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UND VB players Dismissed


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35 minutes ago, SiouxBoys said:

So now we just move on as if the allegation was never made?

I just think it’s silly to blame Bubba for this when nascar was wanting to investigate and made a big deal about it without even checking it out themselves. 

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8 minutes ago, Undfan23 said:

What I don’t understand is how the situation can be investigated by UND athletics according to Tiffins press release (included in post) but then not investigated according to the quote by Dodds in the paper? (Also included in post.

Dodds says “there was no complaint filed by Ms Vetter, therefore the university did not investigate” this is in regards to the snapchat photo in which a compliance person allegedly told Vetter the phone was a football players. 

So my main question for discussion is how was it investigated by UND athletics in the Tiffin Statement and then not investigated by the university in the press release? Or is UND saying Ms Vetter made no complaint of the snapchat at the time it was brought to the attention of Tiffin and the AD, and that this is the reason why there was no investigation of that part of the situation? 



Is there a difference between an “internal investigation” and a “formal investigation”? An internal investigation may have happened without legal repercussions but since vetter didn’t file an official complaint there was no “formal legal investigation” by police? That’s my thoughts anyway. 

serious question though. Were any football players kicked off the team around that time? Just might be interesting to know.

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29 minutes ago, Undfan23 said:

I don’t know about different investigations within the university, but I find it interesting. The letter Vetter requested was thru UND and the person quoted (Dodds) was a spokes person for UND,  and thenTiffin also represents UND so none of those are the police all just the university.

Curious suggestion. I would have no knowledge of this. The only things I found on social media were about transfers, one fb player posted about the transfer portal in February before the incidents occurred and one 2 months after. But there is zero online from UND that I can find about anyone being dismissed and zero even Twitter comment section gossip that I can find on social media suggesting a football player was kicked off. Players transfer all the time. I would think if a fb player was removed One of the girls would use it to help themself because Neither athlete is any longer associated with UND there is no reason not to. I also think to remove someone from a team in a he said she said situation all parties would have to be investigated or UND ran a really crappy investigation. And we know from und’s letter Vetter was never investigated. Is there something you know that would indicate a fb player was kicked off? 

No, I’m just trying to put the pieces together as well. Football player was mentioned doing the hacking which would obviously be a breach of the code of conduct. There’s no way they’d keep the football player on the roster if they found out who did it. But like you said, if no investigation then no punishments to hand out I guess. 

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