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I will change it to "clutch & grab for CHAMPIONSHIP." I can probably commit to doing 15-20 signs but I'll have to start tonight. Could we come up with a consensus "must have" list by this afternoon?

We can add to it throughout the week. The neighbor kids said they'd help me out again.

Let's hear some of your ideas. This is your chance to spew some anti-Gopher venom.

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I like the pronunciation guide!

I can work with that idea. Thanks for the input.

Does anyone have a media guide? What title do they give to the section of the book on pronunciation?

How 'bout we call the list "Diction for Dummies" Everyone will know we mean the Wooger

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I'm thinking of making some t-shirts for a group of guys, and we're thinking about the top ten reasons to hate the Minnesota Golden Gophers, here are a couple of ideas we have, but we'd love some input. ???

1. Doug Woog

2. Frank

3. Austria fought for the Axis

4. The memory of Matt Duhhmarchi

5. Lucia's Mullet

6. There arena is collectively known as...."The John"

7. Ballard tried to take Lundbohms clothes off

8. The Potulny brothers

9. Did we mention Doug Woog

10. Nodak rejects?:)

Yeah, some of them are weak, but thats why I need your help!!!!! :D

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I would have to vote for the Caddyshack reference. That is a classic and everyone that has seen the movie will understand it. On top of that I get this feeling that the Ralph will be playing some of caddyshack during the game at some point. Also, was it me or was the family guy clip of Stewie just hillarious after the goal during the 2nd Yale game.

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