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Real solid game tonight to finish off the sweep. Duluth really throws everything to the net and Cam was good all weekend but great job of team defense as well keeping UMD out of prime scoring areas, getting in shooting lanes, and tying up sticks. Good to see a couple power play goals tonight. Officials let them play physical and let most of the after the whistle stuff go and I was okay with that but the dirty cross check from Soucy on Boeser when he was already on the ground definitely should have been called. Loved the loud Lets Go Sioux chants all weekend and the Sioux Forever chant at the end.

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 dirty cross check from Soucy on Boeser when he was already on the ground definitely should have been called. 

It was so blantant and right in front of the ref. 

Can't believe it wasn't called. Well I guess I can because UND was on a 5 minute power play. But still.

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What an unbelievable weekend.  Back to back shutouts over Duluth.  Great Sioux fan support.

The refs let this one get out of control.  They didn't call obvious penalties until the teams started mixing it up, and then started calling ticky tack stuff.  I will give them credit for talking to the UMD bench.  UMD players were going after Johnson every time he made a save and held a puck.  Refs finally told the UMD bench to knock it off.

It was great to see the team and the coaching staff acknowledge the Sioux fans as they left the ice.

Cam Johnson played great, but the team in front of him also did a great job of clearing out so he almost always had a clear view of the puck.

Talked with some good UMD fans tonight.  Unfortunately, the UMD fan support was lackluster and their fans started abandoning the arena in the third period.

Great Weekend Sioux!

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Now looking ahead to the UAH games, I just hope the players don't have a let down or holiday hangover.  After playing DU followed by UMD, they better make sure they get up for these UAH games and don't have a repeat of the exhibition games in western Canada from a couple years ago.

The thing about those games were they were exhibitions and didn't mean anything. We lose one of these games to UAH and that hurts our PWR, big time. Bubbs will have the boys ready to go. They get it. This team sure has had a special first half.

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