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Prolly Miller if Zajac is in the lineup. Martens did good and I don't think you take out Radke or Malone. Which leaves Miller or Zajac out.

I'd be shocked if Zajac didn't play. He has been good on draws and on the PK.

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Zajac plays for who?? Miller or Radke. Thought Martens looked real good and Miller had some decent moments. I like Radke out there if he isn't taking penalties, which he hasn't been lately.

zajac is with radke for sure. the last spot will be miller/martens or davidson. im guessing martens.

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I don't think tonight's game will be quite like last night's.

We got really lucky last night. If DU enters the third with a lead, I don't think that the results will be the same as last night's.

I just hope that tonight we are better on the transition, we stop being afraid to shoot the puck (especially on the powerplay), and we play a good solid game fundamentally.

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What a game - I had friends here from Bismarck & wanted them to enjoy the whole expirence

So we have a few before the game (trying to find a place to have a cigar is getting more difficult) then we eat & ride a Bus to the game (1st time I've done this) going over was OK but the bus was too full & too crowded

I bought tickets from someone in Fargo & my daugher from there picks them up & then forgets them in her car (they take her husbands car) so after many phone calls we get ahold of the original owners & get the Ralph to let us in - Thanks Heather !!! But lots of Drama :D ...ps don't try & BS the Ralph (honesty is the best policy) & they were great & will Help you :)

Get to the game & walk all around doing everything (I usually just go to my seats)

Great seats - 1st period ok but I was disappointed in them getting the 1st goal

second period - I'm ready to crawl under our seats :) very dead & quiet

third WOW !!! most exciting period of Hockey this year !!! Thanks Guys for the come back - you made me proud & had the place Rocking

The bus ride back was a disaster (I'm not even going to recall it) :D

tonight back to normal - hope for a sweep & less stress & drama ;)

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Lets get the sweep tonight boys.

i want to see intensity for 60 minutes, no lapses, no off periods. some big hits to lift the whole team and get the atmosphere roaring.

Lammy had his moments last night but there was a lot of room for improvement last night.

i want to see lots of shots, and solid transitioning, last night the passes were a bit off, i want to see them click.

it was great that we were able to really crack open mannino last night, i want to see the sioux pepper him tonight, move him around and look for scrappy rebound goals.

i do not want to see the defense get caught pinching tonight as there were a few odd man rushes last night.

PP was better last night i want to see more shots again and no hesitating with the puck.

SIOUX 4 - DU 0



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Can anyone tell me what Fox channels the game is on tonight? Sorry I know this was covered in another thread but I am at a bar and can't locate the info. Thanks!

My guide isn't showing it on any Fox College Sports channel tonight. Maybe they've updated their schedule since the guide was last updated and it will be there, but I don't see it yet.

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Fox Rocky Mountain Sports.

If you are on a Comcast feed, it looks like a no go tonight in the Cities. Best I can tell anyway. Last night, the game was on 262 as I recall. Tonight, they are showing Michigan-Lake Superior State. 263 or 264 is showing Badgers-Mavericks at 8 p.m. I cannot locate anything else on Comcast.

Thank God for FSSN satellite and Peter S. Bain. Next best thing to being there.

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Yeah my internet video feed is BAD it keeps freezing avery 2-3 seconds and the audio keeps jumping

is anybody else having this problem???

Yea, use kfgo.com to get a clean feed.

my fox college sports only shows college basketball :D hopefully they cut that crap off!

I think you're out of luck for that tonight on Fox College Sports. The Sioux game isn't scheduled to be on tonight.

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