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  1. I don't have the Holy Cross jersey any more but I do have this: http://t.co/RpTyUv0jXQ
  2. In the immediate term, we Sioux fans still in Philly will "Unionize" to support the Dutchmen tonight against the Gophers. Less and less impressed with the Minnesota fan base in aggregate. Doubt tonight's game, whether they win or lose, will do a thing to change my overall impression. Some of the more reasonable members of the fan base get tarred and feathered by the same broad brush because they stand too near the arrogant idiots wearing identical sweaters. Riots in Dinkytown? What absolute stupidity and lawless mob mentality! "Young and dumb" is a poor defense for this kind of criminal behavior. Grow up! After tonight's game, it's 6 months of wishing it were hockey season. We'll miss the seniors, as we do every year, but come October, the boys will skate on a clean ice sheet and hope will once again stir for raising a national championship banner. It's going to happen. You've got to come along on the ride.
  3. I haven't slept for ten days, because that would be too long. Last week I helped my friend stay put. It's a lot easier than helping someone move. I just went over to his house and made sure that he did not start to load [stuff] into a truck.
  4. An escalator can never be out of order. It can only become stairs. Hedberg, a genius. Gone too soon. Damn drugs.
  5. The first Sioux hockey message board was the creation of Toby's brother Shane. I posted there a lot until it faded away and, after some years on USCHO, I fell in with this motley crew at SS.com
  6. I believe I heard they fly out on Tuesday.
  7. FYI, for all of us reminiscing about our first or favorite Sioux hockey game, you can find historical results here, going back to the '40s and up to 2005-2006, starting on page 137. There may be a later media guide covering it all but for most of us codgers, this'll do: http://www.undsports.com/fls/13500/pdf/Men's%20hockey/06-07_Media_Guide/64764%20mh%20media%2083+.pdf?&SPSID=89407&SPID=6405&DB_OEM_ID=13500
  8. You still haven't figured out how to bookmark a website on your iPhone but Google predictive text knows where you're headed when you type just the S in the search box. Even though you are at the game, you read the game thread during intermission and after you get home to see if people watching at home saw something you didn't. You developed more friendships from the SS.com message board than from any other social media site including dumb ol' LinkedIn. You know the meaning of the epithet "Skippy" and you're not afraid to toss it around.
  9. First hockey game I ever saw. Sioux vs the powerhouse Seawolves. Last game of season at old Ralph, maybe, in 1995. I'm sure the Sioux won but can't recall the score. I was sitting low near the ice, marveling at the speed, jerseys rippling with every stride. Loved the sound the skates made on the ice. Flash of a goalie's glove. Tape to tape passes. The skill involved in finding the back of the net. Roar of the crowd. Fell in love right then and there with Sioux hockey. Soul mates.
  10. Wonder of wonders, I'm on the Champions Club charter to Philly!
  11. Go ahead, Gophers, overlook the Sioux, all the way to the nearer golf course.
  12. The Gopher's name is Tyler Hirsch. Story was some mental/emotional problems. Saw that myself and couldn't believe.
  13. Great work. A reminder of how quickly a season can pass. Ours isn't done yet, though. It's a 24-hour drive from Grand Forks to Philly. It took the boys 7 months to get there. A long road with many a winding turn. The team is battle-tested and battle-hardened. Two wins away from #8. We're in it; let's win it.
  14. Ha ha. That is funny right there!
  15. @YaneAUSA: Sioux-Gophers. Unhealthy rivalry. Needs cooling off period, so said Lucia when he refused to schedule the Sioux. Joke's on him. #rolltribe
  16. Rewatched the second OT this morning just to make sure DVR caught it all. It had! Great cele from the boys with two more wins in Philly to come.
  17. @UNDSID: "Haj, can I tweet 'hashtag fire Hak?" -- UND player to me in the locker room after last night's game. m.twitter.com/UNDSID
  18. I have been told Al is not organizing an F4 trip. He and his daughter are going it alone as they have for the last couple of Frozen Fours that did not include the Sioux.
  19. Wow, I never win anything. Can't overthink this. Give me Grimaldi in the semi in Philly.
  20. Serious breach of decorum, at the very least.
  21. Good for RMU. By this point in the first, Denver was down 3-0, weren't they?
  22. If a camera finds Doug Flutie in the stands in Worcester, I'll puke.
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