problem getting players to the NHL before the 3x3/SO format and I really don't think it's a crucial component for becoming NHL "ready". The players that dominate 3x3 minutes and SO attempts are already equipped for it anyway skills wise.
  2. Long time lurker. Does anyone really think the marginal number of 3x3 OT minutes and SO attempts players get during a 40-game season is a necessary developmental gateway to the NHL? How many players actually get drafted because an NHL scout saw them get crafty in OT/SO? It's absurd. I hate the 3x3 at any level as an OT format and the SO is even worse but that ship may have sailed and taken my, "Get off my lawn" sign with it.
  3. I don't think the fans had any sway on the matter and outside of UW none wanted this to happen anyway.
  4. Very cool. I have fond memories of trips to Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Not sure if you'll get to the latter, but they might have the ugliest airport terminal inside of all time. This was ice skating in Bahrain.
  5. That's a case in point? You addressed the topic there, were responded to there, it was friendly, it happened a month ago, and I don't see anyone referencing your commentary from yesterday. Are you serious or trolling me?
  6. Wait, what? The point was he's calling them cowards for not coming here to address an argument they might not even realize is being made. Especially lame given they already engaged him and it wasn't contentious. Just seems a bit unnecessary, but whatever. This was the comment: "I also predict that a Gopher fan will read this post and write about it on GPL, because unlike me, they don't have the guts to write a dissenting opinion on a rival's message board." btw, your comment is precisely why a Gopher fan might not feel inclined to argue here.
  7. Huh? You posted there and were engaged there and iirc it was mostly amicable. Are those few posters supposed to have some kind of special radar that alerts them to move the discussion here? And surely it takes guts that they supposedly lack to take your shots here not there, right? And no, I won't report you Mr. Stand Up And Be Accountable Guy.
  8. UM have been following it - they've simply proposed getting rid of the rule.
  9. 0.6 involved the Gophers... Holy Cross did not involve UND... Neither progressed to a NC... Odds that UND/UM meet in post-season game next year... The season was satisfying not because of 0.6 but because they were a fun team to watch, they appeared to a be a real 'team' and they progressed a lot further than most would have guessed before the season started. Sure the end sucked, but I think both sets of fans should be rightfully proud of what UND and UM accomplished.
  10. Obviously I'd be partial to this one, but for the amount of total talent and level of play on the ice that night, the 2004 WCHA Final Five was spectacular:
  11. Of course not, I just want to read quotes from Hakstol treating this as the biggest fight since Thrilla in Manila as that's obviously what a real coach would do. Come now Brian, everyone knows no one wears that badge of honor better than a Whioux.
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