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So to get into tailgating I need a pass? Is the pass for a spot, which I don’t need. I thought we could walk thru...we did in Memorial Stadium.... I am a virgin tailgater... seriously. Never tailgated before. I think I am missing something.

The SH game is the place to be... and how long before the game does the tailgating start?

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You can park you're car and then walk thru the tailgate area.  No pass to get in unless you want to reserve a spot.  At 1 or 2 o'clock games people are there by 9 a.m. or so.  It's always fun to watch the players walk thru.  That usually a couple of hours before game time.

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7 minutes ago, Mama Sue said:

Thanks..... I will bring a lawn chair!!! Do groups sell food and beer? 

Typically a few food vendors and last year they started with beer sales.  The tailgate committee kinda died off so not 100% on this year.  A lot of free drinks to be had though in tailgating.

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