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  1. Speaking for myself I'm finding this to be one hell of a game, furthermore I'm going to be watching this year's frozen four & for the record I'm be wearing my SIOUX JERSEY. In closing "GO SIOUX BRING HOME NUMBER 8." FIGHTING SIOUX FAN SINCE 1973.
  2. I have a question here & maybe someone has the answer to it. What has ever become of Robbie Bina? Is he still playing hockey? If so where? If anybody knows could they please be kind enough to post it please, thank you. SIOUX FAN SINCE 1973.
  3. Speaking for myself, being a Florida boy & station at GFAFB it was UND "FIGHTIN SIOUX HOCKEY" that gave my first ever look at the sport & also seeing a UND game live. To be honest with you that was almost 40 years ago. Still a FIGHTIN SIOUX" then & still a "FIGHTIN SIOUX" today. To me UND will always be the "FIGHTIN SIOUX." I don't care what others think that's the bottom line. SIOUX FAN SINCE 1973. GO SIOUX.
  4. I'm looking to the Frozen Four & I hope that the "FIGHTING SIOUX" are in it & better yet win it. Also it's great to have the Frozen Four right here in my back yard. I'm about 20 minutes away from the St Pete Times Forum. I can't wait. SIOUX FAN SINCE 1973.
  5. I like it also I do have a SIOUX JERSEY from when they last won the frozen & that was from the year 2000. SIOUX FAN SINCE 1973.
  6. Goon I know it's been a spell but you hit the nail right on the head. GO SIOUX. SIOUX FAN SINCE 1973. HEY FOLKS THAT'S ALMOST 40 YEARS GIVE OR TAKE A YEAR OR TWO.
  7. I've been a HUGE "FIGHTING SIOUX" HOCKEY FAN for almost 40 years now give or a take a couple of years. Anyway, what has me worries me about MI is that this team is going for there 10 national title. Furthermore this is a very good MI team & I just hope & pray that we're up to the task of getting into the national championship game. What I would like to see for the national championship game would be UND vs UND & the "FIGHTING SIOUX" come out on top winning their 8th national championship. SO LET'S GO SIOUX & BEAT MI.
  8. Hey it was a great win. I do want to say I love those black jerseys I do have a question I would like to buy & if so who do I contact & how much are they? If anybody knows could they please be kind enough to post if for me please thank you. SIOUX FAN SINCE 1973.
  9. Hey HG you're wallpapers are "AWESOME" keep up the good work & I can't wait for December's. SIOUX FAN SINCE 1973.
  10. Jim we have a problem here. When I try to sign the petition they want you to throw in a few bucks for which I find to be fair if you have a credit card. Well I have never carry credit card nor never will & they won't allow me to sign this petition. My question is what's up with that? If you have the answer please be kind enough to let me know please thank you.
  11. I see that the NC$$ has the heads up their (fill in the blanks) "AGAIN." So maybe it's me but why am I not suprise by this? SIOUX FAN SINCE 1973
  12. I check out the video it's too funny. I'm still laughing after seeing this. SIOUX FAN SINCE 1973.
  13. Hey AZSIOUX: I check out those videos & to tell you the truth. They are "AWESOME." SIOUX FAN SINCE 1973. (HEY THAT'S ALMOST 40 YEARS WHERE DID THE TIME GO?)
  14. Not a bad bracket if I do say so myself. So it's "MISSION DETROIT" time. Are we ready? SIOUX FAN SINCE 1973.
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