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  1. No, I’m just trying to put the pieces together as well. Football player was mentioned doing the hacking which would obviously be a breach of the code of conduct. There’s no way they’d keep the football player on the roster if they found out who did it. But like you said, if no investigation then no punishments to hand out I guess.
  2. Is there a difference between an “internal investigation” and a “formal investigation”? An internal investigation may have happened without legal repercussions but since vetter didn’t file an official complaint there was no “formal legal investigation” by police? That’s my thoughts anyway. serious question though. Were any football players kicked off the team around that time? Just might be interesting to know.
  3. I don’t think the Snapchat in question was sent to Bryan. I think it was “supposedly” sent to the football player?
  4. Most of what what quoted by both girls was in alignment though. Both girls said they got hacked. Both girls said that they were found to be at no fault and within the code of conduct. Both girls said they were asked to stay to play but stepped down due to angry mob. The only part that really differs is one said they sang the song with the n bomb and one said somebody fabricated it. Either way, it’s a song. The SJW are going after them for a stupid song. This rant isn’t really directed at you because it’s good to have the info before you make a final thought on the matter. This rant is for the
  5. Could be that one just wants to move on and the other wants to clear their name. Vetter does present some good evidence in favor of her argument (hacked screenshot, the note that basically says they’re cleared of any wrong doing, being asked to stay, etc). I think at the end of the day whether a lyric was sung or not, it’s nothing to get mad about. This whole thing does stink of the girls getting targeted which I think is more of the issue. Not so much if white people can or cannot sing specific lyrics of many rap songs like that.
  6. Headline reading, “Volleyball players’ social media hacked to vilify them as racists; responsible parties have been expelled” is a hell of a lot better than letting this play out the way it did. In other words, doing the right thing and taking the right action against this doesn’t damn them. It makes them look competent. Now they look terrible. Also, that bad headline I just wrote is proof that I picked the right career path; which is not journalism.
  7. Did any football players get cut this year from the team around that time?
  8. UND will never confess to anything and going to court probably won’t yield anything so no, it’s probably dead.
  9. Ya unfortunately every job these girls apply for in the future they may get weeded out because the first things that pop up when they google their names will be getting labeled “racist”
  10. Just a recap because this thread has taken quite the wild turns. We’ve gone from talking about the issue at hand to statistics on shootings, judging a guy on how they spell Jackson, Jaxon, Jaxson, Jaxckson, or Jackxsen (which means nothing and who cares), what celebrities think on rioting, relating gun control to song choices (I get what you were trying say but not quite the right metaphor), and everything in between. Pretty impressive within 5 pages.
  11. Oh I know you weren’t. I also agree with them stepping down because I can’t imagine what would happen at volleyball games if they would have stayed on the team.
  12. Ya and that’s why I threw out both scenarios. Whether it’s believable or not or it happened or not, I think it’s still not something to brand somebody a racist over and ruin their lives forever.
  13. Pretty much. I think the word “racist” has been watered down these days to fit whatever narrative people want. Me? If/when I call somebody racist it’s because they are maliciously targeting another race in a hateful way because they genuinely hate said race. A young girl potentially saying it’s funny to make different variations of the word and a 7 second video that cuts in when she says the N-bomb that could have been part of a song (just throwing out possibilities for that one) doesn’t seem racist. It seems young and dumb.
  14. The thing is... what if it’s actually true? It’s 2020 and could very easily happen. Now it’s a game of “he said, she said”. My thought is if they wrote/said those things then it was stupid of them to do so, but wasn’t malicious enough in nature to ruin a 19 or 20 year old’s life like some people want to do. Everybody in this thread is pretty level headed and not calling for their heads which I think is right. On the other hand, if they actually were hacked then this is a sad situation that they can never win without solid proof and their lives just got messed up because of it. At the e
  15. Don't know if you've already discussed this in the other thread but just wondering if this is the throwback replica style you're talking about and how much they're asking.
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