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What an embarrassing thread title...

Lighten up Frances - it's sarcasm and based on past experience this thread will stand the test of time and have plenty of content over the years. 

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The state of ND made a big push for Nano components manufacturers in ND.  They and Fargo gave big $ incentives when Alien promised to build an RFID plant, as the presence of NDSU was cutting edge in the field.  The plant was sort of built, but then the wheels came off, Alien pulled out, and the state has nothing to show for its investment.  Now there's no remnant of the gigantic nano-complex in Fargo.  In 2005, NDSU and Fargo were supposed to be an important hub for this technology going forward - like a NanoValley..  Just wait til 2015 and we will all be amazed at how the industry has grown but shrunk - after all its nano.

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Former Senator Dorgan is neither impressed nor pleased how NDSU has handled CNSE. 


An NDSU official, in announcing the closing of CNSE said, “We’re not losing anything by CNSE not being here.”

I strongly disagree. That view suggests a lack of leadership and vision. NDSU had an opportunity that is available to very few universities. 


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