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  1. I believe the song was "I'm Gonna Do My Thing" by Royal Deluxe
  2. Quite frankly, if we do change the name, I think the Sioux people should have 0 input on what we change the name to. They got their wish and that's that.
  3. kr

    Fargo Forum

    On Saturday, Oct 8th, I attended a performance by the Beatles tribute band "Rain" held at the FargoDome. Prior to the performance the guy who seemed to have spearheaded the concert made a few announcements. One announcement was to ask EVERYONE to e-mail the forum telling them that they were akin to a joke as the forum refused to give any coverage to the event - pre and post comments (there was more he said but I tuned it out - whatever, it the forum decided to not cover it, that's their decision) . . . anyway the group behind me was from one of the local F/M libraries (he gave a "shout out" of thanks to various groups and stations which did mention/support the concert - one of the groups mentioned was the group of librarians and these women/men cheered for themselves, which is why I knew they were from the library). One in the group of the librarians stated in reference to the forum "That rag; nobody I know reads it." There was agreement from others in the group. Thought that was a pretty interesting statement from a librarian no less.
  4. Here's another vote for GK to explain why warrior (ie: http://www.srcs.k12.nd.us/ ) , Sioux and/or Indians are/is acceptable in some situations but not in others.
  5. kr

    Season Tickets

    We received the renewal in today's mail (po box in gf) -- our FSC membership was billed at the same rate as last year -- -- cost of 2 hockey tickets was $640 with the additional 2 hockey seats listed at $480. That is the same as last year, right?
  6. Some radio announcers were discussing the seating issue -- just general banter -- one question was that if the the students receive the south-end seating section, then would the alumni assoc. (box) consent to being moved/(swap suites) to that south-end should one of the current south-end suite holder(s) not want to be by the students --
  7. Here's an outtake from another ND/Red River Valley raised boy -- in his book he's come to terms with what ND/RRV offers . . . . if Josh had had a chance to read this guy's book maybe he, Josh, would have had a better perspective on ND/RRV http://www.thescreamonline.com/essays/essays3-1/dakota.html outtake from "Dakota Boy" by Rob Woutat (PCM great letter, Air Force One be careful out there)
  8. Sultry Strumpets That's assuming that that establishment is what I'm thinking it is . . . . .
  9. siouxsports.com - Vaht's Dat? Sincere Supporters Systematic Smackdown Supportive Spinmisters Significant Successes Sizeable Skaters Surefooted Scalawags Stingy Stoppers Sudo Stories Sacred Source Sizzling Seletions Superior Scouts Soothsayers Symposium Synonomous:Success Spirko Syntax Springfever Solution siouxsports.com : cyberspace's party on the prairie for the University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux
  10. kr

    Thanks seniors!

    Thanks for the effort, the success, and the smiles! And Jake, those great one liners: "**** where are you going!?!?!" "**********, you stiff." Two classics, among many, caught by the on ice microphone this past weekend.
  11. Whoops! So sorry should have included the thanks to our sudo reporter too! On a side note if I had a Sioux jersey and had the name "Mapletoft" on the back would I get too many blank looks?
  12. Thanks Federov for starting this thread -- For me this website and the posters offer the 2 things every Sioux fan needs: information and humor! A big "thank you" to all the posters; the variety (pre-80's people thru the current students, Sioux fans, Bison/GVS/Bulldogs/Gophers/etc. fans, parents) adds value to the Sioux fan experience. Every time I see or hear Mapletoft, I can't help but smile.
  13. PCM thanks for the recap -- (blatant bump) (It's too bad THommersy didn't have a chance to interview Eddie the Eagle.) Go Sioux.
  14. Quinn will have pulled on the Sioux sweater, listened to the national anthem while on the ice prior to the game, skated thru a hand shake line, been cheered on by Sioux fans, more than any other Sioux player (except LD) . . . he's been asked thru the years to "perform" his role (ie. go to the USHL) and obviously he's done that well -- you don't play in 167 Sioux games as a "one" shift player . . . . Again, Congrats and Thanks Quinn.
  15. I realize that it has been mentioned, but I thought a thread to congratulate Quinn on becoming only the 2nd player to play in 167 Sioux games would be okay. Congrats on a fine career in green and white. Go Sioux.
  16. kr

    INCH gets it wrong

    I'm assuming that INCH's next + and - section will include a - to themselves for this specific phantom slash comment; they give the NCAA a - for failing to include the 2003 championship from MN's banner (which truthfully is bad, this is the 2nd year now, you'd think with all the people employed by the NCAA they'd have fixed that) so logic would follow a - is worthy for an ommission, therefore a "falsehood" would warrant a - . . . . . and yes, I'm holding my breath! Mistakes are made in reporting, but that usually is followed by a retraction . . . although if you're a sudo reporter can you "will" something to be true?
  17. kr

    INCH gets it wrong

    Reading the article there are 2 choices: 1) the comments are under the "Seen and Heard at the Schott" -- the article mentions talking with the gopher camp about injury to Goligoski -- it could be assumed that the mole stated to the reporter that it was a slash which caused the injury and the reporter just reported what the gopher representative stated or 2) the reporter did some investigative embellishment reporting (ie read it in a message board and posted it as truth) The tape of the incident seems to indicate otherwise -- but if "they" want to label Travis Zajac a hack so be it -- hopefully TZ pops in another couple goals this weekend. Speaking of hacks I'm so glad that Jake Taylor (or was it Tyler?) left the gophers after last year. Go Sioux.
  18. kr

    Big Dogz

    I can't recall "what" they said, but I remember that whatever it was was darn funny in regards to "THE" Rick Rockwell Toe Incident!!!! If you don't recall TOE-GATE check out the report by Susan Brown. . . . . http://www.angelfire.com/celeb/rickanddarv...randforks.html#
  19. kr

    Sizzlin' Sioux

    If you want to determine his future penalty minutes check his fingers -- according to this article: http://articles.health.msn.com/id/100101336?GT1=6305 in which Dr. Hurd currently is doing a study which compares hockey player's finger lengths with/to their penalty minutes racked up in a season. Wonder if Pres. Kupchella would fund this type of research to help vault UND into the top 100 . . . . .
  20. No debate for me, the CC road thru Michigan was the route I was soooo glad the Sioux didn't have to travel. Michigan has been so tough for the WCHA teams; kudos to CC for coming back from 3 goals down. To me, CC had the worst route.
  21. They've had the flag for the year, I believe to show support for our troops - the sport's info guy (Benson?) served in Iraq - nothing for Bina (well, picture/sweater-jersey in the lockerroom)
  22. A tangent: UND has the American Flag, Bemidji had "RL" for Red Lake, Denver has "28" for Robbie Bina, what do the Tigers and the Gophers have on their helmets . . . . . .
  23. To the seniors: Thank You. A few weeks ago there was much discussion on this board about enjoying your final weeks/games in a Sioux uniform. Obviously, hockey is a team game and the underclassmen have contributed greatly, but the heart of this team is/are the seniors. What a wild four years you've had. You are the "first class" of the REA . . . you finished your first year in the first round of the WCHA playoffs (if I'm not mistaken it was at the hands of the gophers, maybe you could return the favor) . . . you'll finish your last year at the Frozen Four. You've brought home the GLI trophey and the McNaughton, hopefully there'll be more hardware in the case after you're done. The beginning of the year started with the hype, a sweep at Maine, a number one ranking . . . then came the penalty enforcement phase and the loooooong adjustment period . . . . then came the injuries . . . . then came the questions (ie where's the senior leadership) . . . . but now, in March you've given the answer! "Columbus" Good luck next weekend (please, Whack a Mole), and good fortune to you after you leave the Sioux. Thanks for the Memories and Go Sioux.
  24. Is it too early to say/sing "I Want It All" ? Go Sioux.
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