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  1. Anybody know what the deal with Izzy was this year. He was a deep threat last year and barely saw the field this year? I believe Cochran burned his redshirt today and wondering why Izzy didn't see the field. Injury from last year still bothering him?
  2. Not having them drop 10-15 pounds in the off-season would have been a good start
  3. Beating themselves once again!
  4. Would never have attempted that field goal! Need to pick up that 1st down
  5. TOYVONEN with some great catches so far
  6. Need to make the adjustments now. Can't wait until the usual 2nd half adjustments.
  7. Adam Scheel has played terrific to start the season. Scheel is a great goalie but I believe alot of that has to do with the return of Karl Goehring to the coaching staff. He did a great job here both as a player and volunteer goalie coach! Positioning is key to a goaltender and Karl gets his goalies in the right spots to make the difficult save look easy!
  8. This game should have been over after the blocked punt for a TD! I don't think I've seen a worse team at putting games away. They do not deserve playoffs
  9. Playing DIII at Concordia. Spent 2 years at Niagra and had 8 points in 32 games. 1 of those points was a goal. Saw him play a few times with the Force and remember thinking this guy will never make it to UND. Never stood out and didn't really progress much at all while in Fargo.
  10. Must be nice to have a kicker that can put it 5 yards into the endzone
  11. Even the announcer wants Schuster in the game
  12. Changes need to be made before UND enters the MVFC next season. Bubba has never been and will not be the guy to turn this program around. This team is a bottom tier MVFC team and will remain there if we go into it with this staff.
  13. Can't get off the field on 3rd down again! Unreal. Somebody needs to call a timeout and Rip into these guys right now! Getting embarrassed
  14. UND Football = beat a ranked team one week and look like you never played football before the next
  15. These guys just can't stop beating themselves with penalties. No discipline!
  16. Generally after a big win over a ranked opponent, the team comes out flat and loses a very winnable game the next week. Even with the travel troubles yesterday, I think UND is ready to play and forces a few turnovers on D, the offense keeps rolling and gets the win by 2 scores UND 31 IDST 20
  17. I ask myself that same question Everytime UND has a 3rd down.
  18. Anybody know when Izzy will be back on the field?
  19. This is on the coaches If they lose this game
  20. Terrible clock management before the half!
  21. This team has 0 run game. Huge advantage today for EW with the weather. They will run all over the UND D....over by half
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