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Miracle on Ice Trailer


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  • 2 weeks later...
How many guys did UND have on the team?

One. Dave Christian. Here's a sort of "where are they now" link from ESPN with a blow by blow for each member of the roster. I don't think the info is very current, but interesting nonetheless. Enjoy:


Minnesota - 8; BU - 5; Bowling Green, Wisconsin, Duluth - 2 each; UND - 1

Wonder how many of those 8 Goofs would have otherwise been back for a Senior year? Kind off makes you appreciate the '79 runner-up team a little more....and the '79 champs, too. A Sioux-Gopher final, 25th anniversary edition, would have some interesting storylines, indeed..in Boston no less....

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Dave Christian is a great guy. Had a chance to meet him (and his dad) at the MN HS tourney the past two years.

BTW, you guys will like this. I once read a Christian quote about Herb Brooks. He said "Herb & I have been involved in two of the biggest upsets in hockey history, the '80 Olympic team and the '79 national championship game."

I always liked those games!

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Dan Brooks saw a screening of the movie. This is from the Pioneer Press:


"The movie is awesome. People were cheering in the theater. Kurt Russell is the movie; he is absolutely phenomenal. His portrayal of my dad is uncanny; he portrays my dad as a little softer and gentler than he really was. But he looks like him, has his mannerisms and all his sayings. He must have really researched him and watched a lot of tape. I know he spent a lot of time talking to my dad. It was very emotional watching."

Herb Brooks died at age 66 last August in a one-car accident just north of the Twin Cities. Danny Brooks said he got chills watching the film.

"People who knew my dad are going to eat this up," he said. "There will be absolute puddles from watching this movie."

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Uh oh, even the trailer has me crying! I heard it opens on Feb.6, Sioux-Badger weekend.

If you want to find out more about the movie, try imdb.com

Choose title in the search menu and type in "Miracle." The Internet Movie Database also has a message board with movie/hockey fans debating everything including the flukey goal that allowed Team USA to win the World Juniors. Spread the wealth: go on over to that message board and enlighten some clueless people there about hockey.

P.S. Invite the Canadians to come to Grand Forks later this year and take back the gold, if they can.

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maybe the beet pickers "up nort" talk that way, but not everyone in the state of MN is a hick...


Reminds me of this jacka$$ Gopher fan I sat in front of at last year's Final Five.....He spied my Sioux Hockey cap and made a crack incinuating that I had must have just driven straight down from "up nort' after I hopped of my combine. Of course I made light of the fact that I was from Boston and if he wanted to keep what amounted to a half set of yellow cigarette stained chicklets he best keep his cracks to himself.

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Not sure if it will make the final cut but the producers contacted the City of Thief River Falls, MN to get permission to use the name "Thief River FAlls Regional AIrport" the scene was about the team flying in then taking a bus the rest of the way to play the Lakers in Warroad. According to the script they were delayed in leaving because a moose was on the runway. not sure how true that is but it could have happened. I agree the trailer looks cool, the web site was updated and has some downloads available.

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