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As far as I am concerned that joker can stay on the sidelines. He was having a grand old time tonight all the way into the 4th quarter laughing it up and working on his dance moves in front of the freshmen while his team was down by 38 points. He was not the only one.

That idiot was dancing and joking his way into the locker room at halftime too. Down 33-10.

Where are the Seniors to tell those dumbasses to shut the hell up and have some pride? Does anybody "own" the locker room? Back in the day there were always a few guys each year that were the leaders of the team and when they spoke, everyone listened.

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I think you guys are beating yourselves up more than you should. Yeah, you are 1-2 but got beat by top 9 teams in the FCS. You had good moments, showed spirit and made it a game in one. The Griz smoked you, but the QB is one of the tops in the FCS and had a stellar day. 15 of 19 and of the 4 incompletes two were dropped by receivers and one was intentionally thrown away. People were open, but they didn't have to be very open. I suspect the coaches expected a run game (everyone at egriz certainly did) and quick passing TDs got everyone questioning and second guessing themselves. UND is certainly a better team than the last game's score indicates. So, don't mope. Pull things together and beat the Cats!

It isn't just Saturday's game. It's the past 3-4 years and our record against established and/or ranked FCS teams. We are not seeing much progress in getting more competitive as an FCS program. That, plus the record of our hated rivals in Fargo, is creating a sense of urgency within our fan base. No one is disrespecting Montana (heck, you guys are one reason we wanted to get into the BSC), but we expect a more competitive effort than what was delivered on Saturday.

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